It has over 13 000 channels available from the us, royaume-Uni et le Canada, as well as an excellent selection of global networks. Sports video on demand and movies let’s check it out Music. So once again, merci de s’arrêter par la chaîne et si nous nous réunissons pour la première fois, what i do here is all things iptv, si oui ou non ils sont, free or premium applications focusing on movies and tv shows as well as live television if it has iptv In it i’m on it, so if you like what i do, s’il vous plaît n’hésitez pas à aller de l’avant et frapper qui s’abonnent. Button and don’t forget to check the notifications now let’s get into our app. What i’ll be bringing to you today is an excellent application. Called the tv cloud now, this is a really robust application, guys it has over 13 000 channels available. You also have movies and video on demand. You’Ll see that as the system is populating, i am using a very nice uh version of the smarters application, it’s very unique, and i want to just go over the buttons that are here. So you can see it. You’Ve got a live tv section. You have a movie section, you have multi screen live with epg and series, we will go ahead and touch on movies and tv shows just a little bit and we’re going to spend the majority of our time in the area where it says, tv en direct. So let’s go ahead and click on that and we’ll.

Let that load and, as i said earlier, you’ll see that as this application, populates there’s an incredible amount of channels available so much content to choose from over 13 000 filières. For you to pick from everywhere, you can imagine 13145 to be exact and they are broken down into some great categories and let’s go ahead and check them out. We’Re, going to start off in the usa. First and you’ve got entertainment, nouvelles, movies and kids sports you’ve got football, basketball, baseball hockey and all of your major local networks, all of them guys, including the smaller networks, and you know which ones they are right there. You also have a wonderful selection of latino content, which are the locals. The the three major local networks that are in the us are also on this application. Now you’re in the uk, you’ve got a vip section and you’ve got regional channels. You also have a section for movies and sports documentaries, musique, kids and news. You also have the football clubs, as well as some indian content that’s for the uk and and irish as well. So all of that there guys is uk. So an excellent selection of us and an excellent selection of uk content. Now we start getting into some sports. You’Ve got college basketball, you’ve got club, football you’ve got one of the major sports networks, leur section plus, and then one of the other major sports networks, they’re regional areas, for you as well major sports leagues, comme vous pouvez le voir, which ones they are.

And then you also have rugby passes, then you have something called world sports and that’s exactly what it is guys sports from all over the world sporting events, one of the major movie channels. You have a bunch of music videos and then you have something called world of entertainment. I want you to see how much content is there 2 345 channels to pick from it’s a very large selection of different content. You also have another selection called world entertainment, and then you start getting into religious channels and global and i’m just going to scroll down and let you look at the different content of global channels. They do have australian channels and they have 358 of canadian and something called canadian vip. You also have an excellent selection of caribbean content as well, and a wonderful array of south american content. European content, as well as um asian content, so i’m gon na go ahead and scroll all the way back up and we will start off in the section called usa, Divertissement, so you’ll notice that you have the channel selection here on the left. You have the video plan up top and then the epg or the electronic program guide. Underneath this is what lets you see, what’s playing and then you can see what’s going to be coming up in the future. So you can decide whether or not you want to watch that channel or not. We are in the usa, entertainment selection right now, i’m just going to scroll down and let you look at the channels.

All of your major basic cable channels would be in this selection. You’Ve got a lot of the uh documentary channels available. You have food channels, you also have some movie channels. You have a lot of the over the air terrestrial channels that are available for you. So it really is a good selection here’s. The newsand you know which ones they are guys all of the major news. Next work networks are here for you, including some regional selections, here’s movies, the premier movies. You can see what they are guys. You have some east and west for you as well, so that’s nice. They also have hd ultra hd, so it’s a good selection and different genres for you as well here’s, the kids, all the major kid networks you know which ones they are available for you right here sports. This is a special sports section, got a little bit of a different selection and you can see the epg has been working very well. A lot of the channels are loading properly with the epg and that’s important. Obviously you want to have a good electronic program guide. That’S available for you here’s the football and obviously the big game was the other day and uh it’s over so we’re gon na have to wait for next season, but that’s football available now we’ve got basketball, we’ve got baseball. Baseball will be coming up very soon. Spring training is right around the corner, here’s hockey, hockey’s in full swing and now we’re into the major local selections.

These are the local networks. Not every city is going to be here, of course guys, but there really is a good selection available. Take the time to go through it and see for yourself, i’m just scrolling down and looking letting you look at the different channels, here’s all of the major networks guys and you could see, as i said to you allof the major networks – voici, the latin locals And you know which ones they are. You got some east selections, as well as some west coast selections for you, aussi, uk entertainment. I would say that this is the basics for the uk, good selection, good content, a lot of good channels for you to pick from. If you live in the uk, it is a good option for you here’s their plus one, and you know how that works, guys again. Good selection, good content, voici, the regionals and again this is the regionals for the uk and you can see which channels they are and they have different cities. And again not every city is going to be there but it’s. A nice selection it’s really really unique that they have regionals for the uk. Not every service has that and that’s really good here’s. The uk moviesand i love the uk movies, their selection that they pick is great excellent genres to pick from and a wonderful selection. Effectivement, here’s our sports and you could see which ones they are all of the major sports networks, as well as the genres associated with that sports network and it’s right here, for you to enjoy guys, documentaries, sensationnel, look at all of those that is awesome, good content.

nous, like it here’s the music selection and again this is uh some video and some audio, donc c’est, a nice mix, kid selection very similar to the us most of the channels are the same, but the content that’s on in the us is not necessarily on the Same time, he’s here in the uk and their new selection is also very unique club football here’s indian channels. Now there is a very large indian population in the uk they have their own selection of content, ce qui est vraiment agréable, here’s irish content, basketball for college sports, different teams, different different schools and again they have them as game day selections for you, club football, and you Can see which ones they are guys here’s, the plus selection. This is game day action, so on the day of the game that’s when you’ll be able to find it available for you, and you can also look at it in advance too sports more sports. This is regional for two of the major us sports networks and again a lot of selection, good content, guys we’re doing good we’re doing good here’s one of the major european soccer leagues here’s, another european soccer league here’s, the boxing and pay per view channel, and they Have the live events and then replays when available? This is one of the major sports selections for soccer. If you’re a soccer buff i love soccer. This is one of my favorite networks to watch. They’Ve got a lot of great content available.

Rugby i’ve been trying to get into rugby lately i’m trying to understand the game. All i know is a bunch of guys with no uh no protective gear slamming each other. It’S awesome got ta love it uh world sports, d'accord. Now this is a lot of different sports channels from all over the world and you can see which ones they are as i’m scrolling through good content, great selections, you’ve got canadian channels here. You’Ve got xu channels here, international sports, donc c’est, a very good variety. Sporting events and again this is game day type of events for you to look at. So this is a very sports centric application, here’s different movie genres from one of the major movie networks and you can see which one it is music, videos that pretty much speaks for itself, voici, the world of entertainment and you could see actually what it is and They’Re all specific shows that play all the time. It’S a wonderful selection they’ve got movies as well. They’Ve got genres, they’ve got it by actor there’s over 2300 channels here, so just take a look at it. Try it out for yourself, here’s the world, entertainment and again different movies available a lot of nice selections, there’s sports here, too it’s a mixed bag of different content, religious channels. À présent, if you enjoy faith based content, it’s a good selection, good application. Now we start getting into some of the global we’ve got african and albania arabic, Argentine.

Australia has a good selection here. You’Ve got belgium, brazil and i’m just going to scroll through here’s some canadian content as well. I do realize guys that not everyone is interested in all of this non english speaking selections there’s a way for you to remove that in the smarters app. I will leave a tutorial up top here. If you click on that i button it’ll. Take you to another video that i did. That will actually show you how you can remove any of the options that you’re not interested in i’m, just going to scroll down and let you look all of the different channels, good filipino content here as well, D'accord. So that is how the live selection works. I want to just touch on movies and let you see what’s available, there is an incredible amount of movies and video on demand available for you to look at wonderful titles to choose from and good genres. Are you ready guys, 47 403 different movies to pick from excellent content? I am just going to let you look at the genres. These are all one click play basically, you’ll find whatever movie you want, you press play and you go. The same thing is for the series. I will just show that to you real quick, 1500 plus series, so it’s a wonderful selection, not sure if they have ketchup, let’s check it and see yeah. They got catch up, not too much 174 selections, but there is catch up available.

D'accord, so let’s go ahead and back out of this, what i want to do now guys i want to take you on over to their website. I want to show you how you can go ahead and download this great application and take advantage of some awesome pricing, so i’ll see in a second 12 secondes plus tard, so here we are on their website. I will go ahead and leave a link in the description below, so you can go ahead and check it out for yourself very clean website. Very simple gets right to the point. It talks a little bit about the product and then it goes right into their pricing. Ils ont une 24 hour trial for you, it’s very inexpensive it’s, only five bucks for the 24 heures, so you could try it out before you actually dive into it, see if it’s, something that you want, but with all of that content it’s worth it for You guys, if you decided that you wanted to go into different subscriptions, they do have one month three month, six month and 12 mois, all of them come with four devices. They either come with grown up content or without grown up content, whatever your, whichever you’re. Looking for and it’s either twenty dollars for four devices for one month, fifty dollars for devices for three months, eighty five dollars for devices for six months and for the entire year it’s only a buck and a half 150 dollars.

You can enjoy this service for the entire year, but at least for five bucks. Try it out see if you like it, go ahead and do it guys it’s worth it so much content available. avec un peu de chance, you’ll check it out. avec un peu de chance, you’ll check out these videos as well. I’M sure that there’s there something for you to enjoy cord cutter dad signing off and bidding you farewell.