They can endure a lot of different temperatures, extreme temperatures, hot or cold, drops and stuff like that. So when they hit me up to check out their ux10 tablet, i quickly jumped on it and im glad i did, because this is one badass tablet that can withstand pretty much anything you throw at it. It has a thousand it display that has readability and direct sunlight. It can withstand all sorts of environments, rain, neige, sleet, hot environments, everything you throw at it, it can handle hey everybody its andrewand this is the gtech ux10 rugged tablet coming up Music and, as we take a look at the specs, i want to let everybody Know that in the interest of transparency and full disclosure that this video is being sponsored by gtac. Donc, par conséquent,, this is not going to be a review, but more of a showcase and unboxing of the product, and the unit that i have here today is on loan. From gtac and once this unboxing is over ill, be sending it back, Prix, 2449 dollars and as tested two thousand hundred starts at six hundred and ninety eight dollars for those interested check out that link below, and some of you may be wondering whats the big deal About a rugged tablet, as you see here today, bien, a lot of industries do use these type of products and they are essential to getting the job done. The defense industry, public safety utilities, transportation and logistics, industrial manufacturing, natural resources, oil and gas all use these type of rugged tablets to get their jobs done and using this ux10 from gtech for the past couple of weeks has really opened my eyes as to the possibilities, Especially with this extreme durability, it could pretty much handle any type of environment you throw at.

Il, comes out licking and keeps on ticking and with the specs and pricing out of the way lets find out what you get inside the box lets open it up. You get a 65 Watt, ac adapter that uses a barrel, pin connector and they give you the extension cord as well. Vous obtenez de la documentation, including some warranty information and a cd with the included driver. So you dont see that every day, nice and holding the unit for the first time, the first thing that strikes you is it has some pretty good heft to it, but it is definitely portable at 1.22 kilogrammes ou 2.68 Livres. This is definitely easy to take with you on the go thats exactly what you want when youre in the field and you get a 46.6 watt hour battery and i love the fact that these are swappable im, seeing about seven and a half hours per charge. So if you want to carry multiple batteries, you wont have any issues in terms of battery life, thats really great, and you also get the ruggedized pen, which also slots into the unit in the silo you see here. They also include a lanyard, so you wont lose it its operational between minus 29 degrees celsius and plus 63 degrés celsius. So it can withstand all sorts of temperatures and environments. It could even withstand a six foot drop. All the major ports are located on the left side of the unit.

You get your dc in thats, where youre going to charge this unit. You also get a 3.5 millimeter audio jack and a usb 3.2 Gen, 2 type, a port and finally, un port hdmi. To connect to a monitor or a display out and below that is the location for the sim card slot, and there is an optional port that allows you to add additional ports. As you see here and thats a nice option to have, especially if you want usb c and other ports like that and on the front, there are five programmable buttons that are customizable to your liking, and these buttons include a p1 p2 windows. Key positive and negative keys and, bien sûr, votre bouton d’alimentation – all right lets talk about this very bright display. What we have here is a 10.1 inch ips display with a resolution of 1920 par 1200, c’est-à-dire un 16 à 10 rapport l / h, and it has a protective film on it to give it more protection, its also an extremely bright display, which they claim will get Up to a thousand nits, i actually got very close to that 951 nits in my measurement, which makes this an excellent tool for use in a very bright environment. You wont get any unnecessary glare or reflections as it is a matte display, and it has a protective coating, so its very readable in direct, sunlight and thats, something you want, especially out in the field. À présent, bien sûr, this type of device is not going to be used by a content creator, so color accuracy and coverage of the color gamut are not going to be as high as far as the display is concerned for those type of things, mais c’est.

Not what this unit is designed for its designed to be used in a certain type of environment, with a very bright sunlight out there with a very readable display. You could also take notesand you could also do artwork on this with the included pens. If you need to sketch out some diagrams and stuff like that in the field you have that option. So this is the front facing camera, its a 1080p camera 30 cadres par seconde, and it also has a rear camera well get to that in a moment. But what do you think about this for zoom? What do you think about this for work from home needs or, si vous êtes, on the field or out in the field, Je devrais dire: will this meet your needs? Let me know in that comment section below what do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality of the internal mics? I am curious to know and on the back theres, un 8 megapixel autofocus rear camera capable of doing 1080p video. What do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality of the internal mics and, bien sûr, this will be good for the vertical market if youre out in the fieldand you need some photos, videos this will get the job done, especially with this really bright display, especially in Sunlight, i thought both cameras are pretty decent and the rear camera does have that eight megapixel lens on it and it did some pretty good jobs in terms of the autofocus on it, and here are some images for you to check out now.

The good news is when it comes to user upgrade ability to get inside. All you need to do is remove the phillips head screws pop off the plate and youre. Dans maintenant, une fois à l’intérieur, you will notice that the ssd is user, remplaçable, its pcie gen 3 et, as you can see from these reads and writes good results and as far as the wi fi is concerned, thats also slotted in so if you need to swap it Out down the road, you have that option now the wi fi and the bluetooth both worked well had no issues getting good results from both. This is where you also will find the sim tray for the optional 4g lte and, comme je l’ai mentionné plus tôt, il s’agit d’un 46.6 watt hour battery and these are swappable batteries. You can carry multiple batteries to get maximum amount of battery life, now im, seeing about seven and a half hours per charge on these batteries. Now there is a single speaker on this unit. It gets pretty loud, not too much bass, but overall gets the job done in the field. If you need to have some volume, but of course you could always connect to wired headphones or bluetooth headphones for even a better audio experience, especially when youre out in the field. Now this is running the core: i7 105 10u cpu thats a 10 gen from intel. Its the comet lake cpu from last year and thats, d'accord, we dontneed to have the cutting edge on this, because performance has been pretty decent on this, especially if youre in the field, you need to get the work done.

This processor certainly is more than capable, as you can see from these numbers, all right lets wrap it all up, and i have to see im very impressed with this gtac ux10. A rugged tablet for those out in the field that are in extreme environments, high temperatures, low temperatures, rain sunshine, it doesnt matter. This is the tablet that will get the job done. This can take a licking and keep on ticking. It really much can handle all the situations you throw at it, throw in the optional lte throw in the optional accessories. This makes it a go to tool when youre out in the field, and i really like what theyre doing over at gtac, and i look forward to seeing what updates theyre going to bring to this model and other products they have in the vertical markets. Alors, que pensez-vous de ce mauvais garçon? The gtac ux10 rugged tablet, and i got ta, say love that thousand hit display, readability and direct sunlight. This is a rugged tablet that could withstand all sorts of temperatures. Hot cold. You can drop this. You can run it over. You could do all sorts of things with this, and this will still take a licking and keep on taking extreme durability. You could also expand out the storage on this. You could change out the wi fi card. If you need to a lot of extent, expandability in terms of accessories, to give you more ports to give you more options, as i showed in the video, and you, of course have a replaceable battery, this will definitely give you about seven and a half hours of Charge and they are swappable, that means you could do multiple batteries to expand out the battery life.

A lot of things to like on this, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below this is a really nice tablet. If you want to find out more information check out that link below head on over to the gtac websiteand i want to thank gtac for sponsoring todays video, so please hit the like button. Veuillez vous abonner. S’il vous plaît partager ceci. Video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment section below. Let me know how im doing. Let me know if theres a device or something out there, you think i should review ill. Do my best to try to make that happen. Dont forget to check me out on facebook, Twitter, instagram et, bien sûr, mon site web