So you can reach them and they can get the latest Linux and open source news like everyone else. So this week we have the French Ministry of Education, telling teachers and schools to stop deploying Microsoft, Office 365 and Google Docs in classrooms. We have Google paying a huge amount to settle a privacy violation where they collected location data when they say they didnt, and we have VLC finally being unbanned in India among a lot of other topics, so lets get started, but first a word from our sponsor this Video is sponsored by tax care and Alma Linux. Alma Linux is an open source Enterprise. Linux distribution, which is completely binary, compatible with red hat Enterprise. Linux and sentos pre Centos string its owned and governed by the community and its supported financially by Cloud Linux and other sponsors. While you can use Alma Linux for free on your servers or desktops tax care offers a range of services around it. To ensure that you get live patching without any reboots or downtime, as well as 24 7 365 support, so you can manage your Fleet without any stress, so click the link in the description below to learn more about Alma Linux and tax care Support options, looks like France might be cracking down on Microsoft, Office online and Google Docs. The article is in French and its a question asked from a representative of the assembly, National, the French Parliament, to the French Ministry of Education.

The question boils down to any student and teacher can create a free account on Microsoft, Office online or Google Docs, but isnt it a form of dumping from these companies that is anti competitive and theres. Also, the fact that no call for bids was made, which is something that needs to happen when finding a solution for public institutions in France, and that these us based companies store data on us cloud and thus might not follow gdpr, which is the European law on Privacy, the answer from the French Ministry of Education reads like this: all contracts for public services must be subjected to a call, forbids and use paid solutions to ensure good service quality and support. They say that Office 365 isnt conforming to the necessary regulations, because it doesnt have a EU qualification to be used in public markets. They also insist that the canal, the French data protection body, recommends that all public institutions use eu based online services that dont transfer data to the US, and they say that the ministry asks to stop any deployment of Office 365 and Google Docs. That just simply dont follow gdpr. They conclude by saying that the choice of solution depends on what we call in France, collectivity territorial basically governing bodies for each region of France, and that these entities must provide solutions that do follow gdpr now, if this answer from the French Ministry of Education is to Be followed, it means that teachers and schools will not be able to force the use of Office 365 or Google Docs upon students in computer classrooms.

Although students can still decide to use that for their own personal use, thats not restricted here its still a pretty great win for open source Solutions, which are basically the only viable alternative to these proprietary Solutions. At least if this ruling is enforced and applied, but still its legalese, and even though I read French Im, not super well versed in the law and the way they phrase things. So it might take someone with more legal jobs to make sure that I didnt misinterpret anything here. Google will pay almost 400 million dollars to settle the allegations that it breached its users, privacy. The monster amount might sound like nothing for the company, but its still pretty enormous and will be paid to 40 United States states. Google was collecting location data from Android users, even when they had opted out of that lets call it feature, and they were not informing users that they were doing it, misleading people to believe they were private when every move they made was still tracked. They said that they settled the investigation which was based on outdated product policies. They changed years ago, but its corporate speech, for we know we did it and we would have lost in court. Google also paid 85 million dollars last month to Arizona for the exact same issue. The Attorney General leading the case said: Google was crafty and deceptive and secretly recorded users movements to use that data for ads, and she added that theyve been doing it.

Since 2014.. Google has been told to significantly improve user controls and how it discloses location tracking, starting in 2023 and thats what they announced in a blog post, where they say they will create a single Hub to manage location settings as well as to simplify the deletion of location Data and they will be clearer with new created accounts about the web and app activity, what it is, what it contains and how it, as they say, helps their Google experience. While this amount of money, probably doesnt, hurt Google. That much lets be honest, its still good because it puts their privacy violations on the map for everyone else to be reminded of, and if it forces them to be a little bit more transparent in the future. I guess thats good India finally lifted their ban on VLC nine months after they had blocked the official website for the application. The company behind VLC video lan had filed a legal notice demanding to know why they were banned since they didnt receive any prior notice or explanation, or even a hearing which is against the Indian Supreme Courts ruling. The website was banned by most major internet service providers. In India, which had resulted in almost 80 percent, less traffic and presumably less downloads of the application, we still dont know why VLC was blocked in the first place. But the main explanation everyone seems to agree on is that a Chinese hacker group was using a modified version of VLC to gain remote access to the victims.

Computer now punishing VLC, for this would be like blocking windows in every country where pirated copies are distributed with Trojans and keyloggers inside. It makes no sense at all, but it looks like this is what was happening. The blog resulted in Indian citizens looking for VLC in insecure places, instead of the official website, potentially making the situation worse. All in all its a good thing that this is over, the action was completely decorrelated from the problem and actually made the problem worse, which is probably why policies on software should not be made by anyone who doesnt understand technology at all. The Dora 37 was finally released after a long delay. I can definitely say that it was worth the wait. The new version brings gnome 43 and all its goodness, like Quick Settings which make using the main menu a lot easier, pagination arrows in the app grid, better performance, better multi, monitor support with different scaling factors, a full transition to libid Vita, the device security panel. In the settings a completely revamped and much better Nautilus, file manager and updates to most of the core apps on top of that, Fedora 37 now supports the Raspberry Pi 4. Officially, they updated all packages in the repos and they use the Linux kernel 6., at least after you update the system. They also now provide a KVM server image to make it easier to run Fedora, and there are two new additions core OS and Cloud Core OS is meant to host container based workloads and has an auto update mechanism, and cloud is just a base.

You can run in any public or private cloud, like AWS Ive been using Fedora 37 ever since gnome 43 was released and I really really enjoy it. I recently updated my desktop to it, which was still on Fedora 36, and the update was painless. Basically, I clicked the button I restarted and everything worked, including DaVinci Resolve NVIDIA drivers games all my gnome extensions, which admittedly I dont have that many everything just worked its just a really really awesome. This room, it looks like flat Hub, is going to start having verified applications and a nice little batch to show users which apps are coming from the original developer, the first app to exhibit this is Kodi. The media center slash Home Theater app, and you can already see the badge itself on I guess it will take an update to the various software stores to be able to display that kind of information as well. The verification process is relatively simple: a developer, who wants their app to be verified on flat Hub just has to prove they control the domain of the flat pack application and that they own the app and its respective GitHub or gitlab repo. There will also be a manual verification process to allow external packagers that publish officially, but dont necessarily have the rights on the GitHub repos. The front end code is already merged, so the part that displays the badge basically but on the back end, the work isnt.

Yet complete – and there are some discussions to know whether this verification can extend to gnome extensions, for example. Now this is a fantastic step forward, because it means that Linux users will finally be able to know who made the application that they downloaded, whether its been repackaged by a third party by your distro or if its the official developers, shipping it and thats extremely important. To be sure that you dont download something that has been tampered with, the new laptop from Star Labs is now available. The Starfighter as they call it, is a device custom made to run Linux. It has its own chassis covered in ceramic through a technology called plasma. Electrolytic oxidation, which results in something harder than steel and resistant to fingerprints. It has a nice sport selection with USB A3 ports, Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI Wi, Fi, 6E, Bluetooth, 5.3 micro, SD and, of course, an audio jack. It can use a 12th gen Intel CPU, I3. I7 or I9 and a ryzen 7 6800h. It starts with 16 gigs of RAM and can go up to 64 and its defaults. 240 gigs of storage can be upgraded to 4 terabytes. The display can be either 4K at 60, hertz or QHD at 165 Hertz and in both cases, its 16 by 10 and 600 nits of brightness. It can run core Boot and it has up to 18 hours of battery life, and it also has a removable webcam through magnetic connector.

That is just a USB bus, so you could replace that webcam with a better one in the future or have other accessories if Star Labs decides to make any. You also get a kill, switch for the wireless connection and a nice looking backlit keyboard, plus the usual glass trackpad from Star Labs, which I really liked on the devices are reviewed from them. It starts at 1646 Euros taxes included, although it looks like there is a discount right now. It looks like a really really cool laptop, so Ill. Ask them if I can get a review unit and make sure that everything is Top Notch, as it usually is with Star Labs, except for the mic and webcam, but these seems like they have been upgraded, so well see. Unity. 7 is now available as a desktop that you can install on Arch. Previously, it was only on Ubuntu, specifically used by the no official Ubuntu Unity flavor, but now Arch users can enjoy it as well. You will have to add a repo to Pac Man first and its repo key and then theres a meta package that will install everything for you, its the latest version 7.6, which isnt just a repackaging of the old Unity 7 Ubuntu used to develop it received visual Updates tons of fixes it runs on Modern computers and All the Small Things that broke over the years are now fixed. I took a look at it a few months ago and I found it still a really good desktop, especially since the developer is replacing the gnome apps by Alternatives that work well with the global menu, one of the main features of unity and one I still miss On Chrome 2: these days, if you want to see this video look at how Unity holds up over time, I left a link in the description below and there should be a card somewhere for YouTube viewers.

Okay, lets move on to the gaming news. First, we have a nice update to the steam stable client with a new Big Picture Mode option its broken on Nvidia graphics for now, but you can use it on Intel or AMD gpus. All you have to do is add the dash new big picture as a launch option or Dash Gamepad UI, if you prefer this UI to start by default, its basically just the the steam deck UI, so its really good for use with a controller. On top of that theres, a giant list of bug, fixes and improvements. Wine 7.21 was also released with the opengl library converted to the PE executable format, their support for multi architecture. Pe builds some work to support Vulcan 32 bits on 64 bit architectures and 25 bugs were fixed, including for starburn 13 Hotel giant 2 Gothic 1 Hades Visual Studio or Adobe Reader, its really nice to see that new steam deck UI, making its debut on the default Steam desktop client because its a really really nice interface, so its cool to have it officially and not in beta anymore, and I hope they can fix the issues with Nvidia gpus. Because I would like to repurpose one of my old laptops. That still has a very good GPU to run as a steam console, but I can for now because Nvidia support is completely bored for now I use my Steam deck, but games upscaled on my 4K TV.

They just dont. Look that great and I would love to have a dedicated device to play games on the TV instead of the deck and if you want a dedicated device to run Linux check out. Todays, sponsor tuxedo is a company based in Germany and they make laptops and desktops that run Linux out of the box and they ship them worldwide and the difference with buying any old Windows laptop. Something thats been designed to run Windows and slapping Linux on it is that, basically, when you buy from tuxedo there is no guesswork. You know that the device will run with Linux. You slap your distro on it and it runs. You dont have to look at Forum posts online to check components to make sure that this device is supported, but maybe this small revision has something incompatible, you buy it and it runs and they have a big range of devices that should satisfy every needs. Every price point with tons of customization options, including your own logo, on the back of your laptop or even your own custom keyboard layout, laser etched on the keys. So if you need a new device, you want to support Linux development and you want to make sure that it runs Linux. Well, click the link in the description below and buy yourself a tuxedo laptop or desktop. So thanks everyone for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed it if you did dont hesitate to like to subscribe to turn on notifications, to write a comment and if you didnt like it well, you can also dislike the video and tell me why, in the comments as well, and if you want to Help support the channel.

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