La qualité de construction est très bien, son plastique avec une finition argentée: rien d’étonnant, mais pas de coins ou de bords pointus.. Il ne peut pas être ouvert avec un doigt, comme je suppose que son, pas assez lourd, mais l’écran va le plein 180 degrés de retour pour le partage., Le couvercle n’a pas trop fléchi. But doing this revealed that its fairly easy for the laptop to slide around on a flat surface.. This is partly due to it being on the lighter side, but the feet underneath also didnt feel that grippy. Theres some flex to the keyboard and lid. If you push hard, but it felt sturdy enough during regular use. Acer lists the weight as 1.2kg or 2.6lb, which is close to what I got. With the small 65w power, brick and cables. The total rises to under 1.5kg or 3.3lb. Its less than 1.6cm thick, and the smaller 14 footprint results in just 7mm thin screen bezels. le 14 1080p IPS screen wasnt amazing. I measured colour gamut at 61 de sRGB 44 de NTSC, 46 d’AdobeRGB et 45 de DCI P3. It wasnt as bright as Id like either maxing out at around 266 nits at full. Brightness though the 10801 contrast ratio was decent., I cant recommend it for content creation or colour accurate work, but for office tasks or browsing the web, its fine. No problems with backlight bleed in my unit, mais cela variera d’un panneau à l’autre.. The 720p camera is above the display in the center no IR for face unlock though.

. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the Acer, Rapide, 3 and heres. What it sounds like to type on the keyboard.. Le clavier a rétroéclairage blanc, qui éclaire toutes les clés et les fonctions clés secondaires, though in a lit room. It looks a bit patchy, but it was less of an issue in a darker environment. Theres, no brightness control. You can only turn it on or off with the F8 shortcut key.. The power button is part of the keyboard and an accidental press puts it straight to sleep, so you might want to change this through the Windows. Power options. Typing was an average experience, pas de problèmes. There heres how it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect. The precision touchpad clicks down anywhere and works without issue.. I found the fingerprint scanner just below the keyboard on the right to work fast and accurately.. The silver finish prevents fingerprints and dirt, showing up but its easy to clean. Dans tout les cas, due to the smooth surface. Sur la gauche de l’arrière theres, the small power input USB 3.2 Port Gen1 Type C, which can also be used to charge the laptop instead. Hdmi 2.0 sortie et USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A port. On the right from the front theres a 3.5mm, audio, jack combo, USB 2.0 Type, Une LED de statut de port et serrure de Kensington. Theres, nothing on the back air is instead exhausted below the screen.. The front has an indentation in the center, afin que vous puissiez ouvrir le couvercle.

Underneath just has some air intake vents towards the back. The bottom panel wasnt too hard to remove after taking out 10 Vis de tête de Phillips. Inside weve, got the battery taking up the front. Half of the machine single fan and single heatpipe for the Ryzen 7 4700U processor WiFi 6 card in the middle of those and the single M.2 storage slot on the far right memory is soldered to the motherboard, but thats pretty standard for a machine of this size.. There are two speakers on the left and right towards the front. They sounded pretty decent with a little bass, but there was some distortion at higher volume levels and the latencymon results looked good.. Le Swift 3 est propulsé par un 3 Cell 48Wh battery and in my YouTube playback test. It lasted for just under 10 heures, so quite good for the size of the battery.. It was cool to the touch at idle below the usual 30 degrés, Celsuis that I typically see. Avec un processeur, seul test de stress, running its still quite cool, considering Ive tested other laptops that idle around these temps. Permet d’écouter le bruit des fans.. It sounded silent to me at idle, then its still not loud, even with the fans going at what I assume is full speed during the stress test.. The CPU was averaging around 73 degrés Celsius, With Aida64, going with the four default options checked and running at around 2.85GHz on all 8 CPU cores.

. It seemed to be capped to an 18 limite de puissance watt. I tried boosting this with Ryzen controller software and, while temperatures rose to 90 degrés, the clock speeds were behaving strangely constantly dipping down to 400MHz, but I didnt spend much time trying to tune it. When looking at the Cinebench R20 results, I wasnt seeing a difference with, Or without Ryzen controller anyway., It looks good when compared against other laptops, though keep in mind. C'est un 14 thin and light laptop, its beating, Grandes, more expensive machines with ease.. Bien que pas un ordinateur portable de jeu par tous les moyens, you can get away with some light. 720P gaming, with the Radeon graphics at lower settings, but dont expect miracles due to lack of discrete graphics., Pour la même raison, its difficult to recommend for photo or video editing workloads. If the screen wasnt, already enough of a reason. Ive, used Crystal Disk Mark to test the storage and the 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD was alright, though the write speed was less than half the read speed. For updated pricing check the links in the description as prices will Change over time. At the time of recording its around 650 USD pour la configuration Ive testé ici, but theres also, a 4500U model for 50 Moins.. pendant ce temps, here in Australia were looking at around 1900 AUD through Acers store, though this one has twice the storage space. Avec tout cela à l’esprit. Lets conclude by considering the good and the bad to help you decide if the Acer Swift 3 is worth buying.

. The price point is nice in terms of the CPU performance on offer, thanks to AMDs Zen2 processors., The performance from a 14 inch machine is far ahead of what was available just one generation ago.. This also allows for great battery life, and the machine is fairly lightweight and portable.. Le clavier et le pavé tactile étaient très bien, though the white lighting wasnt, even in a lit room., The fingerprint scanner was fast and the screen was nothing special, but fine for office work or browsing. The internet indoors. Theres not really any killer features, mais pour 650 I think youre getting a capable laptop.. Bien sûr, if you need more power with discrete graphics, Acer also have the Nitro 5 jeu, laptop though that is bigger, so just depends on what youre after.. Faites-moi savoir ce que vous pensiez: Acers Ryzen based Swift, 3 ordinateur portable vers le bas dans les commentaires et, si votre nouveau sur le canal, then get subscribed for future tech.