They sent me a tablet a while ago, which i gave away. Congratulations to nico. I hope it’s serving you well, but let’s just get right into the good stuff. Once i opened the box, there was another box. I should have known go ahead. First thing i noticed about the tablet: is that it’s huge way bigger than any other tablet that i’ve used so far the packaging that it came in also looked clean and nice? It comes with a battery free pen, une 21.5 inch ips screen 8192 pressure levels and a 1080p resolution. Speaking of resolutions mine this year was to try race, shadow legends raid’s, a tough game. It’S got 10 challenging dungeons each with a super tough boss. That requires specific teams and strategies to beat and that’s just a start. If you care about storytelling, it’s got an awesome, fully voiced campaign with 12 unique locations and three difficulties for you to dive into, et il ya 13 unique factions like dwarves, orcs, the undead or badass human knights and a load more with all those factions. Raid also has an incredible 460 champions, each totally unique with their own designs, skills and strengths. No matter what you like, raid’s got something for you: raid’s super active with over 200 000 clans fighting and competing right now and with over 25 million players, raid’s the hottest mobile game around and it’s only getting bigger. You combine all those things and you get a game that has basically endless content and infinite ways to play and there’s never been a better time to get started.

Things i like about the game is that it provides a challenge and i’m always up for a good challenge. I personally enjoy the graphics and find it to be visually appealing, especially for a mobile game. The extensive amount of content and champions also make the grind worth it. The fastest way to level up your champions is through farming, a campaign just like any other good rpg. You grind xp and get loads of silver and a few artifacts. En même temps,, and this month, raids got their biggest ever update out. The main event is already here: the doom tower it’s a giant tower with 120 floors, a bunch of secret challenge rooms and 12 sérieusement. Badass bosses to take on there’s really never been a better time to start playing and to help get everyone started in the tower. The raid team are giving away a super special champion bulwark. He’S absolutely awesome in clan boss and he’s also going to be a huge help in the tower against those bosses. If you want to get a huge head start in raid, all you have to do is hit the link in the description and your free void champion and xp booster 50 gems, some energy refills and even an ancient shard. As soon as you get in game, you’ll find your extra rewards here in your inbox for the next 30 jours, only and it’s that easy, just click the link in the description and i’ll see you in the game.

Is it interesting going back to the tablet review? My cat butters couldn’t wait anymore, so we quickly set it up. The first thing i noticed about the tablet, aside from how big the screen was, there aren’t any buttons on it. Place, it has eight programmable touch, keys on the left and five menu buttons on the right, donc je suis, assuming it’s tailored more for right handed people to me it’s, not that big of a deal. I just personally like having a little feedback, whether it’s a little vibration or click, just to confirm that i actually press something. The stand, works really well and the angle could be adjusted and that’s always good to have. I really like this tablet and i’m. Réellement, thinking of keeping it so for this review, i summon the discord server again and asked what i should make to test it out and everybody mostly voted for rosalina. We were already working on a rosalina model and we used the tablet to finish the job. The process was the same as the other models we made sculpt it out. We topologize it rig it and into unreal. Il va. We made a short animation for this review and rendered out a few pictures to show off how she came out. I want you guys to let me know what you think of the model and the animation we made for this video in the comments below you should also check out our other social media accounts.

If you want to support us or look at what else, we make we’re going to be uploading little animations and renders like these on instagram and tick. Tock also make sure to join our discord server for news or announcements it’s.