. Now this is a very inexpensive little single board computer, going anywhere from 15 à 19, depending on the ram version you get, i would definitely recommend getting the more expensive one with one gig of ram it’s, just gon na perform much better across board with all the Operating systems that are available now, even though the one gigabyte model retails for eighteen dollars and eighty cents, you still got ta pay shipping anywhere from eight to twelve dollars, so that does drive the price up. Personnellement, i spent twenty eight dollars for this unit here and it took a month to ship to me i’m in the us. If you’re in another part of the world, it might get to you a little quicker, but i think one of the main things this has going for it is the size. Comme vous pouvez le voir. I mean this is a super tiny, single board, computer and it’s. Actually packing some decent specs for the form factor here now, comme je l’ai mentionné, they offer a couple different ram variants of this 512 megabytes of ram up to one gig. I would definitely recommend picking up the one gig model it will perform better across the board. À présent, if we take a close look at the board, we only have a single usb 2.0 port, but they do offer another little hat for this that’ll add a 3.5 millimeter audio jack and two more usb 2.0 ports and just to give you an idea of the Size of this thing, sur la main droite, side we have a raspberry pi, 4 8 gigabyte model on the left hand side, the orange pi zero two, this thing’s half the size of the raspberry pi four, mais, comme vous pouvez le voir, we don’t have that built in.

I o you will have to add that extra board. If you want more usb ports and an audio jack, this does have wi, fi et bluetooth, built in right out of the box, and it does come with an antenna. Nous avons obtenu 26 gpio pins on one side and another 13 pin header on the other, and this was specifically designed for that usb add on board. Global, i am a big fan of the form factor here. It does not support emmc storage. You do have to run your operating system from a micro sd card, but i have tested up to a 512 gigabyte card and it does work right out of the box. As for i o ports, ici, we have a single usb 2.0 port micro hdmi, just like the raspberry pi 4 usb type c only used for power in they recommend 5 volts, 2 amps and gigabit ethernet. Taking a look at the specs of the orange pi zero 2 for the cpu, we have the all winner h616. Il s’agit d’un quad core, cortex a53 cpu at 1.5 Gigahertz. The gpu is the mali g31. You can get this with 512 megabytes of ram or one gigabyte of ram it uses. Ddr3 storage is handled by a micro sd card. Nous avons 802.11 Ca, wi fi built in that gigabit, ethernet and bluetooth 5.0 and as for supported operating systems over on their website, you can pick up the android image, ubuntu image debian and they also have the linux source code and android source code listed in case.

You want to build your own operating system, so yeah at 18. I do think this has some pretty decent specs. Now i wanted to keep this thing as cool as possible, so we could get the maximum performance out of it. So i just added a cheap fan and heatsink that i picked up on amazon for the raspberry pi runs on 5 volts plugs right into the gpio, and it should keep this board nice and cool indefinitely. So when it comes to low powered single board computers like this, the first thing i always like to test is android. That kind of gives me a little bit of a gauge on how well this thing performs. Comme je l’ai mentionné, there are other operating systems available and, if you guys are interested in seeing any of those debian or ubuntu, just let me know in the comments below, but for this one we’re gon na go with their android 10 build all right. Nous voici donc, this is the android 10 version they have available on their website. Malheureusement, this does not have google play built in so we don’t have google services or anything like that and uh a lot of the stuff that i side loaded, just won’t launch like youtube here. You need google play services for it to work correctly and just crashing in general, has kind of been an issue with uh different apps and stuff redream. I can’t even get it to launch just goes to a black screen for a second minecraft.

Since i don’t have google play services built in they can’t verify that i own the app, so i couldn’t run this i’m sure there’s ways around that with this game here, but i was able to get a few other games up and running. One other thing was: geekbench, 5 would not run and a couple other benchmark apps that i wanted to run on this unit, just crashed halfway through so yeah. I mean it definitely needs some work here with this operating system i’m. Réellement, not a big fan of this interface here, if we head over to settings, this is more of an android tv build for this unit. I was kind of hoping it was more of the phone version, but unfortunately i think they went with the android tv version, because even if we go into device preferences here and let’s just say settings i mean we don’t have any other options here. This is more of the android tv look, as you can see now what i did was side load, a few apps that i couldn’t get from different app stores. I do have aptoide installed and if you did want to install some applications from there, you can but, comme je l’ai dit, there’s a lot of stuff that just isn’t going to run properly because we don’t have google services built in, but the stuff that i did get To run actually works really well on this little board, especially given the fact that this is an 18 single board computer and to tell you the truth, i was actually pretty impressed here so up until right.

Ici, none of this stuff comes preloaded. All of this is side loaded either from my phone other apks or the aptoide app store. Fondamentalement, what you’re going to get is your file manager gallery you’ll get miracast music down here. You’Ll? Have your settings apps and storage and really that’s about it? So you do have to do some work to get stuff installed, but the stuff that is running on this little board here works pretty decently. First thing i wanted to get into was the only benchmark that i could get running, which was 3dmark and by the way, since this does have bluetooth built in. I was able to connect my xbox controller and i can control everything with the xbox controller. But i also have a keyboard and mouse plugged in at the time of making this right here so my device, my results, we can’t use the vulcan back end on this board. This build of android just doesn’t, have it built in, but opengl es 3.0 with slingshot. Nous avons marqué un total de 330. definitely low when you’re, comparing this with android phones, even cheaper android phones, but for the price of this board here, i don’t think it’s that bad i’ve actually tested more expensive boards that uh scored lower than this moving over to some Video streaming since we can’t do youtube. I figured i’d go ahead and do plex let’s start out with a lower bitrate video. This is 1080p 68.

4 mégabits par seconde. We are set at maximum remote streaming here and it does load up pretty quickly and plays just fine. So this is a lower bitrate, 1080p 60fps video and it works great now they’re, claiming that this little chip is capable of 4k we’ll get back into plex and test something a little more demanding 4k 60fps 78 mégabits par seconde. À présent, with this one here, i actually plugged in ethernet i’m, not over wi fi. I wanted to get the best connection, as i could does take a little while to load, but once it loads up, it actually plays pretty smooth. This was actually really surprising, seeing that we could do 4k on this little board next up a little bit of native android gaming. Now i personally didn’t have really good luck with getting a lot of games to launch, but luckily real racing 3 is just one of those games that basically works on everything and performance here is pretty decent. This is definitely on par with the s905 x3 or the x4. Next on the list, we have some emulation now when it comes to the lower end stuff, like nes, snes, game boy, game boy, Avance, pc engine neo geo fba. I have no doubt that they’re gon na run at full speed, so i wanted to test some higher end stuff. First up we have playstation one i’m using retro arch with the pcsx rearm core and, comme vous pouvez le voir, it’s running great here and going into this, i actually expected it to do ps1 pretty well, because it doesn’t take much to run playstation 1 Jeux.

But what i wasn’t expecting was decent n64 emulation. À présent, malheureusement, my favorite standalone apple pin 64 plus fz just kept crashing on me, so i had to resort to move in plus ae. But overall i mean n64 on this little unit is pretty decent. I’M sure we’ve run into some games that aren’t going to run at full speed, but overall i’m really surprised to see this kind of performance out of this little board. Next up psp using the standalone version of ppsspp starting off light here with guilty gear. 2D game 1x resolution opengl back in no frame skip no hacks it’s running at full speed every once in a while do see it dip down, but i did run into some issues when i tried to play some harder to run games like tekken 6.. So here we are no hacks 1x resolution, no frame skip and it’s definitely unplayable. So i wanted to see how it acted with frame skip on at least set to one. This should bring us to 30 fps, because this game runs at 60 and it’s still pretty unplayable like this, and this isn’t the hardest to run psp game. I consider this a mid range game, so we’re going to go to a pretty easy one to emulate soul. Calibur destiny, so i went into this one with no frame skip on 1x resolution and all the hacks that i can run and i’m still getting really bad performance.

So i went through turn frame skip to one just to see what would happen here and again with these harder to run games this little board just isn’t gon na cut it now i’m. A hundred percent sure that there are psp games that this little board’s going to run just fine, but it’s not going to do the harder to run games still with all things considered. Il s’agit d’une 18 single board computer. I think it’s doing a great job with emulation. You saw playstation 1 n64 ran good. There are some psp games that are going to run fine on this board and anything underneath that will run at full speed. Comme je l’ai dit, you want to get into some snes gameboy advance pc engine neo geo you’re, going to have a great time with it on the orange pi zero. deux. So far with the build of android that have tested on the orange pi zero 2. This is definitely worth 18. You will have to put a little bit of work into it, getting some apps installed and things like that it’s. Definitely not a super powerful single board computer, but for the price here i think it’s, a decent little specked out unit, now keep in mind if you’re in the us you’re going to pay a little bit of shipping for this. So the price on this board will come out to around 28 à 30 dollars and even at that 30 point de prix, if you’re looking for an inexpensive single board computer to tinker around with, i think this would be an awesome little option but that’s going to wrap It up for this video, really appreciate you watching if there’s anything else, you want to see running on this board either an android debian or ubuntu.

Just let me know in the comments below i’d actually like to make a debian and ubuntu video on this and i’m.