LeEco Le Max 2 Muflier 820 Flagship For Only $229!

J’ai décidé de ramasser le Li echo Li max ici maintenant. Je connais ces noms un peu d’une bouchée, but this thing here cost me 263 us on special. I just couldn't resist it has a Snapdragon 820 in air, so that flagship, lunettes 4 gigaoctets de RAM. Il s’agit d’une 32 Gigaoctets […]

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Gaming Review (Helio X25 Version)

I didn't actually say that much in regards to gaming, so this particular video I'm going to cover gaming, show you a few more popular titles here for a little bit longer and not so short edits on this one. So this is powered by a heli. Oh x.25. This particular version that I have […]