This is going to be a different kind of review here, because I had a lot of problems to get Google Play installed on this particular model. In fact, I can’t actually install it. I have completely given up otherwise it looked like an interesting Android tablet, so one of the few Android tablets I’ve seen it has a removable keyboard that connects up with magnets and a Pogo pin port. It even has a little touchpad down there on the bottom. So I think on this keyboard is very average because it is only nine point: seven inches the screen across so quite cramped, but the key travels all right. It does have a bit of a cheek feel to it, and so does the touchpad, but it works and it’s better than nothing that it is a little smaller. So the whole thing will fold up into this one little neat package that protects it and it’s got this fake leather finish to it. Keeping with the leather theme. They have used this textured backing on its plastic and it made it look like it’s leather, but it isn’t, and I just find it to be a little cheap. At least it doesn’t show up finger prints that much the rear facing camera is 13 megapixels. Next that it’s a little LED flash now the quality of the camera is disappointing. I’M, not even going to bother to show you samples because it’s just not worth it, they don’t look good they’re, grainy horrible quality on the top of it.

There. A two speakers here, there’s also two on the bottom, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a secondary microphone on the front here. We’Ve got a five megapixel camera next to that’s the ambient light sensor. And if you go into the display settings you can turn on the adaptive brightness there so to control brightness automatically for you down on the bottom, a type C port. Now charging this tablet is very slow. It takes approximately five and a half hours, so not really that good. I find that to be too slow. It should have a fast charger. Also, what is slow on this device is the fingerprint reader here now you need to wake up the device first and then it will unlock, but I find it it’s hitting this and sometimes it’s just faster to key in my password. One good thing is: we do have microSD card support, but you have to use an eject tool that they don’t actually include in the box. This I don’t really like personally, I like to be able to have quick and easy access to my microSD cards, but some people do like that. They put like a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes in there and just leave it in there and yes, 128 gigabyte cards will work so the hybrid system. We have a rockchip rk3288, although my version of cpu z is reporting it as a RK 3066. I definitely I hope it stomp at sunset.

So graphics is a Mele t760. The performance of the ROM seems to be okay, but I have noticed that you do and now and then see a bit of stutter. So at the moment, I’m in stock Android now there’s a massive flaw with this, and you see that where’s Google Play now I’ve been trying to forever install it and you’ll see here. If I go into apks tried versions of every single version, you can put thing call the Google Play Store. The framework, always crashes always ends in all these errors. So I have just given up by trying to get Google planner it’s, something with the ROM that just does not seem to allow it to work properly. So the only way to fix it, I believe, is to flash a custom ROM or a ROM that has Google Play already installed on it. So the other interesting thing about this particular tablet is that it has Phoenix OS on here, so you can actually swap the skin. So now, if this is stock, Android 6 – and if I go along here to always switch, you see how quick this is. It literally only takes about five seconds, and then we go into Phoenix OS, which looks a lot like remix. Now I haven’t been using it a lot to be honest because I’ve just been really annoyed with not being able to get Google Play installed on this, but it gives you Windows for everything.

So you can run things Windows, as I mentioned, just like remix, really, their own kind of version there and I’m not going to go into too much detail here, because really, I don’t think there’s any need to so you’re a remix fan. You will like this. The tablet has four speakers and them, and they vibrate they sound poor they’re, not really that good maximum volume 79 decibels, which I guess is okay, but I’ve, seen other Talmud’s managed to get around 88 so even louder than this let’s have a listen to them and Just see if you can pick up on that Distortion, Music so hope you could hear that discussion, they’re horrible speakers really now on to battery life and a few other things so three hours and 54 minutes of screen on time is not good in a tablet. So that’s bad, you can see here’s the battery use and I did notice that the standby battery life is horrible. It just seems to chew through the better, even though it’s doing nothing, you got the screen off and it’s just going down, so I can’t recommend this tablet, especially with this kind of battery life. There were a couple of other things I did run. Oh, this is the error always had so Google services framework was constantly crashing. Whenever I tried to install play and sorry here, we go. That is the only benchmark I’m going to show you, which is a geek bench for so I’m.

Just going to show you one game, this is a game that didn’t ask for Play: services didn’t: ask the Google store to update it. I managed to find an apk, so the only one I can really get working because the tried modeled combat, but it wanted to update itself so modern combat with another question let’s see. If it should run this, it should actually be playable because it worked on the mini 4s. So I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on this one with the same chipset, okay, that’s quite choppy, but at least it has label frame rate so far: Applause, Music, okay, so that is not ideal performance for me, that’s just a little too slow. So that concludes the review here. So what a disappointment? The i5 pro 2. Is. This thing I just save you cash don’t buy this whatever you do. It looks so promising didn’t it with the attachable keyboard, the fingerprint reader, the hardware. Okay, the screen is nice. The speakers sound horrible because they just do it 100 typing on the keyboards cramped. The cameras are poor as well there’s battery life horrible as well. So really this not much more. I can say there is plenty more out there to choose from that is ten times better than this thing here. Only idiots like me behind these to review, but at least you know this one is a definite lemon thanks so much for watching, and I do hope to see you back in the channel if you are new, why not think about subscribing? Because I will have plenty more up and coming.