Does it work and was there a reason it was thrown out lets take a look. First. Impressions are promising. I have definitely seen far more beat up. Macbooks, the screen hinge is also very tight, a good sign that it hadnt been abused. The keyboard also not super dirty, so Id be guessing. This was a teachers device originally, as students tend to use laptops as tables while eating. Another good sign is the battery showing some level of charge, meaning this Mac must have some functionality. So what better way to find out if it works, then just simply plug it in I found a compatible magsafe charger I had lying around and it chimed as well as lit up the display and the folder icon means either. This Mac has no operating system or hard disk. Now is a good time to open it up and see if theres anything else, obviously wrong. Internally, 10 Phillips, head screws later reveals a lack of hard disk and something far worse, corrosion and just how much is lurking deeper inside the mac and before we take things further heres a word from todays sponsor red magic and their newly released 8 Pro gaming smartphone Inside the shipping box with got the phone and a small figurine, this is Mora. Red Magics, mascot, thats, also integrated into the phone itself, revealing some nice artwork. Some fine attention to detail and inside is the premium feeling glass slab of a smartphone. The 8 Pro also included as a case and a 65 watt Gan fast charger, thatll top off the large 6000 milliamp hour battery in no time at all, if youre after a crazy, powerful smartphone with excellent battery life and shoulder trigger buttons, the red Magic 8 Pro Is definitely for you and those 520 Hertz dual shoulder triggers make for very responsive inputs that you can map to virtually any games youd like and to keep the super powerful, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile chipset cool during intense gaming sessions.

The ice 11 cooling system utilizes a 20 000 RPM turbo fan, which is lit up with mesmerizing, LED lighting in the 520 gigabyte void version that also packs in 16. Gigabytes of blazingfast LP ddr5x Ram a true Flagship in every sense, from performance to outstanding build quality. It doesnt just excel at gaming. The 120hz AMOLED display is excellent for Content consumption and the under screen. Camera means theres no obstruction to the display whatsoever and the addition of a headphone, jack and stereo speakers make for a great listening experience and an all round multimedia Swiss army knife of a phone. So if youre, a smartphone gamer or someone whos after a really solid phone, definitely consider the red Magic 8 Pro links are in the description. If you want to buy one or learn more, I popped in a random 500 gigabyte SSD I pulled from another computer. This must have been from another Mac, as it attempted to boot, But ultimately just went into recovery mode, showing that it was at least detected. I wiped the SSD and plugged in my Mac, OS Catalina and still USB a short time later. It was up and running with no signs of issues. Surprisingly, before completely taking it apart to inspect potential liquid damage, I thought a good cleaning was in order, starting off with some eucalyptus oil. The sticker on the lid should come off with a bit of cheap sticker. Remover and after letting it sit for a few minutes, it scraped off with ease to remove any Gunk buildup around the keycaps.

I put some isopropyl alcohol on a toothbrush and began scrubbing Pro tip. Dont use isopropyl alcohol to clean your teeth. You may become high off the fumes or potentially not live much longer. The display surface underneath years of smudges and learning was actually close to perfect and once again I removed the back casing. First, disconnecting the battery, which has just over 100 cycles of use – and there are two tri wing screws holding it in place and then it simply lifts up and out an easy replacement, unlike in newer Apple MacBooks and by default. This came with four gigabytes of RAM and the previous owner had upgraded it to a far more usable 8 gigabytes, which is what I and many other Mac enthusiasts like about the 2012 MacBook Pros. They were still very upgradable and user friendly when it came to repairs all of the retina models released after this had soldered on RAM, no optical drive and proprietary flash memory along with the glued in place batteries and there isnt much dust here, a sign that it May have stayed in the pristine offices of the private school it came from, but what lurks, on the other side of the logic board itll be interesting to see just how far the liquid spool has traveled when removing the board be sure to dislodge the microphone from The casing – and this will save you – the effort of accidentally ripping it out later, but dont worry Ive made that mistake before and after being very sure that all the screws had been removed.

Along with every connector, I gently lifted the board out its dusty, which is to be expected, but its also corrosion and liquid damage free. So now my attention can be focused on the Wi, Fi and Bluetooth module in the corner, underneath it appears pretty clean, but just to be sure, I also removed the optical drive, which was also corrosion free. The small amount of white rust left on the antennas was wiped off with some isopropyl alcohol and for the hard to reach corrosion, I used a toothbrush Colgate. Please sponsor me the module itself. Didnt, look all that good, so it was also brushed and under the shielding there was a bit more damage, which was also able to be scrubbed off fairly easily, with no permanent corrosion. As far as I could see not too bad at all Id say, it looks as if what I assume was water had only gotten into the corner and thankfully not caused any permanent damage. If it was sold or mineral red water, you can guarantee a whole lot more rust would have formed. These MacBooks are notorious for running pretty hot, with the processes close to 100 degrees being common and, as a result, the thermal paste after many years of use had become dry and brittle, and if your laptop is running unusually hot, it might be time to redo the Paste or at the very least, make sure the fans arent clogged with dust and hair.

This one has next to no dust buildup which, for me, is a little disappointing. It wouldnt take much for the thin air exhaust to get clogged up, and overall this is a Mac that appears to have been well looked after and might not have been used after the liquid spill. My guess would be the schools I.T Department had it sitting around for a few years and finally threw it out not realizing or perhaps caring, that the damage wasnt all that great youve got to remember that this Mac is nearly 11 years old. They arent worth that much anymore, and I often see the 2012 models online for under 200 Australian dollars and relievingly. This one is still functional after the surgery and functional it most definitely is with good battery life and an excellent keyboard. This would still be useful for a student or someone working on the go light. Gaming is also possible, but dont expect too much out of the integrated Intel. Hd 4000 chipset Minecraft runs pretty well feel free to join my server if youd like to, and if you like, old school RuneScape, even an old dual core i5 Mac like this, will be totally fine, its surprising how much Ive been able to level up this account. Just by playing it every time I test a new computer super tux car is another game, thats totally playable on here, and the best part is its free. So if you like, Mario Kart, but dont, want to spend money, this is the game for you and last of awesome, 1080p YouTube.

Playback was very smooth for Content consumption. This display panel still looks pretty good. The 2012 non retna MacBooks have really stood the test of time, robust, reliable and importantly upgradable, while chunkier than the newer MacBooks, its surprisingly light. But if I was given the choice between an 11 inch air or this 13 inch Pro, it would be a hard decision. The smaller screen and thinner chassis means less to carry around and since neither would be very useful for strenuous tasks. The portability of the air wins me over, but if you find a solid deal on a 2012 13 inch MacBook, I dont think youd be disappointed. Its honestly really crazy to see just what people will throw out these days and MacBooks are definitely one of those things and another thing that was in that E Waste bin is an old Mac.