. If you guys use a stylus or windows, 10 tablet for art or note taking. This is a great channel for you. So go ahead and subscribe and click the notification icon right now. Alright, so rebel 4 came out very recently last friday and there was a couple different bugs with color blending and mixing. It was producing a rainbow effect and they had a few other problems that were going on and they have updated and the update is solid. It’S really good. So for those of you who haven’t used rebel 4 before i’m, going to show you really quickly kind of what this looks like, i am using over here, the artist pad from tablet pro and the r522 button stylus for artists, so i’ll put links to those in The description so here i’m, going to open up the color panel and we’re going to put something nicer. Looking than this increase the brush size, let’s pick something red and let’s go a little bit of green right down here. d'accord, now we’re going to choose the blow tool and we’re going to get these to move a little bit now you can use the accelerometer on a tablet to move the paint inside of rebel, which is super cool. It is because i’m recording right now and doing a couple of different things: it’s a little slower, ses, normally pretty smooth. Let me see that here with this navigation in and out, let’s go ahead and blow the paint down a little bit and then let’s dry.

It right in place: Ooh, nice and crispy, d'accord, so we’re going to switch to a pencil tool and a new color. So the the ui here looks a little different than mine, i’ve, hidden most of the palettes and that’s how i roll. I don’t like having a bunch of stuff on the screen when i’m painting all right so we’re, going to go through a couple shortcuts here and i’m going to talk about what these shortcuts right here do. Five four three: two one try and remember that i know it’s hard but see if you can do it. d'accord, number five! This is erase oh, so lovely. À présent, if i have one selected and i hold down five and release, i can toggle back and forth quickly, which is a great feature. I love this it’s in pain, Outil, sai it’s in clip studio, a couple. Other programs have been updating and adding this and i love it. So wait should be done all right now. Four, this is going to allow us to blend without really adding color, so we’re blending and we’re mixing colors. I want to make sounds like i’m eating food. When i see colors blending, i don’t know if that’s normal but there’s a lot of oh and other, possibly more inappropriate sounds that occur inside my head when i’m, when i see colors blending okay, oh we know too much about me at this point. d'accord, Trois! So three is going to give us just a little bit less color blending a little bit more of the actual color, so let’s tap three and you can see here.

I can paint with it. Let’S pull the color directly and you can see how that overlaps. Two again, just barely if any color blending and one is just gon na, go straight over the top isn’t that nice that’s nice. J'aime ça, D'accord, so z is going to zoom for you, zoom zoom, zoom um, Raccourcis, like this color wheel, that come up actually have to be set up in the panel, so that would be over here in edit keyboard shortcuts you go to window and Then input something that works for you, i use f6, which is how it’s set up on the artist pad in tablet pro all right. So we’re going to close that to resize the brush is just control, and that tends to be a little on the laggy side. I would hopeand i do hope, that they can improvethat to make it a little bit smoother either way, not not too bad and space. Just like in almost every program is your hand. Outil, alt is going to pick your colors if you want to set up a specific brush to do something or to switch you again, you have to do that inside of the panel to use the blow tool you’re gon na tap o oh yeah. I really do like that all right, so let’s go ahead and grab another color and go back to the paintbrush. I have paintbrush set to control shift b and this is key press osd displaying the keyboard shortcuts and let’s go ahead and blow on that again yeah.

You just have to love that that’s, si agréable, all right and um, the paint brush i have set to control shift a to dry is d to wet is uh. Réellement, this is mixing, which is n and i’m, not sure that this is quite the way it’s supposed to, but okay smudging here is s, makes sense and erase all right. So those are the main shortcuts. Uh let’s go through quickly how to set up a new one, so let’s go to edit keyboard shortcuts window. I would like to see my layers with f7. So f7 is set, let’s go to tools, tools hold. This is what i was talking about. You just hold that keyboard shortcut down and it toggles to it. While the button is pressed down and then comes up so here you can see i’ve added watercolor control, shift b control shift a for oil and ctrl shift p for pencil, donc il ya. There is a lot in this program. I i highly encourage you to export check it out. d'accord, so paint this is one paint and mix is number two paint and blend is number three blend is number four and erases number five.