Now we could do this same exercise with the top 50 et le haut 100, but Im pretty sure. Most of you will NOT have Lenovo come to mind at any point in time. And yet, which is the first company to release the first ever personal computer with a folding screen. You already know it Lenovo., The company, whose name is a blend of the words Legend which, au fait, was the companys original name for the first 20 years of existence and Novo, which stands for new in Latin., Which is very fitting for this Legendarily New concept. If you think about it. Its also very fitting that the Chinese version of the companys name, which Im not even going to TRY to pronounce correctly means association as in association of ideas. And thats, arguably how Lenovo came to conceive the X1 Fold and it would be Safe to assume that the words tablets, folding phones and airplane seatback trays were all circled in red on that blackboard., But is it any good And is the 2500 starting price REALLY that outrageous? bien, not exactly. And not exactly. In preparation? For this Reviews, Analysis Ive looked at Lenovo X1 reviews on these Tech websites and these YouTube channels, as well as a more extensive research that included additional sources. bien, premier, go through a breakdown of the overall impressions that reviewers have on this innovative product and then Ill Share with you, my personal insights and recommendations, based on my more extensive research.

. Okay lets get this started., So we have to kick this off by talking about the screen.. Oui, C’est un 13.3 OLED display that folds in half. And most reviewers were amazed at the quality of the folding mechanism, which leaves just a barely noticeable crease when turned off and that even becomes completely unnoticeable. When the display is on. Now thats, Très impressionnant. Considering that none of the companies that are working pretty hard right now on creating folding devices are able to get that type of result. Enfin, its a 2K OLED display and some of the reviewers found that the quality of the image is far superior to that offered by LCD displays on laptops today.. toutefois, the flipside to having a beautiful image is that OLEDs are not as bright as LCDs.. Add to that the glare created from the reflections on the screen and you get a laptop that is just far from ideal for outdoors usage. Moving on.. One of the main advantages of the X1 Fold is multitasking ability.. Même, to the LG Wing, which I recently covered in a previously published video, the X1 Fold is actually a great device for multitaskers.. À présent, ici aussi, there are many possible use cases from watching YouTube videos, while browsing the web to having your calendar open. While writing emails.. Now some of the reviewers were disappointed to find that one of the more obvious multitasking options, which is videoconferencing while taking notes, is not really possible in mini laptop mode, due to fact that in that mode the camera is on the side and most videoconferencing.

Software are apparently incompatible with that, so they will transmit the video sideways, which is not what you want to see.. Another nice touch is the super thin Bluetooth keyboard, which can be fitted on the screen very nicely with magnets and transforms the X1 Fold from a 13.3 tablet into a 6 7 mini laptop.. The responsiveness is great, especially considering that its based on a Bluetooth connectionand it even has a tiny Trackpad which most reviewers agreed is surprisingly usable.. Others found it to be too small to use for a long period of time.. toutefois, everyone thought it was very cool that the keyboard fits perfectly between the spaces when folded, which makes it great for mobility. As now, you dont have to worry about remembering, where you put that tiny keyboard, or even about it, breaking in your bag., The down side to having such a tiny keyboard and pretty much everybody agreed on. That is that it takes some getting used to to the new configuration of the keys, because some of the keys had to be moved around or combined with other keys, to make it small enough.. Alors, par exemple, you need to get used to pressing Fn Shift and Period all at the same time to input a question mark.. The thing that everyone thought was unforgivable is the battery life.. Now I have my own take on this, which is quite different from the other reviewers, but lets first see what they had to say about this.

Just about everyone who tested the battery life took the X1 Fold for a spin that included a few hours watching videos. And they all averaged about 6 8 hours of usage before the battery died.. Its also worth noting that the X1 Fold uses the Intel Core i5 Lakefield processor, which splits the 5 cores into 2 groups 1. That takes care of the heavy lifting and the other that take care of the easier tasks.. One of the main advantages of this configuration is the ability to optimize battery life., But despite that, the X1 Fold still showed some mediocre results.. My take on this is that the user that Lenovo has in mind for this foldable laptop is not supposed to use it for hours and hours of videos and definitely not when unplugged from the power outlet. Malade. Come back to this point. In my final thoughts and conclusions., Another big problem that most reviewers had was, with Windows 10 being the operating system., Mainly due to the fact that its just not optimized for touchscreen devices, let alone foldable touchscreen devices.. Alors, par exemple, when using the X1 Fold, some reviewers had an issue where the on screen keyboard popped up, even though the Mini Keyboard was connected., Or that the on screen keyboard, didnt pop up immediately when needed, and the Mini Keyboard, wasnt connected., Also switching from landscape To portrait mode and back it just doesnt, respond that well and can lag for a second or so.

. Another reported issue happens occasionally when restarting the device, with the Mini Keyboard. On top of the display, where the screen expands across the entire display, making the Mini Keyboard unusable and requires you to disconnect and reconnect it., All in all some minor, but nevertheless annoying glitches, especially considering the smoothness and compatibility of other operating systems on the market.. So whats the verdict. bien, if you ask the reviewers that I came across its not good. En moyenne, they gave it 3 hors de 5 stars where most points were given as a kind of tap on the back for a good try at a potentially innovative approach to personal computers and Most points were taken off because of the crazy price tag., MAIS, like I said, I respectfully think that most reviewers missed something crucial.. My take on this is that Lenovo just doesnt care about YOU. And I dont mean that in a disrespectful way. They dont care about ME. Either. Look Lenovo has been around since 1984.. They KNOW that putting a price tag of 3000 on a laptop wont make it their best seller.. En réalité, I believe they dont WANT it to become their best seller.. They are the global leader in sales of personal computers TO BUSINESSES. Mais 2 et 3, i.e.. HP and Dell are closing the gap. Well actually everywhere. Outside of Asia. Pacific theyre expanding the gap. And I believe that the X1 Fold is Lenovos attempt at something that makes it stand.

Sortie. Create that fancy shiny gadget that business leaders will want to carry around with them as a symbol of status, but also as a useful tool to do WORK. Trucs. Like write emails and do the final touches to your presentation while travelling by plane to a client meeting.. This is not the device that theyll use to watch hours and hours of movies or play Call of Duty., And in most cases they will use it at their desk home office, hotel room or a plane so indoors and plugged to a power outlet.. So there you go screen glare and battery issues solved.. Enfin, appealing to business decision makers also creates an opportunity for Lenovo to have discussions about becoming a larger supplier for the that company.. So the bottom line is, if you like the concept of the X1 Fold, but the price tag is the issue I just wouldnt keep my hopes up that the X1 Fold 2 or whatever it will be called, will be at a consumer friendly price.. Maybe theyll go for a X1 Fold, 2 Light or something but thats a different story.. Dans tout les cas, these are my thoughts and I hope this was useful to you.. Comme toujours, I encourage you to take a look at all the reviews that I went through while preparing this video.. All the links are in the description, au dessous de. And if you feel like it, please be gentle with the Like and Subscribe buttons.

. I dont know everyone keeps hitting them and smashing them and theyve really done nothing wrongThank you for watching stay, safe and Ill catch.