Bienvenue à ce mac techs dans cette vidéo, je vais discuter de la façon de changer la monnaie dans une application rhonium, alors commençons. Nous allons ouvrir l’application aeroname, donnera le mot de passe ici, Je vais faire une transaction, donc nous allons taper l’imprimante laser canon ok. So it is 17. 550. we’ll add one more product: dell optical mouse, d'accord, that’s fine! So here we have 18 000 file, d'accord, so going to proceed the payment here here we have to select the customer i’m going to select the big brothers and we’ll click. Ok here and next you have to select the cage okay. Here i want to give the paid amount, so let’s say the customer is giving twenty 000 cash. d'accord, C'est, fine and the bill is printed here here we have the printing noise, we’ll click, this printing noise, and here we have to select the printer okay by default. You can select the receipt printer for the time being. I don’t have any printer, and here i have to select the pdf to view the invoice here. We have print and we’ll click, this print button to print this invoice. To here you have to give the file name for your invoice i’m, going to give the name as uh 18005 as a file name and we’ll. Give save okay, that’s fine i’m, going to minimize this aeronam application, and here i can find the pdf file double click and open here here you can see all the information we have discussed everything’s in our previous video, how we can set up this logo and everything And in this video we have to discuss some other parts.

Donc, ici, if we come to this subtotal here, you can see the dollar sign. So these are things i want to discuss in this video how to change this dollar sign into your currency. d'accord, sometimes this may be in rupees if it is in sri lanka. If it is in india, you can change as inr something like that. d'accord, so here we want to change this currency sign. So if we come to this subtotal here, vous pouvez voir 18 05. It is in dollar, so we want to change this currency. So let’s see how to change this one. In iranian point of sale system, there is no option to change the currency, d'accord, but you have to do this in a another way. So let’s see how to do that here we have a search i’m going to click on this search and going to type as control panel. Here i have a control panel. I want to access the control panel here i’m using windows 10. So i can access the control panel in this way. If you’re using windows 7, you can go to the start and you can find the control panel in the usual way. d'accord, so you have to come to the control panel in your windows operating system, and here, if you come to this view by there is a different views. We have a category view and large view: d'accord, large icons and small icons. d'accord, so you have to select the large icons and if, once you click this large icon here, you can find the region setting okay region setting.

So it is in a to z order. You can easily find the r here and you can click on this region. Setting once you click this region setting here we have two tabs formats and administrative settings. We want to do settings under format, and here you can see all language, preference and other settings are here, and here you can find the button additional setting i’m going to click on this additional setting. Once you click this additional settings, you will get this dialog box here. We have four tabs numbers currency time and date. Here we have a tab, currency tab. Once you have this currency tab. Here we have a currency symbol. d'accord, currency symbol is in dollar sign. d'accord. What you can do we can simply type your currency, Oh, how the currency symbol should be displayed. Okay in your invoices, in other documents in erroneo, here i’m going to type rs, Point, ses, bien, so that’s that’s, all so that’s! All here you can do this method, not only to this aeronium point of sale software, but also you can follow this method to any other software. So you can use this for microsoft, excel and myob quickbook to any other accounting packages. We can use these methods so that’s, bien. We are going to click on this apply and okay that’s fine. I will give again apply and okay, okay and we’ll minimize this one here. What i’m going to do i’m going to restart this hydronium point of sale software to make the changes, currency changes, we’ll close this one and we’ll start again: erroneous and we’ll give the password here done.

Oui, here we have a typical window and we’ll do one more transaction and let’s see whether the currency is changed or not. I’M going to mac has canon laser printer. Here i have added two products and the total amount is 180 050 and we’ll click on this payment to proceed. The payment here, i’m going to select the customer big brothers that’s fine i’m, going to give the paid amount, is let’s, dire: 200, 000 that’s fine. I will select the payment type as case that’s. bien, the change amount is 19950 ici, Nous allons, give print invoice command and let’s see the currency is changed or not. We’Ll give this printing noise, and here we have to select the pdf file, will give this print and here i’m, going to type the file name, as the total amount of the invoice and we’ll give this save button to save this file and we’ll minimize. This error name and here we have a file we’ll double click here to open the file here. We’Ll come down, and here you can see the currencies change. d'accord, subtotal rupees. As i said earlier, you can follow this method to any other accounting softwares sometime. You may want to change the currency in quickbook or microsoft excel so in any applications. You can follow this method that’s. All i want to discuss in this video. If you love this, video hit thumbs up button. If you are new to this channel click, the subscribe button and don’t forget to click the ring bell, then you will be get notified to my brand new videos.

Je vous remercie.