com typical packaging by then they'll have a big bubble: wrap I'Ll get into in just a second. I just wanted to mention this came by EMS, which took around two weeks to get to me from China to New Zealand. Now, if you're going to be buying this here in Europe, if you aren't you're, I recommend just using the normal free post service. Don'T get EMS because EMS in Spain is horrific, it will sit there for a month and customs and you will also have to pay a lot. I didn't actually have to pay any taxes on this, which was really good. The declared value you can see along here maybe is 96 dollars. They declared it up. Okay, so it's quite well packaged up. There should be no damage to this. This super bubble wrap they put around. It gives it a really good ear cushion around and I just lost the power adapter down the side of the table, but that's a power adapter that's. Just so I can convert the plug from u.s. to Australia, New Zealand style. So as long here, I also have with it the keyboard, so let's say leather keyboard that will allow you to obviously type on it because it docks into it. So we'll check that out later, and there is the tablet below there. Okay, so just put the camera in a little closer. To give you a better view now, this is the box off the tablet and very nice well done box, and if she feels like leather well, they've done an imitation leather texture on top of the box, which it looks quite good, so very nice packaging.

So far on the back, there is nothing there's no speaks or anything listed there so get the Box open, and here we have the power cable. So we've got a type C white cable there and our power supply, which looks to be very small it's. One of those clip out once I have seen this designed before so you just need to pull down on those two tabs and I will cause have to connect in my power adapter into that and now the tablet now looks like someone has already pulled the screen Protector off so then reapplied it not too sure why debtors? Perhaps it came off in this factory, highly unlikely unless they pulled it off and they're testing just to get a good look at the screen. I have no idea what this says on there, but that's something from. If and if I don't know I can't read Chinese so I'm collude as to what that is actually saying. Maybe someone in the comments can point that out what it's about just for just of it. So we go down the bottom here, a fingerprint reader and the type C port there. Two German frying speakers along the top. There will be the other two. We have a microphone and the 3.5 I'm going to meet a headphone jack there. Here we have the power button that is made out of metal and, on the right hand, side v2 volume buttons, they're also made out of metal, and we have here a slot for our micro SD card and overall, that feels really solid.

The build of this it's, quite certain there's, the Pogo, pin port at the bottom, so we've got five Pogo pin foot there. That is for the keyboard case, which I will show you in just a second and the textured back feels like leather. I think it's. Just a fake leather or that imitation leather style to it it has a nice textured back to it, 13 megapixel camera LED flash something we don't often see on tablets and the front facing camera is 5 megapixels. Here in the box, there's just a few instructions about the keyboard case. I don't know why they actually end the box of the tablet and not in the box of the keyboard. So it looks like someone has that you've gone through all of us. It looks a little messy not to worry and here's a instruction manual, that is in English, which is good to see, and I would assume Chinese yeah so Chinese in English. For that, so the keyboard looks like it might have actually been opened up as well, because it's looking a little bit messy the whole waiters or maybe that's just the way it was packaged and it's just taking a bit of a beating, hopefully it's not used. So just get into it from the side and take a look at that, so it has. I think that is real leather. Well, maybe, actually probably wouldn't be real leather, but it does have a nice feel to it looks okay, and here we have a little tiny mini keyboard.

I imagined that this would actually fold back into that standing position, which normally goes like that. I think so. You can have a look there at the keys typical layout, so we have got at least a function to disable this tiny little trackpad, but hey at least we have one they're better than nothing. I guess and we've got leather speak here to keep the keyboard away from the screen and the fact that this isn't bluetooth and a bleep powered from the Pogo port. Why that is actually a good thing, meaning we're not going to have to connect this up and it doesn't have an internal battery. So you don't have to worry about charging up the keyboard, which is something I hated when using a Bluetooth or similar keyboard with a nine point. Seven inch tablet so have a look and see how that dachshund should be magnetic yeah and oh there we go so that's going to sit up like that and docking they're reasonably good. The whole thing folds up into one neat little package there for traveling and overall, the build quality of that seems okay, so I have it correctly folded back now the case you're supposed to fold it back this way, not their way. I had it before the other way around to get that one fixed angle there, which seems okay. So if you can be pushing against that screen and scrolling, for example, using Chrome, then there is a little bit of wobble there.

It'S not too bad, and the keyboard itself feels has a bit of a plastic feel to it noisy kind of keys. But it gets the amount of travel they have seems alright, considering the size of this overall, it doesn't seem too bad two keyboards that it's not really the same level as quality as the tablet itself, which has a very good build quality. Just to point out to that D keyboard it's faithfully, that it smells synthetic, so it's, definitely not real leather on there. So get this screen protector off, which I think someone actually already removed previously, because it's got dust trapped underneath it that's, not normal. Okay. So just get this powered up hold down the top button there Phoenix OS. This is based on android 6.0.1 and it is similar to remix. So what I've heard from articles on the internet that said that things OSs yeah very similar, because you can just run multi windows and things like that with the applications? And it has a very familiar look about it like remix. So you can have a basic like a desktop feel to it: okay, so it's going to start up and all lucky, there is English option there, but there's no other languages. So if you want Chinese and English you're in luck, but if you want any other language, I don't know what you're going to have to do. You might have to flash a custom ROM on this if that is possible, so I'll just connect up to my wireless here.

Okay, there is a system update that's already there that it's just advising me about in the background, so actually that setup was extremely quick that just got straight into that, not bad, so there's a 71 megabyte download. I need to download. I will do that shortly and I can already see that there are a few applications on deal that I can download and install with the Phoenix OS featured app. So we've got a few along here to see what kind of settings ok. So this is all new to me. The way this is done, but it does have a remix feel about it. So they look about tablet. So, yes, it is android 6.0.1 and the Android security patch level is March of 2016, but maybe this system update will hopefully fix that so Phoenix OS 1.1 to go back here and see. If I can find where storages is, you have to find so, 6 gigabytes is used of the 32 gigabytes of internal storage, there's, of course, that micro SD card slot on there. So you can go along and just put your own sorry, the other side, your own 128 gigabyte or whatever card into that to expand under storage there. So looking at the display, it does look like it's hard to tell actually, I don't think that's fully laminated. I think I can see a bit of a gap there, which is a shame, but the laminated, the glass on the top and the gap between the IPS panel below looks very minimal.

To me I would say a millimeter is fat, maybe even less so not too bad yeah it's really hard to tell at this point but I'm going to I'm going to say it's, not fully laminated just to be on the safe side there, alright so display there Should be, hopefully, I swipe down: no, there isn't there's, no toggles. Where are my toggles for the brightness? I think we have to go okay, the Notification Center and you can see right there. There is a toggle for me to control the screen. Brightness I'm, just going to put it on a hundred percent right there. That doesn't seem too bad very nice. Looking screen, I mean if you're familiar with the iPad air that air to screen, then you'll know what this panel is all about. It'S a good looking panel, auto rotate. The typical toggles are right here: battery okay, so in my full review, I'll go through some gaming I'll kissed. A lot of things out. I just want to quickly have a look at some of the applications we have here. So kicks editor and we can do okay. That wants to be updated do that later and we can run all multi windows just like remix here's, the browser, obviously Stardust, never heard of the sprouter browser, maybe it's the Phoenix one. Okay, just lots of updates at once. I'M going to have to go through. All of that so have a quick look now at the speakers, have a listen to how those sounds and the close up of the display Music Applause, okay, so those speakers at 100 volume they are distorting they are vibrating within the tablet there.

This is very common on cheaper Chinese tablets. I hear this all the time the sound of them okay. It is a little bit of bass. Air that's coming through, which we often miss out on maybe that's, helped by the fact that it's got four speakers, but really those speakers sounds average to me. They are not very good there, which is a little disappointing, but I have expected this. I want to look at the weight of it. 530 grams. The website says 500 grams. I guess they rounded, that down to the nearest 100 and what I'll do is just put the tablet case on it: a keyboard and see what the total weight will be and that pushes it up to almost Aikido at 972 grams. So here's a close up of the screen edge very sharp. It looks really nice not a bad panel at all, but I would definitely say that this one isn't fully laminated so non laminated display, but that gap I can see is very, very minimal. Indeed, I mean pressing down the glass to try and get to actual plastic touch the IPS panel below you can just do it there, but that is almost next to nothing. So I got ta say it's around, I would say under one millimeter that gap there and you can sort of see on the corner there as well. It is a tiny little bit of a gap, but you're, not a bad screen at all.

The weak Phoenix OS is setup is very similar to what you find on a digital computer, because here we have like a similar, startling menu function. Your recent apps will come up here. There is always switch which is interesting, switching to Android, so you can actually just go out of it phoenix OS into just normal Android 6, which is perhaps really good for people that just don't want this or you want this other languages on there. I'Ve also noticed that they do have two partitions with the AEMC. So if I go into my computer you'll see here that we've got Android system and in personal space now not really too sure why they have set that up like that. But that could be for the two different operating systems so I'm going to have to check that out here, but, as I mentioned before, that has a very remix feel to it. I definitely agree with that very very similar here, I think, hitting the Android there yep. So I'm going to go over and switch now over to Android and we'll check that out, okay, so that was actually instant just swapping over. I did not expect that. I thought it might have to do a full reboot for me so clearly now in stock Android – and there are some blogger applications on here. There is no Google Play Store on there, so that's going to have to be installed. Hopefully I will be able to install that without too many problems and yeah Android stock Android.

So that is really good. I did not expect this. I thought it was just all Phoenix OS I'm, not too sure other people have seen the same as me that there's, actually quite good it's, got the two operating systems on there. Ideally, I would actually probably just like it all given to stock Android 6. We play store install, but we do have that phoenix OS DF. If you want more productivity, perhaps slightly better desktop, feel to it, and here we get storage, ok, so they have used or partitioned 64 gigabytes or to 32 gigabytes for each operating system there. So that is interesting. The way they have done that now, when it swaps over the operating system, it's very quick as you've seen and you get full available, 4 gigabytes of RAM available to you. So you don't actually lose out it's, not keeping that other operating system. In memory nothing whatsoever, I don't know really how they're doing that, but it's very clever. The way you can just swap over, like that and you've got full amount of RAM you can see. This is just an Android 6 part of it and I've got three point. Three gigabytes available to me so plenty of RAM time for me to test out the fingerprint reader, which is, of course, part of the home button. The home button works more as a back button, so tapping it will go back, double tap was exiting applications or closing them in the Phoenix OS and here I'm just going to get it to scan my sink I'm just going to use my thumb here.

So I think it's, probably about ten times I have to keep doing this repeat the process. This is very common. I wants me to move my finger there we go so that is done I'm just going to lock it okay straight unlock, so the first time just must have been a security thing. They want the pin first, one more time that seems to be working. Well, you don't actually have to push down on the button it's just a straight. Let your finger be read and it unlocks I've just like that keyboard and again this time, when it's powered on just have a look at how the cursor feels it's. Okay, I mean it will do the job it's, nothing, wonderful, it's, just a little small. So in the camera department we have a front facing five megapixel camera and you can see the quality at the moment, it's, actually all right, considering while it's not the brightest of conditions, I do have a spotlight on the table, but the background rest of it is Well, you could say well most dimly lit there and it seems to be doing a reasonably good job and swapping over to the rear camera that's 13 megapixels. It does have autofocus and the quality. I just took a couple of snaps. It doesn't really seem that good at all eyes owned in and is a bit of grain a bit of blurriness towards so I mean I wouldn't be buying this kind of tablets for the cameras.

Definitely not okay, so that's, the FN in I 5 Pro to a very different retina tablet than nine point. Seven inches will be written a screen that Apple liked to call it a very familiar screen. Of course, a lot of us have seen it's been in. So many tablets now and really it is a dying breed of tablet, because the four by three screens we're, seeing less and less of, I prefer three by two ratio. I think that is actually better, so we're going to have more of those up and coming so the tablet comes with the keyboard from banggood, at least because I actually, I wasn't actually expecting to see the keyboard there, but they included that I was kind of hoping It would be there now it had almost a used look about it. The I was boxed up, but I wasn't too happy about, but it seems looking at it that it hasn't really been used. It must have just seen their quality control team that open up the tablets test them out before shipping them off, because last thing I'm going to do is see one out broken, and this that's. What I think it is hopefully so the keyboard on it feels a little bit cheap, that's, okay, it's got that fake leather around it, but it's good to have it docking and not actually using bluetooth or anything else. So at least we can type out on the now the typing on, and I have done a little tiny bit of typing it's.

Okay, there's a little bit of travel on the keys. They'Ve got that plasticky tapping sound to them and the touchpad is very small, but it does the job it's, not really that good. Now, the screen is really good. Very nice screen build quality, also excellent FN. If this is now the second type of ears that I've got, and I must say that the ability is top notch, it's very good. The screen of the way it's furnished the metal frame around it's, 7.7 millimeters and it's got that backing on it. That feels good. As well they'll call it really good performance things good. Now I never expected to see two operating systems on here. I thought it was just Phoenix OS and then we've got Android 6. So Phoenix is just a skin on top of Android 6 and then we can just go to stock if you don't like that, and both seem to be using separate 32 gigabytes EMC drives, which is something I have never seen before in a tablet, and I have Seen a fair few tablets now out of China, so have a lot more Cup and coming in the review artist up some games. If I can get Play Store installed. Hopefully I can and a little bit more perhaps on that Phoenix OS which looks and feels a lot like remix OS.