Oh, c’est encore une autre réflexion bizarre pad regarder cette chose. Ce n’est pas votre think pad moyen avec ce cuir uh fake, couvrant sur cette unité très mince. Qu’est-ce que cela pourrait être? Il s’agit d’une hélice thinkpad. Il s’agit d’une deuxième génération, thinkpad hélice et ce que c’est um un sous-produit des fenêtres 8.. So when microsoft released windows, 8 tablette, pcs were a big push, because windows 8 had this tablet mode, which everyone hated and was eliminated with windows. 8.1 or made optional and still exist today in windows 10, but no one actually ever uses it anyways. So a bunch of vendors, including lenovo, worked with microsoft to make these tablet based pcs and that’s. What you see here so we’ve got this nice folio design. You can see we’ve got a nice camera sitting on the outside here, uh the thinkpad styling, with the red outline on it. C'est un 5 megapixel camera and then you can see here. We’Ve got some ports we’ll take a look at in a second. When we open this up, we can actually open the whole thing up and you’ve got a kind of open unit here and which i’m just putting it like this to show here, we’ve got a keyboard with a touchpad. There was a couple of different options available for this keyboard. You could get this one, which was the most basic. There was an upgrade to this, which had a usb 2 port.

I think integrated into it as well, and then there was a full pro pro keyboard which had a track point as well as a usb 3, a mini display port. It had an integrated battery in this as well, very similar to like the way the surface works. Um so that you could plug in the tablet portion and up charge the battery off of this onto here, to give you kind of like that that double go power and then you could keep going and then you’ve got this pen very simple. I believe a passive pen design, so it’s it’s, relying on its touch capacitance on the touch screen, as opposed to being something on this itself, Je suis. Pretty sure that this version of the the pen doesn’t have any battery in it, which is something that, if you get a newer touch based um laptop today, usually the pens that come with them can be charged. I know my my thinkpad yoga that i have today. Um has that the pen can go in here. So then you’ve got the actual computer which disconnects from the folio and is just here on its own right. So it’s got its there’s a connector there that allows you to be able to plug into your dock, or in this case the folio. When we look on this side here, we’ve got a micro hdmi. I believe that is we’ve got a door here that we can pop open. That has a usb port.

I think that’s, a usb let’s say that’s, une clé USB 3.0 and that’s an always on port. Then in here you’ve got a um sd card uh. There could be. I think on i don’t know: if it was this model yeah there you could have, there could have been models that would have a sim card connector on this part here, but as you can see, it’s blanked out there’s sorry um, comme vous pouvez le voir, it’s blanked Out there’s the sim the sd card, and then you could have put a sim card there, but there’s nothing there, because this one doesn’t have that wireless connection on it. We’Ve got a volume rocker and a connection for a headphone jack on the top. Here we’ve got a power button and then this button here was designed to be able to switch between your landscape and portrait mode on the tablet. By pushing a button, it does have one that you can flip, but you could have this option instead, so that it wouldn’t be constantly dropping back and forth, and then on this side, we’ve got our charge port on here as well, and then there’s a uh. A reset button that you can ping into as well um as far as internal components go on this thing: uh they were all uh, Intel, 5e, Gen, core m or mv pro processors. So there were four procs that were on this. They were all soldered, the uh, 5y (en), 10 and 10c with the non v pro versions and those were both uh 800 megahertz uh with up to two gigahertz boost clock, and then there was a 5y 70 et 71, which were the v pro processors and those would Be 1.

1 ou 1.2 Gigahertz, avec un 2.6 à 2.9 gigahertz boost clock, ils sont, all dual core: four threaded hyper threaded processor based uh systems, uh all same hd, Graphics, 5300 um memory was always soldered on this as well, so it would either be four or eight gig. Soldered onto the board uh, this machine, je pense, is a four gig model. We’Ll see when we boot it up. Screen is 11.6 inches it’s a 1920 par 1080 écran tactile, which is pretty nice uh it’s uh rated here, i think at 350 à 370 lentes, which is pretty bright, autour de, considering the size of the screen, uh and and does pretty good and it’s multi touch, bien sûr, And then you’ve got a wacom digitizer pen um, which got all the different pressure modes and all that stuff and it’s it’s uh the battery there’s no battery in this right, donc c’est, just based on its its uh connection to the actual screen that picks up and Senses it’s there, the one upgradable piece of this was actually the hardest drive, so it does have an m.2 slot inside of it. So you can pop this open and and do you know what little servicing you can um uh, so it doesn’t have an m.2 slot for a 2280 length. Ssd it’s, not nvme, so it’s only sata ssd, but you would be able to upgrade the storage on it. If that was something that uh was necessary or from a service perspective, if it broke down so otherwise yeah pretty decent machine, so we’re gon na power it on here and it should go pretty quickly.

You can see the slight reflection of me in the background. Réellement, what i’ll do is i’ll pop off the light here and uh yeah we’ll be able to see this a little bit a little bit better with less of a reflection again, because we got an ssd. It boots up pretty quickly but again, because the processor is not super powerful um, it is uh, it is pretty good. À présent. One thing i will say about these about these tablet: things um. I had a thinkpad 10 for a short period of time that i tried to use as a as a work machine at a period of time when i was doing a lot of traveling um. So it was very similar design to this right where it was a tablet pc uh. It was windows 10 based it had the like keyboard plug in and all that stuff, but it was an atom processor and it was absolutely terrible performance. It did not function in the way that i wanted it to be able to do it. Couldn’T handle my powerpoint presentations when i was on the road uh. It was just it while it was convenient to have the tablet and carry it around and work on the plane and and – et vous savez, consume a little bit of content. The the office productivity functionality was just absolutely terrible, whereas something like the helix, which had a proper processor i’ll, be you know, the core m processor actually had some some power behind it.

Uh would have made a much better choice for me uh. Si je, if i at the time, had have enjoyed it, but i i you know, tried it out, didn’t work for me and then i ended up at work having a thinkpad um x1 yoga uh as my new model that i was given for work and that You know kind of did everything i needed to do and had the guts in it with an i5 proper i5 uh mobile processor in it to be able to handle my handle. My needs for the time that i was for the time that i was there. So anyways here we’ve got the screen here: it’s working out pretty good, ses, nice and clear. The system is pretty responsive. If we look at opening up something like the new microsoft edge and see what it’s got going on here and go to the youtubes we’re, pretty quick in terms of loading things up, it doesn’t take long for applications and what not to load uh we’ll. Do the uh search for crab rave here and you can see grammarly helping and we are at 1080p no problem with with being able to run what you want to run right i’m, going to skip ahead here a little bit right. Audio quality is pretty decent, considering it’s just you know two little tiny back uh speakers firing off the back of the Music tablet: Music and that’s a nice. You know i would say, that’s a good, a good experience uh.

What i would say is you know pretty interesting, pretty neat neat machine, autour de, definitely uh. You know worth playing with and trying out. I think it’s, pretty cool the the concept of having this folio design and detachable keyboard is pretty cool. But if you’re sacrificing power, then that’s always going to be a bit of an issue. Dans ce cas, i think that for general productivity, a little bit of like consumption and web browsing more than enough functionality to be able to handle everyday needs. When you start getting into thinking like, i want to plug this into an external monitor and keyboard and mouse, and any of that type of stuff, the single usb 3 port and that micro, hdmi port you’re, really limiting yourself in terms of how you can be able To connect to external devices, so i would say from that perspective this is really better as a i have this in my handbag or in my you know, briefcase or folio case or whatever, to carry around with me and work on and i’m going to rely on. Some kind of cloud storage to be able to keep things going so either my one drive or a google drive or whatever it is um, so that when i sit down at a another system that i have things i can connect to, then it makes sense. The concept of using this thing to be able to uh, you know bring dongles with you everywhere to go i’m, not really a big fan of that.

I think that you’re, mieux, probably served by getting an actual laptop that’s, got actual ports on it that you can actually connect properly to um yeah, but pretty interesting. Here again, this is going to be a system that’s going to end up getting donated to somebody um it’s a little bit unusual compared to a standard clamshell laptop. So i hope whoever does end up getting it is, is going to be comfortable with the use case of it in terms of using it. As far as going with the folio is concerned, i’ll turn the light back on here and we’ll just get ourselves reconnected. It’S not that difficult to connect up right, so you just slap it into place and as far as holding it in place on the folio, you just have to curl it like this, and it will lean against right, it’ll lean against it, and then you can type Away so that all works perfectly fine and then you can, when you want to close it, you just flip the lid velcro goes and you’re ready to take a walk, so all in all, i think a pretty decent machine. I uh. I definitely think that if i had had a a helix instead of that thinkpad 10 euh, when i was trying out that concept, i would have been a lot more satisfied with this device than i was with that thinkpad 10 because of the processor performance, um oui. But that being said, it’s still a pretty interesting machine and uh.

You see it hit the magnet on the keyboard and it turned off that’s, pretty cool uh, anyways um, pretty interesting machine.