Une des premières choses que vous remarquerez est l’appareil se sent vraiment bien dans vos mains, grâce au profil de bord arrondi, verre incurvé de deux ans et demi et un centre de gravité équilibré, et vous ne pouvez pas avoir une grande expérience sans un grand écran. L’affichage prend près de 80 of the front of the device, so we’re giving people more of what matters most it’s. UNE 12.3 inch molecular display and it’s the sharpest in its product class. When combined with the dual front firing speakers that are tuned to perfection, it delivers an amazing entertainment experience. Since pixel slate is powered by chrome, os you’ll get the speed and simplicity. You love now reimagined for this new type of device. c'est, a chrome, os experience, that’s meant to be held in your hands, chrome os. You never have to worry. This product gets automatic updates that happen in the background and with the pixel imprint fingerprint reader. Unlocking is just a tap pixel. Slate’S battery lasts up to 12 hours with typical mixed usage, so you can use it for work or class and then have enough power to still watch movies. When you get home and with smart accessories like the pixelbook pen or the pixel slate keyboard, you can get more done. The pixelbook pen now available in midnight blue feels like pen writing on paper. It has virtually no lag and has both pressure and tilt sensitivity and pixel slate. Even converts your handwriting into text and connecting to the pixel slate keyboard is just a quick snap.

The pixel slate keyboard has beautiful round keys, ils sont, backlit and they’re ultra quiet to type on, so you can be discreet, no matter where you’re working it has an extra large track pad with full multi touch, gesture support and there’s. Even a dedicated assistant button remind me to pick up my groceries tonight. All right i’ll remind you at 6 pm, my favorite feature about the pixel slate keyboard. Is the adjustability set the device to any angle you want, naturally, and if you want a full workstation setup, just connect a compatible keyboard mouse or monitor and you’re good to go so that’s google pixel slate, the thoughtfully designed device for how you work and play Music.