So if you have something like an xr500 gaming router or even some of their lower end routers, you are able to control many features of your home network to make sure you’re getting the maximum download and upload speeds possible for the service that you’re paying for and Also, just have a ton of control over what devices are connected to your network, how much bandwidth they’re getting and some other really interesting features as well, so without further ado, guys let’s hop right into it. Music already guys so sharing my screen here. This is the douma os dashboard. In order to get to this once you have a netgear router hooked up, you will just type in and it should take you right here. Si cela ne fonctionne pas, you can google netgear router software or douma os and should be the first link there or you can actually just type in your ip address, which is you know, the number separated by colons up here and hit enter, and it should take. You to this dashboard as well so i’m going to walk you guys through how to get it set up to look like my dashboard here, as i have custom panels set up and stuff like that. So the first thing you want to do guys is: go into settings anytime, you’re messing with a new program or software. You just want to make sure you have your settings optimized this tab right here.

Usb storage go to media server. Turn off this box right here to disable media server. You don’t need support for tivo or itunes. Nobody even uses tivo they haven’t. Since the civil war and itunes. You can use itunes without having um giving them access to your router. They don’t need that then in monitoring over here i would go down to logs and right down here: uh disconnect ready, share and vpn service. So in the system information tab here, i’m not going to pull it up because it has my wi fi password on it. Uh granted, i could just blur that post editing but there’s really not a whole lot to show on the system. Information tab, but i can quickly describe it to you. It’Ll have things such as your router’s onboard memory, how much of it’s being utilized and it’ll have some statistics about your home network and whatnot, so hybrid vpn over here is a vpn specifically for your router. I will have a separate tutorial on specifically this tab here. How to get that set up, but i personally don’t use it. I don’t think it’s, inherently bad, but there are better vpns out there. Let me hide my face, so this is the one that i highly recommend i’ve been using it for almost two years. This is the expressvpn. It is on my phone tablet and uh on my pc as well, and you can actually plug this into here as well and run it directly from your router or you can do it in browser, like i do here with google chrome.

This is linked in the description below you’ll get 30 days free and a small discount when you sign up, which is uh, always nice to save a little cash so over here in network monitor. This is going to show you uh exactly what the usage is. So right now my pc, as you can see the uploads like 33 megabytes a second. I am uploading a 4k youtube video right now so, as you see there’s quite a bit of uh upload going on there very little download if anything over here in device manager. This is a really cool tab. This allows you to. You can either view it like that or you can view it as a tree. I think the tree actually is a little bit easier to understand everything that’s going on in your home network. A lot of these devicesi probably don’t, have anymore: i can’t delete them, you just click on them and hit delete. You can also block the device if you never want to be able to come back online uh. toutefois, you know a lot of these. I still do have so. If you block them, they will not be able to get back on here unless you unblock them from in here. So this is the actual hub right here. This is the router, like my my coax drop right here for my internet providers. In the wall goes to my modem, which is my my wan comes into my router.

The only device i have plugged in via ethernet cable right now is trooper 7 C'est, my gaming pc. I do have another pc called old bin. My budget pc that’s on the desk right there that it’s also connected to ethernet, but it is turned off right now or else that would also be showing up on this uh lan tree. And then you have two different and then you have two different bandwidths that are covered by this router. Vous avez 2.4 Gigahertz, which is a lot more compatible with older devices. It gives you larger coverage. So if you have a large square footage house, this will give you the largest coverage area and it’s, also more consistent. À présent, five gigahertz isn’t as consistent has a shorter overall range, but it is almost twice as fast as 2.4 Gigahertz, so um that’s. How that breaks down more or less over here in cuos? This allows you to allocate bandwidth to specific devices so say i wanted additional bandwidth to my gaming pc for either upload or download. You can do that hitting reset will just balance everything back out again. You have separate numbers for download and upload, which is cool, and this is great if you have somewhat slower internet and you’re, going to be streaming a game, and you know you’ve got your wife streaming netflix and your kid on her leap pad frog or something like That and you’re like well screw these people. I need to get a good, healthy stream, so you boost your bandwidth up there uh i have pretty dog on good internet here i get about 960 down and about 38 up consistently um, which is which is good.

Now anti buffer blow. This is something that i definitely want to cover up here. If you are having issues where you are buffering in game and you’re experiencing um, you know stutters and stuff, like that or you’re sitting in lobby waiting to match make too long and stuff like that, you can put when high priority traffic is detected, i.e a game. This this this router here knows when you’re playing a game. En réalité, i’ll show you in the next tab. It actually has like call of duty battlefield where all the servers are for them, mais e uh .. When you put high priority to traffic detected, it’ll automatically um put on this anti buffer bloat, which i have set to about 90 percent of my down and up, qui est, as you see here as these values here, and what this is going to do is, instead Of using 100 of your bandwidth on whatever device you’re gaming on it’s going to use just this much so it has a little bit of wiggle room to where it never really caps out and then leaves you um capped out and without any more bandwidth to play. With so that’s really cool, you can um. This is important here guys if you know that you’re rated for gigabit ethernet and you should be getting a thousand megs down and you’re getting about 100 150 ses. Probably this box right here, uh go in here and just type in 1000 for gigabit ethernet, and then your upload most likely is probably about 35 ou 40.

that’s kind of the cap for upload speed and with most of the major most of the major providers out There cox, spectrum, att, etc, and then you can disable it, but this is more so for troubleshooting and stuff. I would not recommend unchecking that uh or checking that i apologize and don’t uncheck good put either leave that on there as well now geofilter. I have a entire video about this here and how you can utilize this page right here to get really low pings so for shooting games and whatnot ping is king it’s very important, so you can actually target separate servers for different games. Call of duty battlefield destiny. Whenever you launch the game, you will see a bunch of chicken pox dots pop up on the map here, and that is literally showing you where the servers are. Par exemple, cod has like one in south africa a couple in one in south africa. One in i think, like switzerland or new zealand and then obviously a ton here in north america. They’Ve got three in california, one in texas, one in colorado, uh one down here by florida, new orleans area, one by new york and you are able to actually draw a drop, a ping wherever you want that and then set a distance, a geofence. Think of it. Like a firewall for your internet and it will not accept anything outside of there and you can actually also specifically allow and deny not only different servers, but also individual users.

So if you want to play with your buddy in california and and you know obviously he’s out of this range hereyou can add an exception to him. What you do is turn off geofilter here by either making it larger or leave it the same but make sure you’re in spectating mode like i am right now. Filter mode will actually engage this filter to where you’re not taking in any servers or users outside of there, but in spectating mode it’s, just showing you where you’re at um but it’ll accept servers from anywhere. So let your friend join your lobby and then once they’re in you, uh will see their username down here, like their id or whatever uh it’ll show you their ping and everything and you just right click hit allow and then you can turn your filter back on And they have an exception for them, aussi, if there’s a user that you always get match made with in call of duty or something and they’re, they make your ping really crappy or they’re, just somebody you’re suspecting of cheating or something you can actually block them here And you’ll never have to play with that person again, which is pretty nice now over here. If you click this little sandwich bar over here, you do have a ping assist now. This is the highest possible ping that you will accept so 50, anything higher than that. It will get rejected uh, so if you set it too low you’re not going to connect to anything because it’s it’s going to be so strict that it’s not going to be able to really connect anything uh.

Speaking of strict, you want to leave strict mode on that is, going to actually engage your ping assist and this little circle here to where it will not accept anything that does not meet your criteria. You can set it in kilometers or miles depending on what you go by your unit of measurement, where you’re located i’m in north america, so that works for me fast search, i’ve messed around with this and i’ve also researched it in a lot of forums. It doesn’t really seem to do much of anything. At least i haven’t noticed any kind of change whatsoever, so i’ll put that ping back in my neck of the woods over here in the panhandle of florida. But whenever you start a game you come over here. Select call of duty now call of duty, considering it’s, usually either free for all or six v6. You don’t really need that many people in a lobby. This is a relatively small circle about 722 miles uh and that works good to keep your ping down. But if you’re playing a game like a br or a large game like battlefield that is like 60 plus players, this is a 1200 mile uh range here, let’s zoom out just a skosh. That game requires a lot of people and it would take you forever sitting in the lobby matchmaking to get those players that all have uh that are all within your little circle and have the same.

You know ping requirements and all that other good stuff. So such is something to keep in mind, games that are smaller. Like call of duty 6v6 that don’t have a huge map with a lot of players. It will make a smaller circle that you can geofence with. You can also add your devices up here. The only one that i have added to use all these features with is my p is my pc here it has. It listed as a console: i’ve tried changing it to say computer and it just won’t. It doesn’t affect anything, but it would just be nice to cosmetically see that say pc there, but you hit add device. These are some of my other devices in my house. I have an xbox ps4 slim, you can add. Those and they’ll also have options for filter and spectating mode, so you put them all in filter mode and they’re all getting the same treatment here to where you can basically geofence and try and get yourself easier, sbmm lobbies or just try and find servers that have Low ping for you or link up with your friends that are out of area and all that error, good stuff that i mentioned so that’s really cool. À présent, in order to get your dashboard like this, because it will not look like uh this by default in any of these tabs right here, there’s a little pin in the top right corner and you’re, just going to click that and it’s going to it’s going to Stick that over here on the dashboard, and then you can click on this little icon here and you can resize.

You can drag them around like this and set up your dashboard, and i like to have it like this, because i don’t have to go around a bunch of tabs. I can just see right here. d'accord, this is where my geofilter is at. You know what what servers am i pinging off of when i log into a game like cod you’ll, see all the servers pop up on here and you can target which one you want to link up to. These are all the devices connected to my network and what they’re currently doing this is my anti buffer bloat. If i want to use that, and then this is when you turn off anti buffer, bloat you’ll get this pop up here. You’Ll now receive your full bandwidth. Speeds but your games will be caught in queue, causing lag when all your bandwidth is used. But i never hit that because i’m on gigabit ethernet and you know call of duty isn’t going to tax out a gigabit ethernet connection. So let’s just put that anyway and then you can have you know all your devices up here with filtering and spectating mode and then down here in case i want to reallocate bandwidth to my pc or whatever for down or upload speed. I can do that too. So this is how i have my dashboard laid out. There’S also themes that you can install right here by default, there’s just default, but you can actually download some of these online if you just search for netgear, router or douma, os themes, um you’ll be able to download those and then you’ll just plug them into the Settings um, i probably will have a separate tutorial going over some different themes and how to install themand you know if they add any more features or if it’s, just cosmetics, Je suis, pretty sure it’s just cosmetics but yeah that is uh pretty much gon na.

Do it guys, i hopefully i didn’t ramble on too much. There is quite a bit to do here in the the douma os. There is also a newer version called 3.0, but it is in its beta phase, so it is not a polished, um full release or anything like that, but you can actually install that now and i will have a separate tutorial again for how to do that as It is rather complicated. You don’t just go to the doom os website and hit install you actually have to download an image file and then go into your settings more update and administration by browsing for the local file and doing some other stuff. But you know once you get that all set up, you are going to have actually additional tabs here that give you even further control of your home network, which is really awesome. Another cool thing you can do with this router is to set up a guest network. A guest wi fi network, so obviously, if you have people visiting family or you have a roommate or something like that, that’s renting a room from you, you can set up a separate, wi, fi password of them and also limit bandwidth for them. So you’re getting the full brunt of it or even block them from certain websites. So if it’s a child in your house or something if they have a specific device, like you know, a tablet or whatever you can limit uh certain websites or certain urls to where they can’t go on that and again, you can set up like a separate wi.

Fi password for them with hours if they can and can be off it so it’s good for parents with, Comme toi, know, kids not being able to be on the internet like overnight, and then they don’t get sleep because they’re watching whatever and that’s just right here. In settings guest networkand you can enable it right herethere’s also another little block like thisthat you can pin onto the dashboard that says specific information for your guest network, how much bandwidth they’re using how many devices they have connected and stuff like that um. I don’t have that pinned here. I i could, but i don’t have a guest network set up and also that actually shows my my actual wi fi password, which again i could blur out post editing but that’s. Just one more step. I have to do during editing these videos, so i think that’s gon na. Do it guys if this video was beneficial for you guys liking.