RTX 2060 vs RTX 2070 – 115W Comparaison ordinateur portable de jeu!

, À commencer par les différences de spécifications. le 2070 a 20 plus de noyaux CUDA, mais des vitesses d’horloge plus faibles.. le 2070 a également 2 Go VRAM supplémentaire, et la mémoire est plus rapide.. Les performances de ces deux options varient en fonction de la limite de puissance Im, comparer les deux avec le même 115 limite de watt, qui est le […]

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 Review – Nouveau pour 2015 – PC Streaming, Manette, Twitch and more

Isn’T much difference between this one and the one they released. A year ago, it’s cheaper it’s, 100 less expensive. They took some things out of it, so there’s no stylus in here anymore. They also took out the charger. So if you want to charge it you’re going to need an old phone charger […]

Onglet de Yoga de Lenovo 3 Examen pro – 10″ tablette avec projecteur et processeur Intel Atom X5

UNE 2560 par 1600 IPS display some really nice viewing angles on it and really in line with many of the other displays we’ve seen on other Android tablets from Lenovo, but what’s really interesting about. This are two things one is the processor built in. This has got an Intel cherry trail, processeur, Aza, […]

Dell XPS 12 2016 La revue – 12.5″ 2 Dans 1 les fenêtres 10 Tablet With 4k Display

This is a two and one detachable, as you can see from Dell and for the thousand dollar price tag. You get the keyboard dock here, along with the computer component. All of these are powered by a core m5 processor. This is the new skylake generation of Core M chips of their fan list, […]

CHUWI VI10 PLUS Tablet ReviewRemix OS Powered Intel Tablet

This is the Chewie, the I 10 plus, and this is running with an intel cherry trails. Ii. 8300. Processeur. You see a Windows icon on here, but this is not running Windows. It is running remix OS, which is basically a reimagining, a fork. If you will of the Android operating system. Celui-là […]

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablette en profondeur examen – Courant 2016/2017 éditions

Taking a look today at the Amazon Fire HD 8, we looked at their 49 tablet a couple of months ago. This is now their 89 tablet that just came out like the 49 version. It is subsidized by advertising like this ad here that you’ll see every time you turn it on, mais il […]

Huawei MateBook Windows 10 Tablet PC Review avec clavier portefeuille & Stylet

This is called the mate book. Il s'agit d'un 12 inch very slim tablet and it is powered by a core M processor. They got a couple different configurations that I will talk about in a minute as well as some accessories you can get with it also really attractive device. It will be putting […]

Cube Mix Plus 2 dans 1 Tablet PC Review – Affordable Core M3 Intel Kaby Lake Processor

This is a Windows tablet, with an optional keyboard base that I’ve got here and what’s interesting about this. One is that, although it looks like a lot of the other cheap tablets that we typically look at here on the channel, this one is powered by a core m3 KB Lake processor. So it […]

Xiaomi MiPad 3 Examen de tablette Android – Premium iPad Mini Alternative

Il s’agit d’une tablette Android, powered by Android, 7 nougat, so it’s all up to date on its operating system and it’s, made by Xiaomi the makers of the knee box and a bunch of other products, and they make a lot of cool stuff that never usually finds Its way over here to the […]

Nouveau iPad Pro 10.5 la revue – Compared to 9.7 Pro – Do you need it?

This is the iPad pro 10.5. It is replacing the iPad pro 9.7 that I got last year, we’re going to take a look at some size, comparisons and some performance comparisons, and then talk a little bit more about what this new device brings to the mix. À présent, before we get into the review, […]

Noir de Lenovo 320 La revue – $199 Tablette amovible / Ordinateur portable 2 dans 1

This is a little laptop, but it allows you to detach its screen. We’Ve looked at a couple of similar devices over the years here on the channel, but I think this one is probably the best of the bunch that I’ve seen so far doing this for the last couple of years and we’re […]

NuVision $79 les fenêtres 10 Examen Tablet – TM800W610L Signature Edition

So take a closer look now at the hardware, and I was very surprised with the build quality on this. I was expecting something all plastic and very cheap feeling with a lousy display. This has none of those issues. It’S actually pretty well built it’s got a metal case on the back here. Il […]