This is the model s16, and what this is is a triple a foldable monitor setup for laptops. It has two fold out monitors that are 13.3 inches apiece. They are 1080p resolution and they are IPS panels, so youre going to get that high viewing angle and good color out of these were going to dig into this now and Ill, be right back Music. All right, because I want to get everything out of the box. Youre going to get a carry case, and this is important because when the screens are folded up, one of the screens is kind of open to the elements. So its really nice that they include the zippered carry and storage case for this. So if youre an avid traveler uh, this is a perfect accessory for that. That will work out very, very well overall youre going to have many connections with this that were going to go over so make sure that you check your laptop specifications to see. If you have HDMI connections or if you have a USB type c connection that is capable of video, because you can hook it up either way or a combination of both. If you do have HDMI only and only one port, you will need an HDMI splitter so that you can do mini HDMI times two with the two power cables: okay, digging a little deeper into the box here, weve got two screen protectors, so you can put those On, if you would like to these are uh going to be handy if youre going to be traveling with them a lot.

You do have the assembly itself here again a dual fold out with a telescopic connector for your laptop screen, so thats, actually pretty cool Ill. Show you how that works in just a moment, then in the bottom, weve got all of our cabling here that they include an AC adapter and a few other things as well. You get two USB type c to USB type c cables that will uh are capable of doing video and power. You do get two mini HDMI to HDMI cables for video only and will need power to both sides. If youre going to do it via HDMI, you do get a cleaning cloth, a cable management tie, and then you get your power cables if youre doing HDMI uh, they are USB to USB type c, and you can plug these into your laptops. Usb ports to supply power, or they give you a an AC to USB adapter. If youre going to have this in more of a stationary environment, Ive got a ton of these things, so you can use those as well. Now they do give you a user guide here for this, and I really suggest holding on to this its well laid out written in English. It will show you how to set up everything, including your on screen settings, that you can access from each monitor now, opening up the monitors youre going to see uh, we do have kind of foldable design here, where you can decide uh fold out the monitors uh From the front and from the back and then in the middle, we have a portion here that is going to just slide out and it will spring back into place to attach to the back of your laptops monitor, and we also have a kickstand that will help Us to stabilize the laptop screen with the extra added weight, as you can see here, just telescopes open and you can fit the top of your laptop screen in and make sure that the bottom Clips are in front of your screen and then, of course you have That kickstand that kicks out on the back to help with the extra weight thats added from the two extra screens.

So what youre going to want to do is uh kind of face your laptop away from you, and you can make sure that the top clips are on the top of your screen. Uh and the bottom Clips. Uh will be in front of your screen uh, just to kind of give you an idea. You also have this setup here with the kickstand. You can push the button in and you can pull out the kickstand to whatever level you need to get it to the correct height and again, when you angle, your laptop back, it will uh be able to withstand that extra weight from the extra screens with the Kickstand itself, when all is said and done – and you are hooked up like as you see in the video, it is a very stable setup. Okay, so, as you can see, weve got it all set up here and you can see Im watching a YouTube video. On the left hand, side Ive got Google open in two windows on my main setup here and on the right hand, side Ive got some news open that Im reading uh and scrolling through. So you can do multiple things here and it opens up a lot more productivity. You can watch a movie or a TV show while youre doing an Excel spreadsheet, or you can take a look at the news on the right hand, side you can do multiple things at the same time, opening up your productivity level, uh very, very well.

Of course. Now you can adjust both of these screens and you do have a nice IPS display here with 178 degrees of viewing angle, so youre not really going to have any problems with viewing this as youre set up now. One of these is hooked up via mini hdmi to hdmi and then a power that is the one on the left and the one on the right is just a USB type c, two USB type c, which will do power and video. So its three cables that have to be hooked up. If you dont have that kind of setup and you need to do two hdmis, you can use an HDMI splitter. There are several different ways that you can do this, so you do have those options. So, overall, I really do like the look of this. I do want to show you some of the settings that you can set and take a closer look at at least at one of the screens, so that you can see the color options and how vibrant it is in more of a close up setting. Okay. So, taking a look, at the left hand monitor you can see that weve got some controls. On the left hand, side, we have a single button and a rocker an up and down rocker. You can adjust your brightness contrast, a black level and sharpness from the first page here, and you can push this button in uh to get to that menu navigate through it with the rocker switch you can see, that is that matte display there, a 1080p IPS uh Doesnt have that much of color shift at all.

When looking from a different angle, you can also check out your color temperatures here. You can use some setup ones or you can do your red, green and blue on your own change, your OSD language position, timeout and transparency. You can reset everything back to factory and you can also go through your signal Source, low, blue light and HDR. So if you are using an HDR signal, this will help with that as well. So you do have quite a few few options here, but overall the colors are Punchy. You get that nice IPS display on this 13.3 inches on each display, so youll have one on either side of your laptop and overall, just a really nice, vibrant setup, okay, so thats. My review of the fopo triple monitor extender for laptops is a two 13.3 inch. Ips panels that look really great again being able to have an extra two screens on your laptop really makes this a productivity Powerhouse to be able to do things such as maybe watch an instructional video work on an ex sell spreadsheet and send emails and have three Screens to do it with really cranks up your productivity uh to the max overall, football did a great job on this. I like how it uh definitely is easy to attach and very easy to set up with the included cabling that they give you and also very easy to tuck away by folding it closed and putting it in that protective case to take it with you.

If you do travel, this was Luke from Galaxy tech review.