C'est, bien sûr, your standard fire os skin that’s on top of android, and with that you do get different things here with the newest update. They got rid of a bunch of stuff. You could do. I used to have things like books. You used to have movies, so they have a whole bunch of other things when you switch to the right or left now they just have for you home or library here so we’re going to start over here for you. So this just shows you, like your recent apps, continue reading things. Uh things are included with kindle unlimited. If you have kindle unlimited free here. Hope you go do a whole bunch of different things that they recommend for you basically, and then also gives you your weather, where you, wherever you are, if you allow location access library is kind of similar to the for you, but it has stuff that you already Have on here plus recommendations, so i got my kindle. It gives me the books i have downloaded. I don’t know what the heck that one is do not download it. Sometimes it seems like amazon does just download things for you, even if you don’t want them to it’s kind of annoying uh. But here are some apps. They recommend for me some games and then my soap browser uh the things i go to a lot here. Then you can customize this and you can get rid of whatever you want to get rid of or add in any of these as well.

There we go uh, puis, on your home screen. Here you have all these different apps. If you push and hold and let go after a few seconds, you cannot delete any of the amazon apps that it comes with, which is kind of sad obvious. I mean i don’t really need like good reads. I don’t really need like amazon games or anything, but you cannot delete them you’re kind of stuck with them, but you can delete, of course anything that you have downloaded extra and then here up top will be new items. I didn’t i mean it hit that some of your new items that you have downloaded and i’m going to show you guys if you want to get rid of that part. What you do is go to your settings. Go your apps and notifications. Ici, go to amazon, app settings and then find home screens. Now you can turn that on or off the recommendations and then show new items, signs i’ll show you recommendations other times. I’Ll show you that so we get rid of both of those. Now that it’s gone and now those recommendations are all gone as well, i’m gon na turn back on my recommendations, i kind of like it where you want to keep get rid of them there you go that way. It clears up a whole bunch of this stuff. Like oh, this would be gone. I might eventually actually get rid of that as well, but uh the biggest thing biggest weight.

I would say to customize this your device, bien que, bien sûr, is downloading any app. You want to get uh. You can use the amazon app store, but what i recommend doing is downloading the google play store. If you guys don’t know how to do it check out my channel, i have a video. Actually i have a couple videos showing on how to download google play store. This way you can download almost i do mean almost not every single app you can get on a normal google play store. We can download i’d say probably about 95. le 98 of apps uh, so like offer up, i looked up, is not on here. Put my masters is not on here uh i mean my pokemon goes on here. Pokemon train core game is on here. Most apps are on here uh, just certain apps like offer up and put my masters they’re, just not compatible with fiber os uh tablets. So for summer, or so so, not for some reason, but because they’re not compatible, you cannot download them off the google play store and if you go to google and try to download them that way, it would just say incompatible around here. This will not show up uh, but so, if you do get a google play store, bien que, which i highly recommend doing you can get almost any game or app or anything else you want to get on here. Par là, you can have command on your little device here then one more way that you can customize your fire device is again get google play store type in here launcher this way, it’ll give you a whole bunch of different different, different different launchers it’s, a different Choice there, the one i downloaded was the nova launcher, and what this will? Let you do is turn your normal fire os skin into a normal, looking android skin, and then this also lets you do widgets, which i’ll show off in a second here.

It gives you different screens like a normal one, would do uh so widgets wise. I have a giant giant giant giant clack up here and the date, and it is christmas time so merry christmas to you all if you celebrate christmas, otherwise happy holidays. Instead of that tiny little one up top here, then you also got a widget for google merry christmas, but it’s kind of funny, because it actually opens up being instead of google uh amazon, musique, new docs i’ll show you widgets i can get on here so depending On what what apps you have on here, Il y a, of course different widgets, just like on normal android. These are all different widgets that you can download, not download but put on your home screen there uh then two that you have like your normal apps out out and about and then push this guy, and it shows you all of your apps here. I think this is just cool because that way, uh you know that way. If you don’t other of your apps, are on your device on your home screen, you don’t have to you know like here. I just have the stuff that i’ve been using and then two you can also have like a normal android, where you put different different apps into one file right there. So as a way, you can definitely customize it. Now you can customize it like fresh any other. Android device and then, if you push home it will bring it to your main, normal fire os screen, and then i have one more way to customize it here and that is you actually have to do this.

If you want to get a google play store anyway, but if you go to your settings, let’s say find the correct one here: uh find security yep there. We are sorry why can’t i find that um. Then you go to apps from unknown sources and then there will be because i already have this allowed um it’ll have to where you can allow apps from unknown sources which allows you to download things off of the internet. Uh such as the google play storeand you see herei have it allowed for myself browser uh, so you can allow from the source, meaning you can download like the google play store off of here, then you can download other apps that you cannot otherwise get On your tablet and then one more way you can customize your fire tablet is, of course getting a case for it, so this one here is the national geographic from amazon. This was like 35 for my fire by 2020 fire, eight plus here uh. Otherwise you can get one that is similar, my fire 10. This one is a few years old, it’s kind of getting worn out uh. This was like thirty dollars for for the eight, otherwise i think it’s like 35 ou 40 pour le 10.. So there are many many many different cases you can get for the different fire tablets. I mean amazon alone, je pense. Has i don’t know. I know there’s this one there’s a really cool sea turtle, one there’s.

The other case that comes in like i want to say three four different colors i mean they have probably close to close to 10 different cases just from amazon themself. Dans le cas contraire, bien sûr, you go onto amazon’s website. You’Ll find crazy amount of other cases for each of the fire devices uh, just like any other tablet out there uh yeah, so you can definitely customize your own, make it your own by getting a let’s, dire, unique sort of unique case. I love this parrot, one with the mccall national geographic and from amazon, and i absolutely love their theirs, because you can do that with them, which is just so nice uh amazon to me has the best cases, bien que, like amazon themself, like their own cases to me, Are the best i like any tablet i’ve ever had i just love how you can just fold this thing up and it turns into like a nice little stand for you and a sleep. Wake as well. Oh oui! Alors, bien sûr, buy yourself a case and you can customize your own tablet. Have it your own way that way, all right guys did. I miss anything on how to customize a fire device. Let me know in a comment below, comme je l’ai dit, happy holidays to everyone.