5 Millimètres 4 pin plug compatible with laptop pc mobile ps4 xbox one and tablet here’s like a little preview on the side. I’Ve already opened it because i wanted to use it and on the back, it’s got a pretty cool thing right here: got all the information in different languages on the top there’s another cool logo. On the side, it’s got a pretty sick dragon. On the top of this is actually pretty cool. Uh yeah, bien, let’s open this bad boy. Let’S do this well, but it obviously doesn’t come in this type of packaging because i already opened it, but i wanted to open it for the video, so just know that. d'accord, au fait, this is not sponsored by bengo. I just wanted to show you yeah. d'accord, oh my god. Look at this really really soft, really really comfortable inside looks pretty cool, really soft on the outside extends out as well adjusted to your head and how your head is formed really it’s like really sleek, really soft on the top feels like just everything. Just feels really soft. Now inside we also got microphone doesn’t, go all the way back that doesn’t really matter. It goes down to here about like mouth level. You can adjust it to wherever you want, to put it really big see if it fits my big ears. So i can adjust the mic to wherever i would like to put it and flip it back up here: ses, not wireless, malheureusement, but yeah nice really really long.

You do like to have the really long ones. It’S got a button right here. If you want to turn your microphone off or on you’re doing some gaming playing some fortnite or minecraft or whatever, whatever you like to play, Vas-y . allez-y, this adjusts the this adjusts the volume to a certain point and it’s, really nice and small, looks pretty sick, son. Just letting you know, C'est incroyable, like literally the sound, goes it’s like you’re, not having a movie theater it’s movie, theaters it’s, like all around you, you that’s what it feels like whenever you’re listening there’s, not really like a certain way, you could put it on it. Doesn’T really matter, you could put it on this air, but that’s the only part of the microphone it still feels the same. This way is the way you’re supposed to wear. You can wear it either way, it’s pretty cool and in the end, if you want to store it wrap the cord up place. It in here put your hat on close.