So when Im doing Photoshop – and I want to do like certzy to undo something, sometimes that gestures a little awkward um and also, if youre, charging this in your computer while its turned on and also charging your computer, its a little uh awkward. Using this, when its plugged in its a lot easier to use it when its not plugged in um, which is something to know its not that bad but its like um yeah uh, I probably wouldnt be able to recognize these Keys. If I was um, you know looking at a screen doing a video game instead of um looking at this, which, if you are a gamer, youd, probably look at this um and if theyre not that bad, actually um. I might have been a little dramatic in my review, so I might edit that before I publish it, but um yeah its not bad. It definitely works for me, but its kind of slow to want to like actually type something in slower than Im used to. With that that might just be a used to sort of thing uh, I might recommend somebody thats gaming purposes, get something thats like more for gaming, more like actual like keypads, because for me this is a little slow and um its like. I have to use my nails to type it pretty much its kind of weird using my fingers to type it because Im afraid Im gon na hit something else, and I have kind of like kind of fat fingers so but Im also a girl.

So if youre, a guy, you probably have bigger fingers than I do, um yeah thats, just what I wanted to note it for my purposes. I think it works great, its a little weird getting used to the pattern of this because obviously its laid out a little differently than a normal keyboard, but this is a bad review for it because theme doesnt even turn on Ive tried, okay on position, no light To indicate that it is on so I dont know whats going on with this thing if it was just a rip off or what, but this was not worth the amount that I actually paid for, and I would either um yeah its just it didnt turn out. As well super lightweight, though, really nice, but honestly, if I dont get a replacement for this and actually have it possibly fix the problem. I dont want to purchase this again, so anyways thats my review.