Now i’ve looked at many premium devices over the years and they are all quite lovely. toutefois, this next one is so premium that i feel like i need to take it out for a posh meal whilst wearing my best dinner jacket, now i’m not going to go, take it out for dinner. That is not actually a thing. Please do not smush food into your laptop. toutefois, i do feel that i can at least make an effort. This is the asus zenbook s, La musique, Applaudissements, Applaudissements musicaux, full disclosure before we get into it. This is an overview. Video we’ll be giving you everything that we think you want to know about this laptop. What makes it tick and trying to steer away from too much personal opinion which granted clashes with the fact that i’ve just put on a jacket to match up against how beautiful. I think this thing is, but whatever we’ll start as ever with the box as the premium look and feel really starts here, the lid itself matches the design that we see on the laptop more on that in a moment, and you get this real wow factor when Opening the lid a point i’m going to establish early hereis that, throughout my experience with this laptop, you really do feel like you are using a premium product now that might not mean much to some people but for others the look and feel of not just The laptop, but the entire experience really holds weight that premium experience is really cemented with how they package the charger of all things.

Now these super slim boxes, the laptops normally come in uh. They will be delivered with, like a cardboard surround around it with the charger. Just tucked into the cardboard surround itself normally in like a plastic bag or something like that, but with asus your charger will be beautifully packaged in its own premium box. I mean i love it like honestly again that experience factor cannot be overlooked here, but let’s get into what you really came here for, and that is the device itself. I’Ve got a bunch of words to throw at you so uh. Here we go it’s all around design. This laptop asus describes it as a precision crafted masterpiece with an all metal unit, but you know what no no. We need to change change music let’s. Do this properly. Asus describes it as a precision crafted masterpiece. It has an all metal unibody that uses magnesium and aluminium alloy for maximum strength and lightness. The finish is jade black, with red, Cuivre, diamond cut edges and on the lid we have an off center asus logo placed on top of a spun metal finish with a pattern of concentric circles. Every edge is defined. Every angle has a beauty to it. This isn’t, just any laptop fact, est – i can tell you all of that info, but you and i both know that this thing is drop dead gorgeous i’m, particularly fond of this spun metal finish and the overall angular design they’ve gone for it’s a thing of beauty.

One thing to be aware of, bien que, is that this gorgeous design does come with a caveat that it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet it’s gon na happen. When you have a shiny j black finish, it is all it is in any case don’t. Let the looks fool you. This thing has gone through some demanding endurance tests as well. This laptop meets us military standards for reliability and durability. It’S had altitude tests, high temperature tests, low temperature tests drop tests. Don’T get me wrong if you drop it you’re, probably going to make a mark on it. Je suis! Absolutely not going to test that. Merci beaucoup, but it’s nice to have those approved standards that give you peace of mind to at least know that if you do drop it from the sofa, the desk, realistic scenarios, it’s gon na work and i’ll. Take that enough gushing on the design, though at least for now anyway, we’re gon na look at the rest of the outside. So we’ve got a usb, a and micro sd card slot on one side, avec une taille normale, hdmi and two thunderbolt 3 usb c slots, which is where you’ll be charging, as well as giving you. The capability to connect to 4k displays and have very fast transfer speeds as well speaker. Grilles are bottom firing designed to bounce from whatever surface you have it on with two small vents: either side the back houses a hidden vent.

Why is it hidden? You may ask well that happens when you open it, so let’s do just that Music. There is a lot for us to digest here when opening the lid. Tout d’abord, a great sign of premium build quality is the fact that we can easily open the lid with one finger. The device is very well balanced and it isn’t uh difficult to do that at all. Once we are opened up, we get a good look at more of those copper lines and we can also see how the laptop raises itself for better airflow. But the thing you’re going to gravitate to straight away is really the screen which you may think is noticeably tall and that’s. Because of this we are looking at a 13.9 pouce. 3300 par 2200 resolution touch display that’s 3.3 k with a newly adopted three by two aspect: ratio and a touch panel. Let’S talk about that three by two aspect: rapport. First now, this is something that we have seen in other devices: microsoft surface in particular, being a front runner for it, and the purpose is that it gives you more height to the screen. À présent, if you’ve never used this aspect ratio before you may think what’s the point, surely i want widescreen for say watching a film or streaming and stuff like that. La chose est, bien que, if you’re working on stuff be that browsing excel productivity apps in general, especially you want the height as you can get as much information on the screen without the need to scroll.

But even then, if you do need to scroll, that is made very easy because you can literally do it with just the touch of your finger. I’Ve said it before i’ll say it again. Touch screens on laptops should always be a thing. Just saying one more thing about the screen for you: colour buffs out there and i’m gon na have to read this because there’s no teleprompters at home, kids uh. This has a wide 100 dci, p3 and 133 srgb color gamut for vivid colors and it’s. Also pantone pantone validated for color accuracy. I don’t know anything about what i just said. I don’t even know if i said pantone correctly, but if it matters to you there, it is we’ll check out the keyboard now and in a word, noise it’s an edge to edge keyboard with backlighting nice large keys with 1.3 millimeter key travel, something i found really Comfortable and accurate to use uh you’ve got a row of function, keys up top some of them your usual brightness and volume apps. You might not be used to so. Par exemple, you can deactivate the keypad there’s a dedicated screen snip button and you can deactivate the camera completely so that’s great for anyone who may be privacy conscious, you’ve also got a dedicated asus button, which opens up the my asus app, which gives you access to Hardware, diagnostics and more the talking point with this layout, bien que, is actually the trackpad not for its size, but for asus’s very innovative number pad 2.

0. This is a dual function. Touchpad so you’ll see that if i touch the icon in the right hand corner we get an illuminated keypad that lights up, you can adjust how bright it is by tapping the icon in the left corner and you can bring up the windows calculator by swiping away From that same corner, the awesome part, bien que, is that when the number pad is activated you can still use the touchpad. There is intelligent software at play here, meaning you can scroll around like normal and when you do a certain action like activate a type box. Par exemple, or open the calculator, the laptop knows when you’re using the number pad. Now i love me a good wow moment and the first time you try this it’s a wow moment confirmed beyond that, bien que, that feels like everything. I can really tell you about the more build related parts so it’s about time. We’Ve gone to windows, 10., La musique, the zenbook s, supports windows, Bonjour, facial recognition, using an ir camera to accurately recognize you and get straight into your flow. Sound is by harman kardon. La chose est, bien que, it’s freaking huge, just look at the thing: it’s big it’s bulky it doesn’t fit in my bag i’m. Not even joking, either just look at the shot. It literally does not fit in my bag and there’s. Not much else really. For me to say here, ils sont, nice and loud, they have a decent, sound as well considering they are bottom firing from the table, so good, Trucs.

Speaking of cameras, the webcam on here is your pretty much standard quality for uh webcams on a laptop. It does have image processing capabilities built in uh to make your calls look better, but there’s nothing to write home about so we’ll move on now when it comes to windows 10. You may naturally ask the question of performance, so the asus zenbook s can have up to an intel core i7 processor, avec jusqu’à 16 gigabyte of ram up to one terabyte of nvme ssd storage with intel, taking up slack in the graphics department using either uhd Graphics or the improved iris plus graphics, we also have a battery claim of up to 12 hours and fast charging uh with the ability to hit 60 charge in just 49 minutes of charging. So this is definitely a laptop you’ll be comfortable taking around with plus there’s wi fi 6 built in for the very latest standard of wi fi speeds. Now the one we have here has a 10th generation intel processor, but you can actually get this with the new 11th gen intel processor, with iris, X, graphics as well. In either case you can expect great performance for a variety of tasks like running several office applications. Large spreadsheets, with lots of vlookups, even some creative apps as well. Alors, par exemple, we tried out photoshop, which you can get three months access to at the time of filming via microsoft, 365 partner benefits, which gets you free time to a number of applications.

The offers do change every few months, so check it out if you’ve got it. La chose est, bien que, we’re not going to go into benchmarking here, C'est, not what we do. The internet is full of benchmarking. If you want to find out what the latest i7 is capable of doing stuff like that fact is, when we’ve got a laptop rocking, an i7 processor with 16 gig of ram and ssd storage, we know we’re going to get good performance. The focus for me isn’t. What this thing can do, ses, who it’s for i made a joke at the beginning of this video, where i said that this laptop looked so premium that i could take it out for dinner. Jokes aside, bien que, this really is premium and that holds weight. There are plenty of laptops on the market that can have the same kind of specs, for this device does, and there are desktop pcs that kind of clips the specs that this does. But do they look like that. I realize that’s quite a vain question to ask, but it’s one worth asking like if i use myself as an example, i’ve got two pairs of glasses right and i will choose it based on the impression that i want to give based on the look that i Want to have i do the same thing with my top. I do the same thing with my jeans. I do the same thing with the shoes that i put on the impression that i give, depending on the situation, is important to me and there’s, no doubt about it.

This laptop gives an impression. Now you might be sat there watching this thinking. I don’t really care about that or you might be thinking actually yeah. Oui. I know i’ve put four into it. I love tech. I love a powerful laptop, but i don’t want to carry around an uninteresting brick either, alors, whether you’re a business person if you’re traveling around a lot which, au fait, you can do as this weighs in at just 1.35 kilograms, nice and light if you’re traveling From desk to deskor if you just care about how modern your tech looks, this asus right herethis is a modern windows – 10 PC, it might be on the far end of the spectrum of how premium a windows 10 pc can look, but it is just That, Merci de regarder, if you like what you’ve seen uh, do like and share this video it’s, always very well appreciated i’m gon na take off this jacket now, because i don’t actually wear jackets. That often so i don’t know why i put it on. Pour être honnête, bien, i do know, i said it in the video, but i don’t even know how old this is. It’S got like a like a fake handkerchief who uses fake handkerchiefs like. Why would i need one i can’t grab it now.