Et oui, Pardon, i am going to do that in every single tige lake. Video that i do, but for the last couple of weeks, i’ve also been testing out this more bendy version of the xps 13, the two in one edition, which quickly and easily converts from a laptop into a massive tablet, thingy with just a quick bit of wrist Action and the xps 13 two in one starts from a rather beefy 400 Livres, just like the original xps 13 and rivals like the macbook pro. So the question is: Il vaut la peine? bien? I’M glad you asked because it’s my full xps 13 two in one review after using it as my personal laptop for a fortnight and for more the latest greatest tech. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now like the vanilla, XPS 13. This two in one is a proper skinny machine, albeit slightly heavier at around 1.3 kilos, lequel, pour être juste, is still proper light for a pro laptop. I had no troubles lugging it around on my immense commute from the bedroom to the kitchen and dell’s design is sleek and straightforward there’s, no real flair. Here it is basically all functionality but i’m still a fan for one that metal chassis is surprisingly tough. Despite the fact that you’ve got that skinny finish, this is definitely the bruce lee of laptops, ses, small and skinny, but it is hard as out, although it’s, also a big softy inside with a velvety palm rest that feels lovely against the skin.

Now the big whoop of this two in one versus other dell xps laptops is that 360 degree hinge action, which means that you can flip the display and turn this notebook into a tablet, albeit quite a big fat mama tablet or, Alternativement, you can also prop it Up in temp mode, which works splendidly well for enjoying a bit of netflix or youtube or playing around with touchscreen compatible apps, especially once you stick the xps 13 into tablet mode and naturally that keyboard is completely disabled. Once you pass the 180 degree marks you don’t have to worry about mashing the keys accidentally with your fingers or palms, and i definitely appreciate the flexibility of being able to put the xps 13, 2 et 1 into this tablet style mode. Great for browsing articles online things like that, although it is obviously quite cumbersome compared with dedicated tablets like an ipad pro. So you know, if you’re going to be using it in tablet mode for more than about sort of 10 15 minutes, vous êtes, probably going to want to rest it on a surface i’m, obviously not particularly hench or even partially hinged. To be perfectly honest, and i found that yeah about 15 minutes using it in this tablet mode, my biceps were starting to ache a bit. Unlike the standard dell xps 13. The selection of ports is rather limited. You’Ve got a pair of thunderbolt 4 connections, which are at least split between the two edges, unlike the macbooks ports and that’s, basically it besides the headphone jack and a micro sd memory card slot.

Donc, fondamentalement,, if a few things in this life delight you more than a good peripheral or two, then you might have to invest in a hot bit of dock action and to make sure that unlocking the xps 13 two and one is as quick and convenient, but Also as secure as possible, dell has thrown in a couple of really good options for one you’ve got a fingerprint sensor built into that power button just housed in the corner of the keyboard. So a quick tap your print against that you’re generally into the laptop within a second or two. Alternativement, you also have fierce recognition support courtesy of that 720p webcam and, comme vous pouvez le voir, it’s generally just as quick, if not quicker than the fingerprint sensor, and it works really well, even in a dark environment, and i also found that 720p webcam was absolutely fine For a bit of team skype, zoom whatever video conference and joy, your 2020 has been full of. I found that even in quite softly lit environments like this one, i tend to come through in quite a bit of detail on that cam. So you’ll definitely want to stick on a bit of makeup if you look as blurry eyed as i do and don’t forget to shave as well and sadly there’s no privacy shield to cover up that webcam when you don’t want it to be in use. But you do at least get a little led that flashes on alongside it to let you know when the camera is being used by an application, although it is very, very small and probably quite easy to miss, and i also found that the xps 13’s dual mic Setup work perfectly fine for a bit skyping, zoom and uh whatever.

If you don’t want to be rocking a headset, they made me sound perfectly natural and human. En réalité, they actually made me sound a bit more suave than i do in real life. I think they just lowered my voice, just like half an octave or something maybe sound, really sexy, which of course was quite appropriate for skyping, with my mum and when you’ve got the xps 13 two in one in laptop mode, like so you’ll notice that that backlit Keyboard really makes the most of the limited space it has it’s kind of insane. Just how close to those edges the keyboard stretches almost literally and gnats chuff away from the very sides. That means you get good sized keys that are easy to touch type on. Despite the laptop’s compact design, the travel is unsurprisingly shallow, so i did find that the type and action was quite hard on my fingertips at first, although you do kind of adjust over time and while the return key stretches across two rows, dell has unfortunately committed the Cardinal sin of cramming, the page down and up keys next to those tiny cursor keys, alors oui. Inevitably, you could guarantee every time i tried to use those cursor keys to move just a single row up or down in a document i’d end up hitting the page down a page up and skipping all the way to the bloody end, yippee hooray. So eventually, i just ended up ignoring those cursor keys and just using the perfectly responsive and spacious touch pad to move around my documents instead.

Dans le cas contraire, bien sûr, you’ve got the touchscreen controls which again perfectly responsive and perfectly accurate, and thankfully those hinges, stay nice and stiff. When you’re in touch screen mode as well, so it is a pleasure to use speaking of that display. It’S a compact 13.4 inch led panel and it’s perfect for play as well as work. The full hd resolution serves up fine detail when you’re editing photos or just chilling with some netflix, although you can upgrade to 4k, if you’re loaded contrast is sharp and the color temperature is pleasingly neutral, while those visuals have a realistic edge too. The full srgb gamut is accurately covered, tel qu’il est 78 of the adobe rgb now 16 par 10 aspect ratio is just as well suited to multitasking with two up side by side as it is for streaming a movie and the anti reflective finish is perfect for venturing Outdoors now display doesn’t dim down quite as much as i would have liked for evening use, but on top brightness it is positively retina searing. It hits around 450 lentes, which is definitely better than most rivals. You’Ve got a pair of stereo speakers hidden away on the laptop’s arse. So sadly, you don’t have that audio blasting at your face, whichever mode the xps 13 is in, but the speakers are still loud enough to make themselves heard when you’re in a fairly noisy environment. And if you do want to listen to some tunes on the xps 13, two in one as well.

Bien sûr, you’ve got that headphone jack built in and you’ve got reliable. Bluetooth 5.1 support the everyday experience with the xps 13. Two in one was generally positive. My internet connection stayed strong thanks to the wi fi six support, great news. If you’ve already upgraded your router, the only issue i really had with the xps 13 two and one was a weird bug where occasionally the display would just go completely black for no reason whatsoever, not even with me like twisting the hinges or anything like that. Wait a few seconds and generally would flicker back to life, but i was never really sure what was causing it and i never really got to the bottom of it, and i did see one total crash as well. Where again, the screen went completely blank and then the whole laptop basically refused to do anything until i held down the power button for bloody ages, so that wasn’t great those little issues aside. The general performance is good. Thanks to the fresh intel core, i5 1135 g7 processor, plus eight gigs of ram, i could happily mess around with a couple dozen chrome tabs open at once without seeing any slow down here and likewise i could edit pics in and indulge in other creative tasks. Bien sûr, the xps 13 uses basic integrated, irs, Xe, Graphics, so don’t expect to blaze through many games, ses, older and less demanding titles. Only sadly, and benchmarking results were unsurprisingly limited.

The likes of cinebench returned a score of just 920, par exemple, but thankfully the xps 13, two in one didn’t, seem to heat up much at all, even when i was using it for an extended period of time. This bs model comes packing. UNE 256 gig nvme, ssd and it’s, certainly not sluggish, mais c’est, hardly whipped fast, either top and two gigabits per second for read, speeds and fall in just under that for right and suddenly with those kinds of speeds. The dell xps 13, 2 et 1 is beaten by quite a lot of rivals around this sort of price point. You can also boost the level of storage that you get in there by throwing more cash at dell. Dans le cas contraire, Vous pouvez, bien sûr, expand that storage using the microsd memory card slot i mentioned earlier. As for the battery life, when i found i tended to get around five to six hours of mixed use per charge, that’s generally like working in chrome with a few tabs open and streaming media at the same time. But obviously, if you aren’t working in chrome, you tend to get slightly better battery life because it is a major juice, hog and that’s. A very similar result to the standard xps 13 and many other ultra portable laptops around this sort of price. Point. Oh and i am still geekily fond of dell’s cute little led bar, which tells you when the battery is fully charged, always handy so that way, there’s my full review of the dell xps 13, two in one flexible tablet, come laptop type thingy and yes, like the Standard xps 13 it’s certainly not cheap, but if you want a capable ultra portable, they can use for basic creative tasks and they like.

Then it definitely does the job more than well gorgeous display pretty decent usability and all that, although the standard xps 13 definitely has a more impressive keyboard, so be great to hear your own personal thoughts on the xps 13 two and one, especially if you’ve been using One at home yourself, S'il vous plaît, do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest greatest tech and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week.