We got some products from fnircy in the package there was an oscilloscope and also an accessory for a power supply. Let’S learn about this product, but before we need to know that the product is sponsored and the sponsor wants. You to visit the webpage where you can find the product we are going to talk about in this video. In the package there was a two power – cable, very good quality ones, guys i i’m scratching my head because i’m wondering if it is silicone or not, it looks like silicone to me and there was also two mini usb cables to usb, also a kind of diode. A bypass system, probably if you’re going to use this power supply to connect to batteries for recharging, to polarize correctly and to avoid the reverse voltage also because they chose our knowledge. They also add two fuses and i really appreciate it because when we blow the views it’s hard to find them, thanks, f nersey for the service, we really appreciate it. There is a c kind, usb cable to seek and usb cable for a special power supply that can give us from 3 12 21 volts if we get that power supply too. Nevertheless, the beautiful cover that comes with the fnersie products already characteristic, and we really appreciate that it’s, a beautiful one. There are two kind of power supplies, one with a coarse and fine adjustment for the voltage and the same for the current i don’t have it that’s.

Other kind i don’t have here this current adjustment is not to adjust the fine current level. This is a current limit that is different. I said here at how many amperes do. I want take the unit to shut down when i reach that level. When i get that that threshold for this kind of power supply that i don’t have, the current adjustment is where i need the f nersey power supply accessory, because i can set up the voltage with more precision than this voltmeter and those adjustments. And i can set up the current tool and give current limit, not the volt, not the current level. I want to shut down the system just watch this. If i make a short circuit in low current, the unit will shut down, the voltage will go to zero and will stop supplying voltage got it. I have to reset it and start over. I can give more current, it will happen. The same is the current level. I want to set up until it shows down so for the guys, as example, the ones who repair smartphones they need to give current to a short circuit to find out where, in the smartphone, the tablet, the laptop the short circuit. It is by finding the temperature changing they need a current limit for this kind of power supply. This is good to charge batteries, but this is not good to find short tickets. This is accessory. We need for it so one upper zero volts, but it’s not shutting down.

So yes, i can adjust as a constant current power supply. Now let’s find other wonderful application about it. Now let’s make a four wire resistor misuriment i’m, going to apply one ampere across of the resistor and with one external voltmeter i will check the voltage drop across of the resistor. I cannot use this voltmeter because it will show the voltage drop across of the wires plus the resistor set already with one ampere let’s make a test. There is not one ampere yet so i need to increase the voltage now. There is one ampere and ohms times: one ampere is equal to voltage where the voltage will be equal to the ohms value 1 times 1 is equal to 1.. So in this case, the resistor is 0.986 ohms, and this unit is wonderful because i can make measurements with very low resistors values. What about the output? Noise, the fabric and zest is less than 100 millivolts. The true is any cable or wire i’m going to use here is going to pick up a lot of noise as antenna. So what i’m going to do i’m going to use a 9 volts battery 7 point, something probably because it’s rechargeable one with a short cable to avoid to pick up noise antenna? This is the noise level signal and the delta i got is about one point: it looks like 86 or 66 millivolts let’s, remember the fabric and says it has to be something less than 100 millivolts guys.

This is, we are talking here about two millivolts, so that’s beyond the expectations this. This is the unit our power supply. The battery is set for one volt, and this is the connection. The test probe goes to channel one impressing guys impressing is a very low. Noise level is almost perfect, something less than two millivolts guys is impressing in precision, so we got precision a currency in the volt in the voltmeter and also very low noise level. I’M. Very impressed with the unit, so i can approach this unit and make this kind of test not only as a wonderful accessory that led you to get the maximum approach of any power supply, because the controls the precision the adjustments, but because you can make this kind Of test too thanks, f nirzi for the units. We really appreciate it.