We are going to talk about MSI GP, 6, 5, 9 SC gaming laptop. It is a mid tier gaming laptop and cost 12 on a dollar at the time of this review, donc sans plus tarder, plongeons droit dedans. Parlons d’abord des spécifications. Our unit is powered by Intel Core i7 9 7 v, 0h processeur de base hexa en cours d’exécution à 2.6, gigahertz 16gb ddr4 ram 512gb SSD hard drive, 8 ou 2.11 AC Wi Fi, plus bluetooth, 5 720p webcam 15.6 inch LED Full HD 144 Hart’s display also nvidia RT x, 2060 Graphics, avec 6 GB, ddr 6 RAM, backlit keyboard and 51 watt hour battery and weighs only 5 livres maintenant parlons de la conception et de construire la qualité. The laptop body has brushed aluminum surface, but the breasts is all plastic. Il est léger pour sa taille. It is nice looking nicely built. Laptop first impression from a visual standpoint are more impressive when compared to other laptop in this price category, the body feels hollow and not S form, as I put a bin on the bright side, creaking is minimal and the base is fairly rigid around the corners. The laptop weighs only 5 Livres, so it can easily fit in bag or backpack and carry around school or college campus MSI GP, 65 9sc leopard gaming laptop is equipped with latest range of ports, including two USB 3.0 Gen, 1 ports SD card reader and on the Other side we have one USB C: 3.

2 Gen, 2 port, one mini DisplayPort, one HDMI 2 port, one gig Ethernet and headphone, and microphone jack. L’ordinateur portable a 720p caméra avant. The cameras picture quality is enough for video calls via Skype or other applications. The camera does not perform phase recognition overall, MSI GP, 6 v 9 SC leopard gaming lab has a design that is simple and clean and smooth texture hides fingerprints very well. The msi leopard gaming laptop has a thin bezels, and our unit came with 15.6 pouce. Ips panel, one of the highlights of the GP 65 leopard is a sprite and fast 144 Hertz IPS display considering the price point. The full HD LG panel is phenomenal. Response times are right, quick and the 144 Hertz or fresh rate makes every animation glide across a screen. Gameplay a higher frame rates looks beautifully smooth. The panel supports 96 srgb et 61 RGB Adobe. The displays backlight is bright, Moyenne 327 Hits. This is higher than the average of most other mid tier gaming laptops. The display also had good color reproduction and accurate white balance. Can a DP display showed an exceptional amount of detail when I watched different trailers or 4k content MSI GP 65 9sc leopards displayed it very well in the lab test. Viewing angles are excellent, which is typical for IPS display. The mate finish essentially eliminates clear and the backlight is strong enough to shine through sunlight and other bright lights. The MSI GP 65 9sc leopards visuals are handled by Nvidia r tx, 2060 Graphics.

The r tx 2060 has become a popular choice for mid range gaming laptops. cette année, regarder YouTube ou Netflix, 4k content looks really good, et cet affichage fonctionne très bien dans des conditions de faible lumière. As far as a brightness concern it comes in around 327, it’s means laptop screen can be used outside RTS 2060 offers a significant bump in performance over gtx 1060. The r tx 2060 in GP 65 leopard also outperforms nvidia, GTX 1660 TI by 10 percent in 3d. More additionally, the RT X 2060 supports real time, de traçage, which is becoming more common in games. Rt X, 2060 scores good overall in different GPU benchmarks. Msi GP, 65 9sc leopards keyboard is good for longer typing experience. Il s’agit d’un clavier rapide et silencieux et fiable. Le point de pression n’est que légèrement perceptible et fournit une bonne quantité de rétroaction. D'un autre côté, the key size and arrangements are very good and our unit came with backlit keyboard. As far as a touchpad concern. It is not a big touchpad, but it is also a precision. Touchpad means it is very responsive and precise in the performance section our MSI GP, 6 v 9 SC leopard is equipped with Intel Core i7 9. 7. 5. 0 Processeur H. The processor has 6 cores with base clock, vitesse de 2.6 gigahertz et une vitesse d’horloge maximale de 4.5 Gigahertz. Le processeur est évalué pour 45 watts et basé sur 14 technologie nanométrique. Ce processeur est basé sur l’architecture du lac à café.

Its performance is perhaps best option for a gaming laptop and strikes a good balance between price performance and thermals. Notre score unitaire 2764 points dans Cinebench multi thread, CP performance benchmark running at 2.6 Gigahertz, qui est d’environ 10 percent higher from its previous generation Core i7 processor, and it completely destroys AMD risin, 730, 750 H and in the CPU Z, benchmark laptop CPU score 3643 Points. In multi thread and 508 points and single thread in the storage solution, MSI GP, 6, 5, 9 SE Leopard offers good, lire et écrire des poids qui sont bien au-dessus de la moyenne dans sa classe. Notre score unitaire 1235 megabits per second read and 700 3 megabits per second write. In SSD benchmark thanks to its m2 PCIe nvme 512gb SSD, the msi GP 6 v 9. Se leopard comes with a 2 2.11 AC wireless card, qui prend en charge à la fois 2.4 gigahertz et 5 gigahertz dual band in the audio department, msi GP, 6. 5 pert speakers are not great. They get loud enough to fill a medium sized room, but the sound. The output is hollow and lifeless in the battery life Department. Msi GPS 65 9sc leopard has 51 batterie watt heure. le 51 watt hour battery can provide between four to five hours of runtime and 144 Hertz display panel work to rapidly kill the battery. While this is above average for mid tier gaming, ordinateur portable c’est, not enough for rogue day away from the outlet when it comes to upgrade ability, msi allows you to upgrade most of the components you can access a laptop motherboard by removing the screws from the back cover.

You need to be careful while removing the back cover with proper tool, mais le processus est très simple: vous pouvez remplacer ou ajouter plus gros point m. You form factor hard drive or upgrade or replace ram with available RAM slots hidden under the cover in the CPU cooling Department. We have six heat pipes with heatsink and dual fans. You can hear the fan noise during general usage and gets real loud during gaming or stress test, but temperature never crossed ninety degrees Celsius. During our test, ce qui signifie que le refroidissement est suffisant pour garder la température de l’ordinateur portable sous contrôle pendant les jeux ou les charges de travail intensives CPU, MSI gp6. Five 9s see leopard gaming laptop is a good overall performance machine. I had high expectations from MSI laptop going into this review and I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance of the system. The Intel processor in particular offers excellent CPU performance and NVIDIA r tx 2060 Les performances du GPU sont également excellentes pour les jeux, 144 heard display with fast response. Time is a star of the show. Considering the price point. The full HD LG panels is phenomenal overall MSI GP, 6 v 9 SC leopard gaming laptop is a decent buy for under 1200.