So in this video we break down the top three two in one laptops on the market this year, based on performance and situations. They’Ll be used in so, if you’re interested in finding out, which two in one laptop will be best for you, stay tuned. As always all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below. Alors, for the most up to date, informations, along with updated prices, be sure to check out the description. The products mentioned in this video are in no exact order, so be sure to stay tuned until the end, so you don’t miss anything we’ll start with the acer chromebook spin. Our choice for best budget two in one laptop, the acer chromebook spin, is a good budget. Two in one laptop that gives you decent hardware and better than expected battery life for its price point of around 320. The spin is a great value for students and for basic personal use and general productivity tasks. This two in one is durable enough to take the day to day punishment of commuting or moving from class to class on campus. It runs on chrome, os and boots quickly comes with built in virus protection and updates automatically all the apps. You know and love like google, docs sheets and slides come standard. En plus de cela, you get access to over 2 million android apps from google play to help you with any project you’re working on the 11.

6 inch hd ips touchscreen lets you interact using the gorilla glass touch screen to speed up your workflow. The keyboard offers a solid typing experience and has about 1.5 millimeters of travel and feels responsive and clicky internally. The spin uses an intel, celeron and 4020 processor with intel uhd, Graphics, 600, 4 gigaoctets de bélier et 64 gigabytes of internal storage. The spin is pretty fast with everyday tasks like web browsing, android chat, apps and google docs, but some heavier apps may be a bit slow to launch. But at this price point what’s a few seconds between friends on the whole, most people should be okay with the spin’s performance. Wireless networking is handled by the integrated intel, gigabit wi fi five, that gives you fast wireless speeds and built in bluetooth. 5.0 will pair with your bluetooth enabled devices. The entire system is powered by an all day battery that promises around 10 hours of up time. The spin lives up to its name, transforming from a laptop to display mode to tent mode and, Enfin, to tablet mode there’s. Also a wide angle view webcam that enhances face to face chats and video conference experiences. If your demands aren’t too cpu heavy. The chromebook spin is a great budget choice. The spin is perfect for productivity tasks. Web browsing and entertainment it’s built to last gives you a good typing feel and has enough battery power to keep you going all day now, if you’re searching for a two in one that can give the 13 inch macbook pro a run for its money, stay with Us as we check out the dell new xps, 13 21 coming up next let’s go ahead and take a look at the dell new xps 13 two and one our choice for best overall, two in one laptop, the dell new xps, 13 21, looks as good as It performs priced at around 1100.

This laptop has the features you want and is highlighted by an attractive display with inking support, sturdy, build quality and enough battery life. To get you through your workday, la 13.4 pouce 1920×1200 fhd plus wled touch display, is framed by extremely small bezels and is hdr400 and dolby vision, certified, making colors more vivid and blacks darker and if you like, inking or drawing or do a lot of document markup, You can purchase the optional dell premium active pen, giving you a whole new way to interact. The keyboard feels nice to use. Although the short key travel will take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to more travel but it’s a real non issue that you’ll quickly adapt to the trackpad isn’t the best, but it is good enough for most people and shouldn’t be a huge factor in the Decision process and don’t let the slim profile of the xps 13 fool you. The internal hardware packs a lot of power and it starts with an intel, i3, 1115 g4 processor and integrated uhd graphics, 8 gigabytes of ram and a 256 gigabyte ssd and a 51 batterie watt heure. That will give you about 14 hours of uptime on a full charge for wireless networking, the built in wi fi, 6 technology prioritizes streaming, video and game traffic in your system for fast, smooth online experiences. Taking a look at performance, the xps 13 handles general office and productivity tasks with no problem heavier media work is where this two in one begins to shine, including video and image, editing and rendering, and even crosses over, to give you pretty good gaming performance.

Doing a good job with a fair number of games up to 60 frames per second without needing to bump the resolution down. If you’re looking for a two in one with powerful specs great battery life, it can handle everything from casual browsing to gaming and video editing to cad software. The dell new xps 13 2 1 is a choice. You should definitely consider now. If you were hoping to spend less but still get great value, take a look at the lenovo flex. 5 coming up next last we’ll be taking a look at the lenovo flex. 5 14 pouce. Our choice for great value, two in one laptop, the lenovo flex 14 inch two in one laptop, is thin light and stylish and weighs just over three pounds. Making it easy to take anywhere and its price point of around 710 dollars is a great value, especially when you consider that it comes with extras. Like a digital pen, la 10 Point, 14 pouce, 1920×1080 fhd ips touchscreen, looks good and makes it fun and easy to use. Alors que le 360 degree hinge lets. You use your two in one touchscreen laptop the way it works best for you use it in standard laptop mode for everyday computing, tent mode for sharing things, stand mode for watching movies or tablet mode for more portable and intuitive interaction. Perfect for using the digital pen, the keyboard may not be perfect, but by no means is it a deal.

Breaker, the travel’s a bit short and doesn’t offer a lot of feedback, but it also doesn’t bottom out and with a little getting used to you’ll, be typing away without a second thought. The touchpad is smooth, accurate and responsive to windows. 10 gestes, there’s also a 720p webcam that has good color accuracy and detail and is perfect for video conferencing and collaborating and when it’s not in use, your privacy is protected by a physical shutter that ensures unwanted attention is kept out. The flex 5 is powered by an amd ryzen 5 4500u mobile processor with radeon graphics, and brings you the performance to do more open, apps and flash power through heavy tasks and run multiple demanding apps with more cores. You’Ll experience, responsiveness that leaps into action for productivity, gaming and content creation. Wireless connectivity is provided by the flex 5’s internal wi fi for networking and bluetooth 4.1 will let you pair with other devices to keep the juice flowing. You should have no trouble getting a day’s worth of performance at work or school with the flex 5, with uptime averaging around 8 hours on a full charge. If getting great value is important to you. The lenovo flex, 5, 14 14 inch gives you everything you’re. Looking for in a two in one, une 10 Point, touchscreen a good technical spec better than expected battery life and even a digital pen, if you’re like me and enjoy movie night either by yourself or with a partner, you’ll love, these small, portable and affordable projectors by Veritech veritek projectors offer high quality, affordable solutions to improve your viewing experience.

The projectors are made to make any room into your own personal home theater within minutes with a small compact and portable design picture it’s saturday night and you’re, watching a movie with your family or loved ones. Pulling out that projector can make those movie nights that much more special memorable and unique. They come with all kinds of built in features, so you can mirror your phone screen or plug in a fire tv stick and watch netflix right from the projector. Surprisingly it’s. Truly something that won’t break the bank either and the best part they’re very easy to use. Even someone who’s, not very technology savvycan set up and use them within minutes with picture quality, being clear, bright and colorful and producing images that you’ll be happy with all for just the cost of a few trips to the movie. And you can have your own anytime, theater at home and make those experiences with friends and family that much more special for a limited time, they’re running a coupon to save an extra 10 pour cent. If you’re interested check out the link at the top of the description. Alright guys that’s all for now. If you enjoyed this video, please go ahead and leave a like if you’re new to the channel and you like the video, consider subscribing, we do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on the market. Tout de suite, alors, if you want to stay current regarding the best gear, make sure to hit that subscribe, button be sure to check out the description for links to find the most up to date.

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