M8 let’s get it started. d'accord, so i picked up the lenovo smart tab m8 on black friday for only 59. toutefois, if you’re still interested in this tablet, it will cost you 89 now on the walmart website, mais euh. I haven’t really covered a whole lot about this tablet, since my unboxing i’ll leave a card up above here. If you want to check that out right now before you watch this gaming test, so not really covered in a whole lot, you know i downloaded three games, asphalte, 9 call of duty and pub g mobile, and that is just the games. I normally test out when i do phones or tablets or whatever the case may be so we’re gon na see just how this lenovo tablet can handle those games. d'accord, so here at the about section, you can see some of the specs of this tablet. It has a two gigahertz quad core mediatek helio a22 processor. Now the a22 is a low end processor from mediatek. You can see that it has 2 gigabytes of ram as well as 32 gigabytes of on board storage with a 2 megapixel front facing camera and a 5 caméra arrière mégapixels. The display is 1280×800, so i will be doing more of a review of this tablet here. In the coming days, autour de, but first of all like i said i want to just do a gaming test. So first things first let’s check out geekbench 5 to see what kind of scores we got.

Now we got a single core score of 170 and a multicore score of 566.. À présent, how would that affect gameplay we’ll find that out here in just a second. This tablet also runs android version 10., d'accord, so we’re going to start off here with asphalt 9.. À présent, with the processor that is in this tablet, it does take quite some time for these games to load up. So if it takes too long, i will just of course pause and come back um. The audio quality from the dual speakers on this tablet is fantastic. Some of the best speakers i’ve heard from a tablet, especially at this price um but yeah. While this is loading up, i’ll go ahead and pause and i’ll come back when we’re in a race, d'accord, so we’re. Here now at the car selection screen, it took a couple of minutes to start up and actually get here. We’Re gon na go ahead, bien que, and just run this race system been ran once already we’re gon na run it for the sake of this video. Here i will play anyway and you’re gon na kind of see just how long it takes to load up now. I have played this game once already and we’re gon na set. The experience is better than it was last time now. This is a default setting. There’S been no setting changes made no high performance, rien de tel. It said it default how it was when i first powered it up so um we’re, seeing here it’s taking a little bit here and now looking here, you can already see that it’s, it just crashed.

So you’re gon na see that here, when you’re trying to play some of these graphic, intense games here on this tablet, because the processor and their ram just can’t handle it um. I have played it we’re gon na load, it up one more time and give it one more. Essayez. So um yeah give me a second and i’ll. Come back. d'accord, so we’re loaded up again we’re going to see if it crashes or if it actually goes to the game this time uh there we go. It’S actually crashed around here this time last time, but you can see just how choppy it is. I mean very choppy. Just here going to the actual race so um, i think it’s gon na freak. Well now we go, but you can see right now that it is very, very choppy we’re gon na attempt it. So you can just see right now i mean the the the freezing. The drop frames is just virtually unplayable, i mean for this game here uh. We got little belts here of where it’s smooth and it plays fine, and then it just yeah you’re, seeing right now it’s doing okay, then it just kind of hangs up and freezes. So we’ll just go ahead, run this race out here to see how much more issues we have or if it does continue to just place, mood right now, it’s doing okay, euh! Oui, there is some drop frames here and there um, mais en ce moment, it’s playing.

So maybe you know, has it just kind of start up get the bugs worked out. I don’t know so they had a lot of issues at the beginning and it still had a lot of issues throughout the game. toutefois, you know it did smoothen out, as we were actually racing um, but if this is something that you want to use all the time for this game, this tablet you’re going to have some issues here and there let’s just just trying to go back home and You can see right now that it’s yeah it’s, just it can’t, handle anything graphic, intense now, we’re going to go ahead and go into call of duty and uh we’re gon na try this game here out now. I have played this game once before already and had a better experience than i did with the asphalt 9 so i’ll. Let it load up and again i’ll come back when it’s set up okay, so now uh, this only can be set at low setting. You can’t make it high or low, basically now we’re already in the game, and you can see right here that even in low setting it looks pretty good and it’s pretty smooth. So we’ll play for a little bit here, kind of kind of hard to see the screen behind hit the camera, but so let’s just go ahead and try this again, so call of duty seems to play a whole lot better um.

I have seen a few drop frames here and there, while i was playing it earlier, but as you’re seeing right now, it’s doing a pretty good job, so i’ll play for just another minute or so foreign, so yeah call of duty mobile is going to do just Fine um, apparently here by just playing this here, comme vous pouvez le voir, gameplay does seem to be very smooth. Let’S go ahead and go back home here and get out of that. So even the call of duty mobile is a graphic, intense game. It does seem to do very well here on this tablet now. The last game i want to test is pubg mobile. I am not expecting much on this game here. Uh it is set at default. Setting like every game is so uh yeah i’ll. Let this game here set up and once again, when it’s in the game, i’ll be back. d'accord, so now we’re on the ground and now let’s see how this game here plays. I’Ll try to stay in front as much as i can. I do apologize if i do get out of frame any at all so far seems to be doing. d'accord, i got no weapons now i haven’t played call of duty mobile in a long time, so just kind of bury with me here there we go so if we can get a little bit of action here on the game to see how it does let’s try To straighten out my tablet a little bit here but just running around i mean it’s, Pas mal.

Some freezing some drop frames here and there, but you know nothing too terrible. The a22 is holding up better than i thought it would so actually moving around. As you can see right here i mean it does kind of hang up every once in a while, mais pour la plupart, it’s decently, smooth so i’m quite impressed to be honest, ses, not bad um. The only game that i had really had an issue with was asphalt. 9. asphalte, 9 seemed to have a lot of issue with gameplay. It crashed as you’ve seen uh, but call of duty being a graphic content. Game played just fine on low setting, which is the only setting you can actually use and whatever will set default on pub g. So the a22, with two gigabytes of ram, does seem to you know, play these graphic, intense games pretty well and if you’re, if you like, asphalte 9 and play it a lot, this may be the tablet for you, but this tablet does cost 89 now at walmart.com. So here you go dual speakers, sound fantastic. When you’re watching videos playing games and yeah i mean it does okay uh when you first boot the tablet up. It is very choppy and very laggy until it gets everything sorted out and then it seems to just perform. bien, so um stay tuned for my review of this tablet. This game includes helpful, informative anyway, hit that, like button, any questions leave it down below and if you’re new around here be sure to subscribe, hit that bell for further content i’d appreciate it.