This information is not documented on the fni rsi website and i was able to access it through whatsapp conversations directly with the fni rsi support team without further delay, let’s jump into it. So the first thing we have to do is to get the new firmware to get the new firmware, just go to your browser and type www dot. F. N. I r s i dot cn on the fni rsi website, just go to the support section and the first two entries are the the 1014, the product manual and the 1040d latest firmware let’s press on the latest firmware to download the firmware and the file is it’s. Small and it’s really fast to download. While i was preparing the information for the oscilloscope firmware upgrades, i remembered that i didn’t show you before the x y function of the oscilloscope, so i connected some cables and yeah here it is just for fun. The x y function: okay, now that we already download the firmware. The next step is connect the data cable to the pc and to the usb port of the oscilloscope. After you connect it, you come to menu usb export. As you already heard, the pc detected the new drive and right now we will clean all the files in the new drive on the pc and copy there, the the file of the new firmware. Let me show you how, after activating the usb export, you will have a new drive on your computer, the pen usb.

You have to clean all the files on this folder. Those are waveforms and captures that you did you might copy to the pc, and then you will copy the file fsi iphone 10 14 dot bin to this folder, and that is the firmware file to upgrade your oscilloscope. So we copied the fsi 1014 dot bin file to the oscilloscope. Now we terminate the connection with the pc, we remove the usb and we power off the oscilloscope power on again, and i believe that the the update routine will run yeah for the the indications that the fpf and i rsi support, sent me. This should be quite fast, uh less than a minute let’s wait to see the progress and yeah it seems. Okay, it’s progressing good. We know that the coupling has some wrong values. We had also here some issues before let’s see if it’s more stable. Now the lucky guy that wins, the oscilloscope – will have everything: okay, yeah one of the things uh, i i put the rigel function, generator outputting millivolts. We have here a small variation. Let me try to put also 100 oops sorry 100 millivolts in the rifle let’s. Do an auto okay. He says we have a vpp of 104 millivolts, this one it’s, not so precise, but yeah it’s there uh, remember the one volt readings be below one volt readings that some guys thought that will be a problem. We are with 100 uh millivolts here and yeah it’s it’s, okay, a small variation, but nothing serious, let’s see if the coupling of the channel is corrected.

Yeah right now, we have dc dc here, also let’s change this to ac yeah and coupling ac updated. So, quite nice, it is corrected this issue yeah very simple, to update uh yeah. I hope that you enjoyed if, after the update, your screen shifts to the left, don’t panic. That means that the file that you just used for the firmware upgrade is not the right one for your device, just contact, fni rsi support and ask a new one. Well, i hope that you enjoyed this small tutorial on how to upgrade your oscilloscope firmware. If you did, please give a thumbs up, it’s, very important for the channel and personally for me, if you haven’t already, please consider subscribing the channel and hit that bell, so you can be notified every time i launch a new video that’s it for today.