Oh you see, our GPU goes up to 20 20 persons were sorry. Youre gon na have to launch the game. Draw the following more ignore continue. You can play with your experience. Okay lets. Do it lets do it? Oh, maybe I should uh Im. Oh its loading. Oh Im, stupid loading, loading loading message. I guess its a video. Then oh foreign, okay choose your online name. Oh God. I feel myself growing. Oh Im back here to find student, pretty that was the default low running The Benchmark. True before starting the game, oh yeah thats, all we need Benchmark. Uh, yes, ah enter here enter for okay Enter thats. All we want Benchmark lets, see how well this game does. I mean, as we here see it, every 100 percent for CPU at 69 percent usage of the GPU its. Ah, I think its not really doing well. The ram is a 62 percent lets have a look, oh God. Oh my God, I dont know why. I mean the pictures. Look beautiful lets lets be serious about that. I make a stop here. Okay, we are back 100 percent. You see, CPU usage is falling down already 75. Oh lets go 100. Ram. Okay lets get it in my mouse. You see here. The ram is at 70 percent, nearly odds. I know yeah its 8.4 gigabyte, its using from the 11 point Enter. I have on the GT book The GPU. Oh, there was couple of seconds where I had gone down and the frames I dont know why.

Anyway, its look lets look low, low, low low, the GPS down two, its still loading, nothing nothings happening. I think its fair to say that Forza Horizon is too heavy. Its nothing happened except those sweet, slides show. I mean its. I think its in game graphic its not pre rendered. I will stop you again and then we will see you back after its loaded. Okay, maybe Im two to two Im, not patient enough, but I will I bought it now, its loading to death uh how to get out of here, get it okay, try it again, one more time. This time I will go into the game. The Benchmark, yeah continue. Thats fine, for me, the FPS count is still not work for some reason. Screw it go away, go away. I hate intros. I cannot skip it. Come ah. Press enter to start enter loading Music. Do I have something to continue? Not yet? Oh, I have no gamepad. No lets see if I can do it with a keyboard keyboard Im a keyboard racer. Oh, oh, oh, oh, it makes out oh if it will explode now. I hope not so oh and its loading to death. Again I mean this is an SSD. I I stop here and lets wait for a moment. I mean seriously Im, not patient, that fought for this. Why Microsoft was not able to make some progress bar or something so you can now at what stage the loading is I mean screw it.

Music, bye.