MSI GP65 9SE Leopard 144hz Gaming Laptop Review, Déballage & Abattre – Best Gaming Laptop RTX 2060

We are going to talk about MSI GP, 6, 5, 9 SC gaming laptop. It is a mid tier gaming laptop and cost 12 on a dollar at the time of this review, donc sans plus tarder, plongeons droit dedans. Parlons d’abord des spécifications. Our unit is powered by Intel […]

Examen Chuwi Hi12 – Premier 3:2 Tablette de ratio de Chine

Welcome to my chewy HR, twelve video review. This is the latest tablet, that’s just by Chewie and it’s, a little different, because it’s got a 3×2 écran de ratio, donc pas le 4 par 3 retina tablets or the usual 16 par 9 ou 16 par 10 comprimés, something slightly different it’s. Réellement, using the […]

Vido W10 Elite ReviewAtom X7 Z8700, 4GB, 128F eMMC & Sans fil AC

Three RAM that’s running at 1600, Mégahertz 128 gigabyte Toshiba each MMC for your internal storage. Unfortunately it’s not running dual boot and it has a wireless AC that is an Intel chipset and also has a fully laminated to screen and a very nice build a very premium. Build in fact, one of the […]

Examen Chuwi Hi9 & Déballage – 8.4″ 2560 X 1600 Androïde 7.0 Tablette

, So it’s an android 7 tablette. 8.4 inches is the screen size. The screen resolution is rather high, donc c’est 2560 par 1600, giving a very nice sharp look to the screen. So when you look at really close, you can’t see any pixels with the kind of PPI that this has and it […]

LeEco Le Max 2 Muflier 820 Flagship For Only $229!

J’ai décidé de ramasser le Li echo Li max ici maintenant. Je connais ces noms un peu d’une bouchée, but this thing here cost me 263 us on special. I just couldn't resist it has a Snapdragon 820 in air, so that flagship, lunettes 4 gigaoctets de RAM. Il s’agit d’une 32 Gigaoctets […]

Romaric Mi portable Air 12 La revue (En profondeur) Modèle Core M3

This right here is their first notebook. The me notebook err, 12.5 Inchon. Now there is a larger 13.3 version de pouce, which I will cover in a later date in another review. This here is the famous model that is powered by air. Core m3 has four gigabytes of RAM. A hundred and twenty eight […]

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Passer en revue avec conversion Unboxing

Now that now has a screen on it, because they're me band 1 and the 1s, the first two models they didn't have a screen on it at all, which was a feature that a lot of people are asking for. Like hey, you can't even see the time you can't even see how many […]

Congélateur de l’Arctique 33 TR Review and Cooling Benchmarks

But how well does it perform let's test it out with a 16 noyau 1950 Ex, tout en trop cuit un 4 gigahertz and find out after finding out about this cool I reached out to Arctic to see if they'd be able to send one over for review and they Kindly agreed inside the box, nous […]

MSI Z370 Gaming M5 Motherboard Examen + Overclocking

That looks really plain and cleaned it's, tout gris et noir, qui est un peu différent de msi comme d’habitude, jeu de couleurs rouge et noir. In any case I'm, a fan it's an ATX board and comes in a thirty point. Cinq centimètres par vingt-quatre points: quatre centimètres, à partir de l’arrière, io there's, […]

UMI Super Examen – Smartphone Helio P10 4 Go

So this is a mediatek helio p10 powered mobile phone with four gigabytes of RAM let's have a look in detail and see whether the phone is any good or not. The super has a 5.5 inch 1080p screen on the rear you see, it's has a metal housing, we have a fingerprint scanner, faire […]

Romaric Redmi Note 3 Examen pro – Tueur phare pour $200?

Now that has the snapdragon 650 in it an upgraded camera and, Surtout, a micro SD card slot now can be used in that dual SIM slot. So show you quickly: we have our recent apps home and back key here and in front facing five megapixel camera there's, our proximity and ambient light […]

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Regard rapide

A3 2017 édition super excité à propos de ce téléphone. Ce n’est pas la galaxie là-bas. C’est un téléphone différent. The reason i'm super excited about this phone is not because of its specifications. We'Re talking about a mid range device here. This has only got a 1.6 GHz octacore processor, avec 2 gigas de ram […]