So before i start showing some pictures that i took on the pine phone, i should first let you know a few technical details. The photos taken in today’s video were taken on a pine phone running mobian, which is the version of debian for the pine phone, and i took those photos using the megapixels camera app. I also took some photos with my dslr so that you have a comparison now. The first problem i actually had with taking pictures on the pine phone is that it’s still very buggy, qui est à prévoir. I had to actually downgrade a library because an update caused the megapixels camera app to not work correctly with it. Once i downgraded the library, the megapixels camera app worked, although it was still extremely buggy and took a lot of fighting with until it’ll work and take your photo so i’m going to say that at the moment the experience of taking photos on the pine phone is Very rough, but with that said, let’s see how the photos i talk actually look. Alors. First up we have a photo taken indoors under reasonably good lighting conditions and, comme vous pouvez le voir, the colors are a little bit off it’s a bit blurry and it’s. Also quite grainy, the blurriness is particularly obvious on moving objects and the graininess is very obvious in the darker parts of the image. So that should tell you how very low light images are gon na look.

But with that said, i do think that this image is passable. Prochaine étape, we have a photo taken using the front facing camera and i’ve got to say it’s pretty rough now, Je suis. Sorry to say that this isn’t, the linux lounge face, reveal some people might have been hoping for, but nevertheless you can see that the front facing camera is yeah it’s seriously rough. The photo has all the quality issues of the back camera, but even worse and for some reason everything is kind of a shade of green, but i suppose for a quick selfie or a video call, it might just be okay. The next photo i took outside and i’ve got ta say: ses, d'accord, ses, a similar story to the one that i took indoors: it’s fairly grainy and a bit blurry and the colors aren’t that great either. Although i’d say they’re, not ridiculously bad. If you don’t, look too close at the photo for comparison, here’s the photo i took with a dslr as you can see, the colors are better, the grain is gone and the photo is far more in focus. En outre, you can see that a lot more detail has been captured. Just look at the trees here as compared to the pine foam photo, par exemple. et finalement, here are the two side by side for comparison. I also took some other pictures, so i’ll go ahead and show you those side by side with the dslr images for comparison, and you can sort of make your own mind up about the pine phone camera and then i’ll go ahead and make my own personal conclusions About the pine phone camera and there you have it several images taken with the pine phone camera now to be perfectly honest, the pine phone camera is pretty bad.

Now some people might argue that that’s not the point of the pine phone it’s not supposed to have a good camera, and i would agree with that, and some people would probably also argue that you don’t need a good camera in a phone, and i would probably Agree with that too, toutefois, i’ve seen cameras that are oftentimes in phones from the early 2000s hold their own against the pine phone camera, if not to pass it. toutefois, avec cela dit, the camera isn’t so bad that you wouldn’t want to use it, and you can absolutely see the contents of your photo just fine and i’m sure for some people, that’s going to be more than enough, but for the kinds of people that take A lot of photos on their phone, the pine phone, absolutely isn’t for you, unless, of course you want to try and carry around a usbc webcam with you all the time or something like that with that said, that’s it for today’s video.