Looking box looks really premium already, and i really want to thank hp for sponsoring the showcase. So i can show a bunch of cool things they can do with the spectre x 360.. So it has that matte black finish with this gold trim. There pull this up over here, what’s inside we have a couple of things here, pull those out all right. Alors, Tout d'abord, we have a nice braided power, brick here, look at that cable. There looks like it’s a usbc for the plug, so apparently this has hp fast charge which allows you to charge 50 of your laptop in about 45 minutes. The brake is actually pretty small, looks like it’s uh, 65 Watts. This is really interesting. Whoa a stylus looks like there’s some buttons there to click on what’s this. Oh you slide that open. What does that? Faire? Look there’s a usbc charging port right there, that’s cool i’m excited to try this out, and this is what we’re looking for. So this is the hp spectre x. 360.. I love that modern hp logo. I like that they updated it and looks pretty cool, and then here we have kind of a matte finish along the back. You have some ventilation there, so what’s interesting to me already is the fact that this is not some cliche typical laptop in terms of design. So it has this: nice rose gold, chamfered edges, and i like that it has these little corners chopped off.

There kind of gives a little bit of a sports car, look to it, a usbc port right there. So that makes sense if you’re charging from over there and then you have a headphone jack and another usbc port and then a micro sd card slot and then the oldie but goodie the usb a there. It is now. I do really have to point out that this screen is awesome: ses, a 3k 2k ips oled screen. Oui, an oled screen, so it has really great viewing angles and it has really great color, which covers 100 of the dci p3 color space, which is perfect because i added a lot of video and that’s. Really important to me. Looks pretty good to me and at a 3k 2k resolution you have 6 million pixels in a 3×2 rapport l / h. So why do you have a stylus it’s because it has a touch screen which is really cool? This has the corning gorilla glass on. There is able to kind of handle a lot of abuse and your fingerprints and all that stuff. You couldn’t do this with most laptops. You would just destroy it so check that out let’s bring up an oldie, but goody paint paint 3d. d'accord, let’s go to new, please sub scribe can zoom in and now multi touch. That is awesome. So i can imagine this being really great for things like photoshop. Ainsi, if you want to get a little bit more advanced three library, what is that it had a dinosaur? Oh, what are you kidding me back in the day we had to like make crazy, sprites and paint, and now we have 3d dinosaurs.

What the heck can i record this? I can record this. bien, i i guess this is a convenient way of showing you what the camera looks like and what it sounds like. So what do you think with this dinosaur, stuck in my face? Hey, hey social distancing, so the hp rechargeable tilt pen is really neat because it can be used for a bunch of different artistic purposes like photoshop or paint 3d like we just saw there and it’s a 2.0 version, so it has improved latency and greater sensitivity to Allow you to smoothly transition between colors and get the fine details and draw it. J'aime vraiment ça. Oh and one of my favorite parts is this yeah, donc c’est, nice and snug over here on the side, and you just pick it up when you need it. d'accord, let’s see how good the keyboard feels here. The quick brown fox jumped over the hill what’s with the phrase let’s. Listen to it. Yeah sounds pretty good. Nice amount of quack without uh being annoying and there’s, even a backlight for the keys, and then you have a nice big track pad down here. So why is it called the x360 that’s? Because you have this crazy hinge here? Oh, Mon Dieu, it goes all the way. This thing feels uh really hefty and sturdy. I think it will be fine in terms of durability, so you can kind of use it like a tablet, landscape mode and then i’ll go into portrait mode.

Just like that. So maybe you can use this to take some notes or maybe you’re, taking someone’s order. You’Re like okay, d'accord, euh! You want to okay, a drink; d'accord, a burger and yeah. It deactivates the keyboard when you’re in this mode. So you don’t have to worry about it. Going all crazy and stuff, you can hold it like this and you have a digital keyboard there. So if you want to type in there, that’s really cool. So in this mode i can watch things on it like youtube and it has like a nice little kind of setup here and i can hit this button right here. You can right here, oh my gosh, i can write what does it do? Voyons? This is tech today, oh it worked there. It is just like that: that’s really cool. Of course you can use it in the tent position like this. This could be really cool if you’re, just watching uh a movie or something like that. We have some bing and olfson speakers on it. We have this previous video from hp, so check it out. You can print easily over wi fi or directly from your smartphone with the hp, smart app. We have a camera shutter key right here. If you look really close and i hit the buttonsee how it turns off the camera having a dedicated button right, there is really nice and i have to like put a little sticky note up there and since i turned off the camera, it says i can’t Find the camera works, perfectly fine can undo it and there you go, take a photo and it even has windows hello.

So i can just look at it check that out pretty sweet. I got ta say it’s, really crazy, that we don’t have face unlock on all laptops. It’S super convenient. You can also unlock it by using your fingerprint on the little fingerprint scanner right here now. One thing that’s been really hard for me when using a windows based computer compared to some of the other options, is the inability of just easily transferring some files from your phone or to your computer. Alors, with hp, quick drop, you can send messages, photos, vidéos, documents and more easily between your mobile devices and your computer, and it works for both ios and android let’s. Try it out just because it’s a touch screen. I just naturally go and touch it okay. So i can send a no. What does that? Do hello send a picture of my cat boop in the snoop, oh there’s, ruby, elle est, so cute. I love her dude. This direction too. Hey from my computer yeah check it out. It’S right there i’ll send this background to my phone and there it is that’s, really really powerful and helpful for me when i’m creating content. Maybe i just need to take some photos and just bring it into my computer easily for a video, like maybe a camera comparison, so the excuse of i can’t use a pc because it doesn’t have the ability to transfer files easily is not really a good excuse. Anymore, i really like that i’m able to use this for video editing like in adobe premiere and that it’s, nice and snappy and fast.

I was able to edit a video for a job i’m working on and it worked perfectly fine and being able to use the stylus when i want to just move around is actually kind of nice, and i know a lot of that has to do with the Intel evo platform that’s built into this, allows it to be really quick and responsive, give you fast performance, long, better life and really good visuals. If it has the intel evo sticker on it, it means it’s been verified by intel for an exceptional laptop experience anywhere. Part of the reason for that power and speed in my video editing and everything else that i’m using on this is the 11th gen intel core i7 processor. These mobile processors bring the perfect combination of high performance, instant responsiveness and power efficiency to make sure that you’re able to get the things that you need done throughout the day. À présent. The model that i have has one terabyte of ssd in there and 16 gigas de ram, which is really hefty. Bien sûr, depending on where you buy your laptop, your configuration may vary as a whole. This feels like a really premium laptop. I really like having a touchscreen in my computers. I wish all of them would have that and to add to the whole premium feel of everything it comes with this over here. So you have this nice case, for it slides in has a nice good snug fit.

There looks like there’s even a spot for the pen perfect. You just carry this around and sits about 13 and a half inches for the screen really easy to carry around it’s. Not too big or burdensome fits in your backpack or your bag really easily looks quite professional. You know walking around with this being all business like you know when we’re around each other. So if you want to pick up the spectre x, 360 there’s the links down below in the description thanks so much to hp for sending this out for me for free to check out and for sponsoring this showcase. Merci d’avoir regarder.