This is the gmk nook box now to some regular viewers. This actually might look familiar because i have done a review on this unit, but the one i actually received was a pre production or a development unit and unfortunately performance wasn’t great with that one due to cooling issues with that original unit. But i finally got my hands on a full production unit. This is the one that you can actually get from their website. I believe they’re on amazon also i’ll leave some links in the description and in this video we’re gon na see how this really performs. À présent, comme vous pouvez le voir, the gmk nook box is tiny. I mean it’s a palm size, 4k mini pc, C'est, capable of running windows, 10, linux and other operating systems. It’S got an x86 cpu there’s, not a lot of io on here, but there’s, not much more room on here to fit anymore and overall i’m. A big fan of this form factor, but we have seen a slew of these palm size mini 4k. Pc. À présent, along with the unit itself inside of the box, you’re also going to receive your power supply, and even if we include the power supply in the total size of the nook box, this thing is still a super small mini pc. À présent, like i said there have been a few of these released, we have the larkbox the larkbox pro. I think xiaomi’s got one coming and i’ve actually seen a few other chinese manufacturers coming out with a pc.

That basically looks exactly the same here. Alors, on the front of the nook box, we don’t have much going on, except for a status led and our power button moving around to the right hand, côté. We have a micro, sd card slot and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack round back usb type c. Only there for power full size, hdmi and two usb 3.0 ports. This is an actively cooled pc, so we do have a fan built in here and at full blast. You can here i mean it’s, not super annoying, but it is audible when this thing is at full bow real, Rapide. I wanted to give you a little size comparison between the all new larkbox pro versus the gmk nook box, comme vous pouvez le voir, ils sont. Fondamentalement, the same thing: we have different cases here. The top is a bit different. We have a different vent style on this. The gmk nook box pulls in air from the top vents it out the rear, the larkbox pro pulls it in from the top and vents it out of the front of the unit. But the gmk nook box actually has more ram than the larkbox pro coming in. At eight gigs, instead of six taking a look at the specs of the nook box for the cpu, we have the intel j4125. This is a quad core cpu up to 2.7 gigahertz on all four cores: the gpus, the built in intel, Uhd, 600, graphics up to 750 Mégahertz, eight gigs of lp ddr4.

This is non user, upgradable and it’s running at 2133. Megahertz storage on this thing is handled by a user replaceable 128 Gigabyte, m.2 ssd. You just need to pull the bottom off and it will support up to a 512 m.2 ssd. If you wanted to upgrade it down the road, we have 802.11 Ca, wi fi, Bluetooth. 4.2 and it does comepre installed with windows – 10 page d’accueil 64 bit for this video. I want to test the overall usability of this little box. We’Re going to measure the temperatures we’ll measure power draw i’m going to test some gaming, some 4k video playback and web browsing, comme je l’ai dit, comes pre installed with windows, 10 page d’accueil 64 bit so let’s go ahead and get right into it. d'accord, so here it is the gmk nook box, now i’ve already run some tests just to make sure that they have this thing working properly. parce que, with that initial unit that i received the development unit, we weren’t getting good performance at all, because the cpu wouldn’t boost up to its maximum frequency and the gpu would stay around 450 à 300 Mégahertz, which was really killing the performance on this unit. À présent, with this one here, we still have that j4125 at 2 Gigahertz, with a boost up to 2.7 8 gigs of lp ddr4 ram running at 2133 megahertz and the uhd 600 graphics first test. Iran was just a quick graphics test, uh with cpu z.

We can see the core of the graphics idling around 400 Mégahertz, but if i put a load on it here, it will jump up to 650 megahertz to 600. So we are getting that boost on the gpu, and this is a really good sign for the gmk nook box. So we now know that the built in intel, graphiques uhd, can work at their maximum frequency with the last one. It was really low and it was really killing performance, si e uh ., first things. First web browsing really smooth here: let’s just head over to raspberry pi website, usually a quick test. I run everything loads up nice and i am connected to my ac wi fi. Five gigahertz check out this stargate here, pretty awesome little project in the latest magpie, but yeah i mean web browsing, has been a treat on this little unit. All of these little j4125 cpus have done a great job with web browsing and when it comes to 4k video playback, it is totally possible here. So let me go ahead and pause. This i’m gon na get everything ready, make sure we’re sitting at 4k. Stats for nerds we’ll go full screen with it, and let me just reset this 1080p and we’ll. Take it back up to 4k just so, we can reset that frame counter up here. On the initial load in got some drop frames, but overall these little chips do handle 4k video playback at least 4k video streaming really well and with those frames there you’ll never see them with the naked eye.

I mean you’d, never notice that this was dropping 12 frames out of 1200, so definitely possible to stream 4k on these units. Prochaine étape, i wanted to run a couple benchmarks, so first up we have geekbench 5. on the top. We have the gmk nukebox on the bottom. We have the new larkbox pro basically the same unit. They have the same cpu similar form factors, but the larkbox pro has six gigs of ram. It’S not gon na affect the score here, but it looks like they really did some tuning in the bios for the gmk nook box, because we did beat out the lockbox pro in single and multi core scores. Prochaine étape, we have cenobench r23 and i’m, not really running this for the score. So i’m really running this for the heat when it comes to r23 of cinebench. It runs this for 10 minutes, it’ll run it over and over again and by the end of this i want to see how hot this little unit gets. I’M kind of monitoring the cpu temperature in the background and the cpu is clocking up to 2.6 Gigahertz. While running this, so i’m gon na go ahead and let this finish up and then we’ll check out the score and the temps all right. So my test is finished here. Uh total score here for cinebench, r23 1370. Definitely super low on the board. Ici, comme vous pouvez le voir, but my temperature didn’t go over 79 degrees celsius and we were at 2.

6 gigahertz the whole time. The fan was definitely spinning up the whole time. I was running this, but i actually thought that we’d see much higher temperatures here, especially running this for 10 minutes straight moving over to some pc gaming. First up we have the original skyrim 720p low settings. Garder en tete. I mean this is a low end. Chipset here so it’s not going to run this at 60fps, but i got an average of 34 fps and, comme vous pouvez le voir, that gpu is clocking up to 600 megahertz here next up, overwatch 720p low settings 50 resolution scale by the end of this i was Getting an average of 31 fps, not bad for a super mini pc, but i wouldn’t pick one of these up, specifically to play pc games on and finally for pc gaming. We have cs, go 720p very low settings. By the end of this i was getting 28 fps and i was really hoping we could get over that 30 hump, but unfortunately it’s just not cutting it. Couple last things i like to test with these mini pcs is average cpu temps and power consumption. As for the cpu temps, it idles around 48 degrés celsius, 4k, video playback. It jumps up to 54 gaming on average 70 degrees celsius and throwing an extreme test at it, which consists of running 3d mark time, spy and cinebench. En même temps,, it did hit 89 degrés celsius, but you’ll be hard pressed to hit these kind of temps that’s more of an extreme test.

Total power consumption from the wall looks really good at idle 4.4 Watts, 4k video playback 8.3 gaming on average 18.3 and the maximum i could get this to pull from the wall was 25.6 Watts. Alors, en fin de compte, i think the final form of the gmk nook box performs really well for a mini pc, ses, definitely on par with the larkbox pro, but it does come in a bit more expensive. Given that we have eight gigs of ram now, i wouldn’t run out and replace my lark box or larkbox pro with something like this, because basically we’re getting kind of the same unit here with two more gigs of ram. But if you’re in the market for a mini pcand you have to have that eight gigs of rami think this is definitely one to look at we head over to amazon. You can see that the larkbox pro is going for 179, alors 180 and the nook box is going for 219. But if you have prime there’s a 20 hors coupon, making this 200 so it’s only 20 more than the larkbox pro and we’re getting those extra two gigs of ram. So in the end, it’s really up to you is that extra ram worth another 20 bucks because they do perform pretty much exactly the same. bien, that’s gon na wrap it up for this. One really appreciate you watching i’m glad to see that gmk did fix all those issues we were having with the development unit or the early units that were shipped out.

That heat was just way too much and it really came down to the heatsink, really not making contact with the cpu, so that’s definitely fixed with the retail version and performance here for j4125 mini pc is actually really good.