You got android tablets like the galaxy tab, but does anybody actually buy those? Maybe my dad at one point enter the jing pad a1. This is a chinese company, actually jingling international basically just means whale and uh dace fish, which is on their logo right there at the whale and the days fish is in the negative space. I i looked. I looked it up. I did my research theyre an interesting company. They seem to actually be a company built around enthusiasts enthusiasts of what you might ask enthusiasts of linux and open source software. Oui, this is a linux tablet. À présent, if youve looked at linuss, linux challenge videos, um youll, probably notice that linux, at least in terms of user friendliness, can have some issues. So i am very excited to see what exactly this has in store for us for now lets get into the box. Premier, Oh, it comes with a oh, bon, jono charged it, but it comes with a nice. Actually is this actual leather, it feels like leather like not fake leather and its got a little uh little stamp there for a jingling. This is actually a really nice case. Okay lets set that aside for now. What else do we got in here? d'accord, north american charger? You would expect that, because were in north america uh its just a usb type, a on here whats. What is in here? What this box is empty? bien, with the exception of uh, this tasty snack right here, which you should not eat – euh, oh yeah there it is.

Il s’agit d’un type USB, a to see. Oui, this is type c charging sweet uh, a lot of air in this package. I think they actually bulked it up just so that it could be the same kind of shape, uh as an apple ipad case, which is amusing right. This comes with a stylus, too theres, so much stuff that this comes with, like you had to pay for that on apple, those are pretty slim bezels. Réellement, they might be slimmer than the ipad, not sure that power button is recessed, but its not like a like a bump. Like these side, buttons are oh and the back is glossy. You can already see theres fingerprints on it banana for scale. You know what this is: a banana for scale lets see how well it cleans. Actually not bad get your banana today. It gives you a nice handy measuring tool and it cleans your devices may or may not actually scratch your devices disclaimer disclaimer, d'accord, so theres theres, a magnet here that keeps this on like so is there a magnet on the device itself anywhere? bien, i dont think thats where it goes, but it can go there. Those are the uh accessory pins are, oh speaking, of which theres another accessory. We have here ill. Tell you all about it after i talk to you about our sponsor lenode, the node is a powerful linux based cloud computing service, C'est, affordable and easy to use.

Theyve got a large marketplace with fully configured one click apps for things like minecraft or valheim servers, or for hosting your own website with easy, wordpress and drupal integrations. Their pricing is affordable with no hidden fees and they have servers all over the world best of all. Lenote has a 100 humain 24, 7 365 day customer service, C'est, reachable by phone email or social media, set up your server today and get a 100 60 day credit on your new account at lenove.comcircuit. Can you see the resemblance to another popular product, a microsoft surface? Ouais, its a microsoft surface keyboard, Oh oui, d'accord, oh c’est, solid on the back its like plastic, okay and whats in here. I guess these are the instructions. d'accord, electrical specifications, thats actually kind of neat. So when you have this stand, which is actually kind of handy it lets you raise this up a little bit. If you need to um theyre telling you like dont, put extra force down on it because it could break the hinge here, which is probably why apple didnt do that. So this should just uh flop, it very similar to the magic keyboard and it just powered on like that, and the keyboard just works. The keyboard itself is a little bit thicker than you might expect like the magic keyboard is i mean like half of this thickness, but its also quite a bit more rigid. je pense. bien, d'accord, maybe not see if the stylus works, Oh, it sure does hows the responsiveness.

It feels a little floaty, oh c’est, a very apple like um control center, so swiping down from at least up there gives me wireless bluetooth. Uh lets turn the brightness up its way down right now, thats a little better. The stylus has hover. I can hover over oh thats, something the apple pencil cant do as far as i know. Encore une fois. This is a very apple like experience, euh, d'accord, so software update were up to date, display and brightness. Oh its got a dark mode. You have to restart to get the dark, no uh. Does this not auto rotate? Is that just turned off hang on? I dont see auto rotation. Is it only meant to be used in landscape? This is running on uh kde plasma mobile by the way, Oh, its got cameras right. Cameras well thats, actually not too bad its a little jelly but uh. You know its not its, pas trop mal: d'accord, d'accord, it doesnt, look true to life, but its decently. Sharp contrast is pretty good uh. It looks to me either. This is the display or the camera itself, but it looks like were a little bit over saturated. Oh, the microphone is inaudible. This is max volume. rire, Youre, not gon na want to take any conference calls on this attach yeah. You can do that theres a usbc port here, and it does support data. As far as im aware from what i can tell all of the gestures that you would be used to on, ios are there so like swiping up, will bring you to your uh multitasking and also for back to your home screen if youre into an app interacting With this is actually pretty painless, i am noticing that the frame rates more like a 30 plutôt qu’un 60.

. That is a bit of a problem and again thats down. je pense, to the soc lets see if theres an about section here, its the worlds. Premier, consumer level arm based linux tablet i mean, maybe i dont really know thats true. It is the worlds first, linux tablet, avec un 11 inch 2k plus display. Probably i guess it is the worlds first linux tablet that comes with a detachable trackpad keyboard. Maybe i mean you can install you can install linux on like a surface worlds. Premier, linux tablet that comes with a 4096 levels of pressure stylus, ce qui est soigné. I guess uh im, not sure how accurate it is. Encore. Oh, this hang on yeah logistics says: oh d’accord. This is logistics, problem, never mind. Oh, so i cant really properly test this because, like im seeing metal, it is the first tablet powered by jing os. I can believe that one, the first linux tablet os sure it is the first time you can use a linux based tablet, as your daily driver hmm well have to see about the tech specs. It is the jingpad a1 exclamation point uh okay, so this is an 11 pouce. Amoled multi touch display cool 2368×17 2266 pixels par pouce, four by three aspect: rapport: 350, nit uh, d'accord, so heres. The problem that im having with this the slc is a unisock tiger. T7510 thats an eight core chipset with four cortex a75 cores clocked at 2.

0 gigahertz and four cortex a55 cores clocked at 1.8, comparable to, i want to say a mediatek helio g95, maybe which is not a very powerful chipset and that chipsets performs is kind of letting The experience down to be honest because otherwise, otherwise its actually quite nice, as we saw before its got eight gigs of lp ddr4 ram 256 gigs of ufs storage micro, emplacement pour carte SD, 16 mégapixel caméra principale, 8 caméra frontale mégapixels, Youre, never going to use the front Camera for anything because you cant hear anything with the mics, did they just not? Did they just not drill out the holes in the chassis or something like its real bad? Dual band wi, Fi, 2×2, nemo, d'accord, Bluetooth, 5, GPS, glonass, galileo and beto. Usb type c supports on the go and usb disks. Doesnt say that here, but you can get 5g in china with sim card. China uses different bands than north america. I think thats, Pourquoi, its only in china, so six axis gyro ambient light sensor. Yep fingerprint sensor weve seen that battery uh the battery is an eight thousand milliamp hour. Ipad air is 88, 27, 88, 27, d'accord, so its a little bit smaller than the ipad air. I am noticing um a very worrying amount of power. Draw we started out at like 50 were down to 28. The bezels on the ipad air are actually thicker than the pad, but like. If it only works landscape, then you dont really need to hold it any other way.

Ouais, parce que, like i cant, i cant figure out for the life of me how to rotate this. If it supports it at all, Theres, probably something uh. I think kde plasma mobile uh must have that lets. Aller à. Oh, we got a terminal. Is this console? It is console cool with a k, Laughter yeah. They got an apple uh theme for the thunderbird client uh, but what i was looking for specifically was krita. d'accord, theyve got kate, get that they got. Why dont they have creta. Oh you know what i could do forgot that apps doesnt automatically elevate pamac does now that the other installs are done. I can install with apt in the terminal probably the reason why this isnt a thing that you can do normally is they dont, have a interface for krita on mobile, so well see how this works out. Oh, i didnt do an app update. This could destroy everything. All right so lets just launch krita. Oh it closed unexpectedly, Pourquoi? Oh, it might not be no, it wouldnt have downloaded if it didnt have the arch. I dont know why that that died, mais euh, i guess well just have to live with it. d'accord, so we got firefox lets see if thats any smoother uh, d'accord, the inertial scroll on firefox, is a lot better than the inertia scroll on chromium, though the user experience so far is actually okay. Im staring right at a not a number of megabytes right.

There so to say that its not a little jank would be to lie what is yeah its kind of like that, but it works basically the way that i would expect the ipad air over here to work its just nowhere near as smooth, even though its not Quite the experience youd be looking for its an experience that i dont think that i was expecting. Okay uh. There was no pressure sensitivity there, but i happen to know that supports it, and sometimes you need to actually set it up, euh. Non, so either this stylus is just like dead or uh theres, a little bit more configuration that i forgot to do just dropping. It should not have shattered it like this thats, some brittle plastic. The keyboard actually feels really nice. It feels basically the same as my magic keyboard im more or less at home. Ici, the stereo imaging is actually really good. They do have stereo speakers. d'accord, lets give the ipad air a go: Applaudissements, Music Applause yeah its better than i thought it would be initially, but it does not hold a candle to apple, malheureusement, bien, its clearly like designed to mimic this as closely as possible, its basically an ipad air. This looks brighter, even though its 350 nits thats, probably partially due to the fact that its oled, whereas the ipad air, is ips the trade off. Bien sûr, is you cant rotate this one? Would you buy one? How much are these third set? 700 dollars? The ipad air is 50 dollars more its 7.

49 C'est 16.. Oh soc is really what brings it down, mais en même temps, if you well okay, the other thing that might bring it down is the battery its down to 13. So it comes with the stylus thats, une 200 value yeah like youre youre, actually youre not doing too bad. Aussi, it comes with this case im kind of struggling to figure out how exactly i would recommend this. Like i dont hate it i feel like this would be fun to play around with. If you were into linux, i feel like it would be like not necessarily a good experience as a tablet, but as a mobile, like i dont know, workstation kind of thing it seems like it could be worse could install a different operating system. Sur cette chose. Im pretty sure comment below. If you want me to make linus use this for a week, yeah dldr buy it. If you want to im, not sure if i would, but if i wanted something to tanker with, i could find worse things to spend my money on. Like a librium phone or something so if you enjoyed this or you want to see more unboxings of more different things, go ahead and subscribe and uh, if you know of anything thats like this, but better thatd be great.