You did the luck mom here. The branch was my name uh after unboxing i did the video of unboxing. There show me show me me, but its called me one. This is its a box. I promise that ill do the review now. This is the right time to review this. This is a budget and tablet less than 200 nous dollars. So today i want to show you: what does it come with? Premier, you dont need to buy a screen protector. It has extra screen protector, so no need to find the screen protector. It already has one. It has a cover. A very nice cover gold see. This is a very very nice cover yeah. So it comes with this one, this is for bluetooth, and this one it has four. C'est 3.5 câble usb. There are two. This is once this one is from this is pin, and this one is for usb die too. Then we have the earphones. Nous avons. The usb chargerthis is the cable and then we have the charger. It also has the stylus pen. I dont know whether we can use it, but we will see and then lets first remove this and put the screen protector. Now there is more see ive removed. The cover so just put the screen protector. You remove this pad. Premier, i have to put it now, because this one now you dont need to buy a screen protector, because you already have okay ive put the screen protector.

À présent, then this one is a door. You put a sim card standard sim card when i say standard sim card. This is the a whole full sim card that is not cut, so you open up here. d'accord, you can see that these are two slots for sim card. I dont know how to put it this one. This is one slot for sim card one, and this is for sim two and then you have the one for sd card. If you have a memory card you can put here so yeah. This is where you put this same card. What about the connection it can connect through gps, wi-fi? It can use wi fi. It can use a bluetooth so depending on which type of wifi you are using, and then this is android os and the operations. 8. 0, so this android 8.0 and the cpu is octa core. Its cpu is octa core and then its a 10 pouce 10.1 inch display its a nice one um you can play light games, not heavy games, light games and then its good for online uh. This its very good for online, maybe study, but this is just a budget tablet for his work and then lets see im opening it to say hello, its saying, Bonjour, hello and then it has a jack where you put earphone here. It has that port of a headphone Music see it is opening already. It has two two cameras: primary and secondary the real front.

Camera is 8.0 mp and the back one is 16 Point 0 mp and then the display. La résolution est 800 by 2f 80 pixels. That is the display of it yeah. C'est, it has a board for charging usb up here. Celui-ci est, it is not. This is aluminum its, pas en plastique. This is aluminium and is a model me. One show me this is the model. So what have i not touched about this? The battery? It takes five hours without charge. I used it. It takes uh because ive been having it for one month now, five hours without charge, the battery is good, its nice. So about what else can i say its? A nice tablet you can, you can try it, you can try it. This is the memory the the random access memory is 3 gigabytes and the rom is 32 gigabytes yeah. That is all about it, and that is playing just just show me okay. So this is how youre gon na put it in their case, this case is so nice. You put it inside like this, its so nice, so its add another you dont want. You can take the rubber band, your clothes, so you can carry it just like a diary so nice. Donc, si vous aimez cette vidéo, lui donner un pouce en l’avant, you can subscribe to this channel.