New design, 120 hertz display decent performance and it has usb4 thunderbolt 4. So a lot of the things that people are asking for have finally come onto this years device and its a its a good one. toutefois, this is a super expensive product, so this thing starts at 1100 for the base product and the pen and the keyboard are an extra 280 or so it is a 1400 produit. Once you have everything in there just for like the base model with 128 concerts de stockage, so for all that its worth like as good as it is as updated as its become it is super expensive. À présent, last week i was sent this device and when it came in the first comparison you draw is like okay, this is a surface light product right. La chose est, c'est 600. This is less than half the price of this one right here, alors, d'accord. In addition to the tablet that you get for the 600 dollars, it includes the pen, it includes the keyboard and i think it includes this case. I dont know like it came in the box, but it wasnt like the retail product. So the review unit comes with that sleeve. I dont know if it does in the real version, but for this money, 600 dollars. The feature that is super special is the screen. This is an oled panel, its the first product out there in this two in one form factor that is an oled panel, and it is a visual treat dude.

This thing is super vibrant super colorful and its so strange to see this type of display on a product like this. So this screen is a 13 pouce, 16 par 9 oled panel and its awesome for media consumption. The thing that really separates this screen from this one is the contrast ratio right because its an oled panel when the pixels are off theyre, just off theyre black theyre, pure black, so any kind of like dark scene looks dark the way it should be now this Screen is also 13 pouces, but its a different kind of screen, its an ips panel. So the image doesnt look as vibrant, mais son 120 Hertz, its high resolution and its a 3×2 rapport l / h. So that kind of aspect ratio is nicer for productivity or any kind of like vertically oriented work and its also nicer, if youre holding the product in a vertical manner for a tablet, theres just more room on the left and right for viewing your stuff. But when it comes to viewing content, theres invariably going to be black bars on the top and bottom its not a huge deal, but it just gives you a smaller viewing experience of the content that youre watching. À présent. If you compare these two screens side by side, it just looks so much nicer on the slate its just a better visual experience. Any kind of visual medium looks better on the slate its so strange that this is half the price less than half the price of this thing and its just a better screen for media consumption now in terms of keyboards on the surface pro 8.

This is a newly designed keyboard for this years model. So if you had a previous pro keyboard, you cant attach to this and theres also a little slot at the top of the keyboard that allows you to slip the pen in, but the actual typing experience and the trackpad experience is very similar to pro products of The past this device is well, the keyboard comes with it, doesnt cost any extra. This is not as premium of a feeling keyboard as this like this is a soft touch rubber material instead of the alcantara on the surface pro 8, but its a really nice feeling keyboard. The layout is nice. Il y a, toutefois, pas de rétroéclairage, so if thats something you do frequently like you type in the dark and need that backlighting, this aint got no lights now there is one other thing that i that might be an issue so on the pro product, the surface pro products. It has the option for like tilting the keyboard like if you want to. Toi, can type it on a flat surface, but most people like to have some kind of tilt and they can attach it magnetically and it pops up this guy its flat. It only has the flat orientation now for me. I dont like this as much, and i know some people like the flat, but for me i definitely like that slant, and this does not have it. You can easily use it still works, but just for the people that, like the slant it aint there so in terms of the kickstands on the surface pro 8, it has a very similar kickstand to the devices of the past.

It goes pretty far back, pas tout à fait 180, but it can lie pretty flat but its built into the device, and i like that on the asus slate. This is a different kind of experience, so it does tilt not all the way back but reasonably far back but its a removable segment, and i imagine that it helps to keep the cost down, but it is a little inconvenient to have it like this, like if You want to pop open the kickstand at one point: you either have to go, get it and attach it or you have to had it on the whole time, and the other thing is because it attaches magnetically and its not like a super strong magnet. You have to hold on to a little bit if youre, manipulating it in certain angles, but i think overall, its a its a good implementation of it, its just not nearly as convenient as one thats like built right into the product and its invisible. If you dont want to use the kickstand, mais dans l’ensemble, i think they both do the job. If you need it now in terms of the speakers, the ones on the surface pro 8, they sound better theyre, not louder, if anything theyre actually a little bit quieter, but they do sound a little bit cleaner and the lower frequencies are more present. On the pro 8, the webcam as well, this is just a better webcam. The surface pro products have always had excellent webcams, and this is no different.

cette année, the webcam on the slate is actually not bad as well. I was expecting trash webcam, especially for this price point, but its actually better than a lot of other devices out there now lets talk about performance, so these two products have very different performance. The asus slate is weaker than the surface pro 8.. Now in light tasks and content consumption, you will barely notice the difference. Its all hardware, decoded or any kind of stream just comes in its viewed perfectly fine on both devices. But if you push these things a little bit harder if youre doing any kind of like cpu intensive task lets, say photoshop, par exemple, you will notice that on the slate it starts to slow down quicker. À présent, if youre looking to play games, most of them will run poorly on the asus device, so i wouldnt really bother the surface. Pro 8 is a step up in terms of performance overall. C'est, toutefois, not great for any kind of particularly demanding task, either its better but its not like a regular performance, laptop and also games. They can run, but i wouldnt use this as a gaming device. But the thing that i find particularly strange is that, with this screen its a 120 hertz capable screen, there are almost no games that will run at that kind of frame rate on this device. The integrated graphics are decent, but youll rarely be able to hit 120 frames per second on any kind of game on surface devices.

toutefois, where you do get nice use of this high refresh screen is with the pen so any kind of digital illustration or artwork. Having a more fluid visual experience when youre laying down pen work or coloring is nice, it feels consistent. Its got great pressure sensitivity and i personally, like this new flat style or flat shape that they have with the new surface pens, and it also fits right into the case and it charges when its in there, which is a very convenient situation now on this one. The slate this uses a more standard kind of barrel shaped peni like this as well, but it is definitely more like older style and its not very slim, its a pretty chunky pen, but this works surprisingly well. Pour être honnête, i thought that the pen experience would be kind of lackluster because its running a kind of lower end processor and because this pen is included in it, but its pressure sensitive. I will say that the surface is a little more responsive with very light brush strokes like with the slate i do feel like it misses occasionally when youre just really light pressure just grazing the screen, but overall theres absolutely nothing. I would complain about this. The digitizer on the screen is good and the pen is good. Le matériel est là. If you are in photoshopand you have like a ton of layers, you are going to be limited with the processor on this thing right.

You cant do super heavy projects on it, but for light use its perfectly good now to attach the pen to the device, there is a magnetic kind of holster. You can either attach it to the device in advance and then slip your pen through it or you can do it in the reverse order, but it does attach now. I dont think this is nearly as convenient as having it built into the case. I think this was really cool this year, but again for less than half the price im good with it now in terms of battery life. On the surface pro 8, i was getting eight hours of use with my regular testing but thats with the screen at 60. Hertz, if i bumped it up to 120 Hertz, i got barely five hours of battery life, qui est, it seems a little strange to me. I think theres a software bug going on, but i ran it a couple times if you bump it up to that high refresh rate. The battery life is just destroyed on this machine. Seven hours of battery life, c’est correct, its definitely less than the surface pro 8, but because its a cheaper productand i think the oled panelis just sucking more juice. I think thats kind of expected, but overall this product man for this kind of price point its surprisingly good heres, the thing when it comes to two in one devices, le pro de surface 8 or the surface pro product line has always been like the standard right.

I think its the best iteration you can have of this type of product that detachable keyboard and like they just do a really good job with it, but its always super expensive, and this year its extra expensive, like its like two or three hundred dollars, more than It was last year for the same kind of entry level model. This thing at this point at this price point is like its special. It feels like its a really cool product now for people that are looking at a device like this and the the reason why they want the tablet is the media consumption experience. This is awesome that oled panel is like its really really cool. Okay uh there. You have it. This is a surprising product. It came at like near the end of the year. Maybe they brought it for like the holiday season, because i think a lot of people were drawn to this thats. It hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs.