Donc, permet de savoir ce que tout le battage médiatique est d’environ dans cet examen.. Cette vidéo est sponsorisée par Ridge Wallet. Did you know, they've got more than light and sleek wallets that can hold up to 12 cartes, plus de l’argent comptant dans plus de 30 different styles. The Commuter Backpack is a great daily carrier for your tech, with a padded shock resistant, laptop holder power bank pocket, external USB port for charging, RFID blocking pocket and more it's even weatherproof.. You can get 10 off with free, worldwide shipping and returns by going to ridge.comjarrod. The link is in the description. Back to the Legion 5. Its got basically everything youd want in a mid range gaming laptop, including 8 noyau Ryzen, processeur, NVIDIA, GTX, 1660, Ti graphics and 144Hz screen. All for around 1000 USD you can check, updated prices linked in the description.. Its got a plastic build with black finish.. The interior is a sort of soft rubberised material, though it seems a bit nicer compared to the older Y540.. Dans tout les cas, the build quality was decent with no sharp corners or edges. Lenovo lists the starting weight as 2.5kg, though mine was under 2.3 or about 5lb. Puis, with the 230w power, brick and cables were looking at over 3.1kg or almost 7lb total., The size is pretty average for a 15 gaming laptop at this price point, so not thin by any means, but not big.. Son obtenu un 15.6 1080p 144Hz display with a 60Hz to 144Hz FreeSync range.

Lenovo gives us the option of disabling optimus aka hybrid mode after a reboot through the Vantage software, which will give a performance boost in games at the expense of battery life.. The vantage software also lets us enable overdrive mode which affects screen response. Temps. With overdrive off were looking at an average grey to grey response. Time of 7.4ms, puis, with overdrive, enabled this lowers to 4.66ms, with a little overshoot and undershoot. Ive obtenu un lien dans la description. Si vous avez besoin d’une explication sur ces chiffres., When we look at how it compares against other laptops tested well its the fastest 144Hz laptop panel that Ive ever tested an excellent result., Ive a testé l’écran avec le Spyder 5 et a obtenu 99 de sRGB 70 de NTSC 75 d’AdobeRGB et 75 de DCI P3, so decent results for a gaming laptop.. Mon panel a été 370 nits à 100 luminosité avec un 7501 Contraste, so decent brightness, but a bit lower on the contrast. Le saignement de rétroéclairage n’était pas trop mal. Dans mon unité. I never noticed the small imperfections when viewing darker content, mais cela variera d’un panel à l’autre. Theres, une caméra 720p au-dessus de l’écran au milieu, avec une intimité physiquement glissante. Obturateur, pas de Windows, Bonjour, Soutien.. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the Lenovo Legion 5, alors oui, the camera is pretty blurry and not great. Heres. What it sounds like to type on the keyboard.. My keyboard just has a single zone of white backlighting, qui éclaire toutes les clés et les fonctions clés secondaires, but theres also a 4 zone RGB option too.

The keys have two levels of brightness or can be turned off with the function and space keys.. I thought typing on. It was great, its got 1.5mm of key travel and it just feels nice and clicky heres how it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect.. J'aime ça, the arrow keys, ne sont pas petits et sont plutôt poussés vers le bas un peu pour faire de l’espace. The power button is separate from the keyboard and it lights up to reflect the performance mode in use which makes it easy to quickly visually see which mode youre in.. The precision touchpad is smooth, clicks down anywhere and it worked fine., Fingerprints and dirt show up, mais ne sont pas super évident. It could be a little hard to clean due to the textured finish.. La répartition du poids s’est bien sentie, allowing for one finger opening and the screen goes. le plein 180 degrees back. Theres a little keyboard flex due to the plastic finish, but only when pushing hard. It was quite sturdy. Theres some flex to the lid, but not as much as say. L’Omen 15. Sur la gauche. Weve got an air exhaust vent. Usb 3.2 Gen1 Type, Un port et une prise de combo audio de 3,5 mm.. The right has another USB 3.2 Gen1 Type, A port and theres an air exhaust vent. On this side too. The larger 17 version also has an SD card slot here.. Le dos a plus d’échappements d’air vers les coins, puis de gauche à droite, Theres, a gigabit, port Ethernet, USB 3.

2 Port de type C avec sortie DisplayPort. Pas de Coup de tonnerre, though two more USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A ports for 4 au total HDMI, 2.0 Sortie, power input and Kensington lock. Theres, some subtle icons above the rear ports. So you can see where to plug in a cable without looking behind the machine., Both the HDMI and Type C ports connect directly to the Nvidia graphics rather than the iGPU. So VR should be possible, but Type C cant be used to charge. The machine. Underneath has a big air vent towards the back, but theres a dust filter covering all, but the sections directly above the fans. So far better than say. Le TUF A15. Getting inside involves removing 11 Phillips head screws and the 4 down the front are shorter than the rest.. Une fois à l'intérieur, weve got the battery down the front. UNE 2.5 la baie d’entraînement, deux fentes mémoire au milieu et WiFi 6 card and SSD on the right.. le 2.5 drive space was quite interesting. It comes with a little mount that has the cable and four screws required for mounting a drive which is great to see as others from Lenovo in the past, like the L340 require you to buy. This separately. Theres also a second M.2 slot, but it can only be used if you arent using a 2.5 drive and remove this stock mount.. The RAM, SSD and WiFi are all covered by metal heat shields as well.. The two 2w speakers are on the left and right sides towards the front.

. They sounded decent, pas étonnant, but above average, avec quelques basses, though they werent too loud at max volume and the latencymon results looked good.. My legion 5 is powered by a 60Wh battery, but you can also get it with a larger 80wh option. Sans le 2.5 la baie d’entraînement, its great to have choices. Ive l’a testé avec l’éclairage du clavier hors applications de fond, désactivé et écran à 50 Luminosité.. The results were decent for a gaming laptop lasting for almost 6 et une demi-heure dans le test de lecture YouTube. C'est ce qui se passe, with hybrid mode, Activé, bien que, if we disable, it were looking at under 4 hours in the same test as the Nvidia graphics uses more power than The iGPU. Permet de vérifier thermiques suivant., Le logiciel Lenovo Vantage. Vous permet de choisir entre trois modes de performance qui, du plus bas au plus haut, sont calmes, équilibré et performant, mais theres, no user fan controls. The highest performance mode. Also lets you optionally check to enable GPU overclocking. The UI. Only lets you adjust the core clock, but it boosts the memory by the amount noted here., Ryzen controller software wasnt used as I didnt find it to make a performance difference.. Les températures au ralenti étaient bonnes. Avec un 21 degré Celsius, room stress tests were done with the Aida64 CPU stress test, avec le stress, CPU seulement vérifié et le heaven GPU benchmark run. En même temps,, tandis que le jeu a été testé en jouant, Regarder les chiens 2. Even worst case in these long term, loads were not averaging above 90 degrees Celsius on the processor and the GPU wasnt, even getting to 70 great results there and a cooling pad could be used to Lower temps a bit more.

: Ce sont l’horloge, speeds for the same tests again excellent results., Even in the lowest quiet mode, were still seeing great performance and above 4.1GHz over all 8 cores in these tests was possible.. The GPU clock speeds increase in performance mode due to the overclocks applied by the Vantage software.. Le GTX 1660 Ti had no problems, maintaining its 80 watt power limit and the processor didnt pass 35 watts long term, ce qui est très bien, as we just saw 4.1GHz over all 8 cores is a great result in these tests, especially for the temperatures that were seen.. The processor can, bien sûr, burst higher than this in shorter workloads as needed. Heres. À quoi ressemble la performance du Processeur uniquement à Cinebench avec le GPU maintenant inactif, so not really a noteworthy difference to single core performance, but multicore performance was affected. When we compare it against other laptops. Its a three way tie with the XMG Core 17 aka Eluktronics RP, 17 and 3700X in the Clevo, though the single core score was a little behind, but either way still excellent results compared to more expensive Intel options.. Quand la marche au ralenti, the keyboard was around the low 30 degré Celsius point qui est assez normal. Avec les tests de résistance en cours d’exécution dans le mode silencieux le plus bas, its in the mid 40s in the center. Balanced and performance were quite similar. So just warm in the middle WASD was a bit cooler and the wrist rest was quite cool.. Lets have a listen to fan noise.

. The fans were still audible when idling in the lowest quiet mode, puis, with a stress test, going its only a little louder. Stepping up from quiet to balanced mode, then a bit more still and similar to many other gaming laptops in the highest performance. Mode. Now lets check out how well the Legion 5 effectue dans les jeux et voir comment il se compare avec d’autres ordinateurs portables. Ive testé, Champ de bataille 5 en mode campagne à des réglages ultra, et la Légion 5 is highlighted in red.. Dans ce test,, the average frame rate is one of the better results out of all 1660 Ordinateurs portables Ti, Ive testé, basically the same as the vapor 15 aka mag 15 and just 1 FPS behind the Helios 300.. le 1 lows from the Legion were also the highest out of the Ryzen based laptops with 80 Watt 1660 Ti like the TUF A15 or Omen 15.. Ce sont les résultats de Far Cry 5 avec des réglages ultra dans le. Cette heure. La Légion 5 is the second best result out of the 1660 Ti laptops and again, the highest out of those tested with a Ryzen processor., Its not too far behind the Helios 300 and realistically its not going to be a noticeable difference above the other 1660 Ti Laptops anyway. Shadow of the Tomb Raider a également été testé avec l’outil de référence des jeux avec le réglage le plus élevé prédéfinis.. This is a great result for a GTX 1660 Ti laptop its at least 3 FPS ahead of the next best 1660 Ti result, et, Intéressant, it was scoring the same as the higher wattage RTX 2060 in the Eluktronics RP 15, alors oui, la Légion 5 is doing Quite well for the hardware, son obtenu.

Ive also tested the Legion 5 dans 20 jeux à tous. Setting levels check the card in the top right or link in the description. If you want more benchmarks. Maintenant, pour les outils de benchmarking, Ive testé, Heaven Valley et Superposition d’Unigine, ainsi que Firestrike et Timespy de 3DMark, juste une pause. La vidéo, si vous voulez un regard détaillé sur ces résultats. Ive, utilisé Adobe Premiere pour exporter une de mes vidéos d’examen ordinateur portable à 4K.. This is the fastest export time Ive ever recorded for a Ryzen based gaming laptop just a little ahead of the RP 15. With the same CPU, but higher tier GPU., Ive a également testé Premiere, mais avec la référence des systèmes Puget, qui explique également des choses comme la lecture en direct plutôt que de simplement les temps d’exportation.. Dans ces tests, a higher score is better. La Légion 5 is still up there, though the RP 15 was a little better now.. Les résultats étaient similaires dans Adobe Photoshop. This tends to be more of a CPU focussed test and its the second fastest 4800H result. Ive got only beaten by the RP 15, with better graphics. DaVinci Resolve est plus lourd GPU, but despite that, this is the highest score. Ive ever had from any 1660 Ti laptop and its beating some of the higher wattage options like the 2060 in the RP 15, and even the 2070 dans le G7 Dell. Ive a également testé SPECviewperf, qui teste diverses charges de travail professionnelles 3D. Ive used Crystal disk mark to Test the 512gb NVMe M.

2 SSD, the read speeds were great, but the writes were much power. Comparativement. Pour les prix mis à jour, vérifiez les liens dans la description car les prix changeront avec le temps. Au moment de l’enregistrement aux États-Unis, its available for 1000 and thats. How much I got mine for, and all things considered, je pense, thats a great price for whats on offer, but lets properly summarise by covering both the good and bad aspects to help you decide if the Legion 5 en vaut la peine. Honestly theres, not too much here To hate. The camera is crap, mais c’est, pas trop surprenant. It would have been nice to have some user fan control and the SSD write. Speed is lower compared to some other NVMe options, but otherwise no other problems come to mind, which is saying something.. The screen has the best response: time tested out of all Ryzen gaming laptops. Ive looked at, the brightness is above average colour gamut is decent and its got a nice FreeSync range.. The contrast ratio is a bit low, but I can forgive that as Lenovo are giving us the option to disable optimus and enable overdrive., As we saw in games its doing very well for a 1660 Ti laptop and outside of games. The CPU performance is right up there with some of the best Ryzen results Ive recorded, and this is all without running hot under heavy long term workloads.. The upgrade options inside are great, as youve got a fair bit of choice.

You can take a larger battery. Instead of 2.5 en voiture, if you prefer and get a 2nd M.2 slot, if you dont need the 2.5 drive user choice is always best in my opinion, rather than being forced one way or the other.. The keyboard was great and theres an RGB option for those that want higher FPS.. The touchpad was fine speakers better than average build quality was fair for a plastic machine theres. A good selection of IO and battery life was decent for the size, but expect more with the larger battery option., Basically for 1000 USD. I think this is a great gaming laptop its going to be very interesting when I compare it with others that have reviewed highly.