This is called the i5 mini 4s and it has the same screen size and resolution as an iPad Mini, but it costs a lot less. In fact, right now, I think your best is selling it for about 128 bucks, so a pretty good little device for a very low price, we’re going to be taking a closer look at this in just a second, but I do want to mention in the interest Of full disclosure, this came in free of charge from Now, for all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted. Now, before we get into the hardware, I do want to give you my usual buy at your own risk on this product, because, like many other Chinese brands, they don’t have the international customer service presence that a major brand like Apple or HP or Dell might have So if you have a problem down the road, you may not get the support you expect from those companies and that’s, partly why these things don’t cost all that much money. So there that in mind is kind of a by our own risk thing. It’Ll likely work for a good length of time, but if it doesn’t, you might have to get another one as a solution or some other branded device as a solution versus getting the one you have fix, because they often don’t respond much to customer inquiries.

So just bear that in mind. I haven’t had any direct experience with this company just yet, but my experience overall has been one where I need to apply this disclaimer at the outset. Now this device looks a lot like an iPad Mini it’s, a little bit thicker than the iPad nice metal case on it all around. It feels pretty sturdy. Actually, it weighs about eleven point: nine ounces or 338 grams, so it has a little bit of heft to it and it actually feels pretty well built. So I think it’ll hold up relatively well in the course of using it. 7.9 inch display just like the iPad Mini and just like the iPad Mini. It is a 2048 by 1536 resolution, so that is a Retina screen exactly the same resolution and size as the iPad Mini retina. So it’s really nice to look at decent viewing angles. It’S not as bright as the iPad is, so you do lose a little brightness versus the iPad, but generally am I using it. I found it to be really nice and really sharp, as I’ve been reading texts and watching some videos on it. There is, though, some screen bleed through especially around the corners here, so you will see that when you have like a single color image up on the screen, definitely see a kind of brightness halo effect around portions of the screen due to that bleed through. That is a common issue with low cost.

Ips displays like this one, and it will certainly have that going on there. It is powered by a rock ship rk3288 processor, that is the same processor. We found in my favorite Android gaming device called the GPB xD and, as such, it’s actually a pretty decent powerful device for what you would use it for so you’ll see some examples of that when we step through its performance in a little bit, two gigabytes of Ram 32 gigabytes of built in storage, if you also have an SD card slot here on the top for augmenting that storage, if you need to so, you can download your Netflix movies and some other stuff and put them on a card to save your internal storage. Has wireless AC built in along with bluetooth? There are some cameras on it, not the best cameras, though you get a little 2 megapixel camera here on the front, which is probably adequate enough for doing video conferences. It’S a 480p camera, essentially nothing great on the back. They do have an 8 megapixel camera, but it is parable the pictures that actually remind me a lot of the little one pen camera I played with as a kid really fuzzy and out of focus. The camera takes a long time to respond when you do want to take a picture, so photos really aren’t so great on it. It does shoot video at 1080p, but the video also looks pretty lousy too, as you can see here, so do not buy this.

For its camera, but does have some other attributes that I think are worth talking about for sure, but definitely not that I’m going to put the battery life on this one around 6 and 12 to 7 hours. If you’re not stressing the hardware too much if you’re playing games and doing some other stuff, you will certainly see a factor decline in that battery charge might do a little bit better again, depending on what you’re doing with it. So I think you can get through a good portion of the day if you’re just browsing the web and maybe watching some movies or something but games will certainly tax it. You charge it up here with a micro, USB connector, the usual one. You typically see so it will work, of course, with external batteries and other USB chargers. You do have a headphone microphone jack there and over here, of course, is that SD card slot we mentioned earlier. They did laminate the screen, so there is a protector already on it. When you get it, it looks like it was installed. Ok, but it certainly picks up fingerprints very easily, so that will be something you’ll be dealing with, but it’s better than getting scratches on the display. I guess you got speakers here on the bottom. They sound pretty loud, but you may want to get headphones connected for a better audio experience. You can adjust the volume rocker over here to get the audio to where you want it to be, but overall, pretty simple device here now let’s take a look and see how it performs all right, so we’re going to start off with YouTube here.

I do want to give one little warning about Netflix, because I mentioned it earlier in the video. As of now, I cannot install Netflix on this device. I know Netflix has been getting more particular about which devices can run its app officially through the Google Play Store, and it looks like this device, for whatever reason is not able to install the app right now. Officially. So just bear that in mind. If you are a Netflix watcher, you will not be able to install it through Google Play you’ll have to find some other way to get it working. I will also note right now that we’re in the YouTube app you’ll see a little bit of that bleed through that I mentioned here. You can see how the screen is a little bit brighter on the edge there than it is next to it. So that’s one thing: you’ll notice here again when you’ve got solid, colors on screen, let’s take a look at a video we’ll, pull it up real, quick and see how fast everything spins up and you can see it does come up very quickly again. This does have wireless AC onboard, so it is pretty zippy on the network. Here the video springs up and starts playing back very quickly and actually looks pretty nice too. I don’t look so great, but the video quality is decent on the screen. Here’S again, the colors are looking really nice on the display and minus the bleed through issue it’s.

Actually, a pretty nice display to look at for watching videos and whatnot, so that seems to be performing pretty well. I was screwed over to Google Chrome and maybe load up the NASA web page real, quick and see how that comes up, and it really does quite well with media rich sites like this. So it does render in relatively quickly for a low cost device, and you can see how fast everything pulls up here. We can go dig into an article here and see how fast that loads very nice to read on this display. The text is very sharp and clear due to the resolution, so overall, a really nice browsing experience on this and very quick. In fact, I think there are a few manufacturers that make Chromebooks with the same processor. So this is something that you’ll see in a number of different devices because it does perform so well at these kinds of tasks as a game playing device. It does pretty well we’ll. Take a look first here at grand theft, auto vice city, and it runs at a very smooth frame rate here. I think you’ll have a very good experience with most of the Android game library here, just because most developers target devices around this specification. So there is plenty to choose from, and things really do run pretty nicely on here. We’Ll pull up mine crack here as well, and you can see how that’s running one of the things when you don’t have a lot of memory in the device like this one.

Only has 2 gigabytes of RAM. I often can’t really switch very quickly between your game, so you definitely want to save things as often as possible if you plan on switching back and forth, but it does run even though we’re in the night mode here at a pretty decent framerate for Minecraft as Well, let’s take a look at emulation. We’Ve done a lot on that with the GPD XD will see similar performance out of here let’s check out the raycast emulator running some old Dreamcast games. I think Dreamcast emulation is about the best you’re going to be able to do on this and seeing about 50 frames per second here. But there is some lag going on with this one versus what I usually see on the GPB XD, which is a little smoother, and I think it might just be a setting here in the emulator that is getting it to run at the full screen resolution. I think if I can get that resolution turned down, we’d see a slightly better performance out of this one but it’s about the extent of it. I think you’ll do well with main games a lot of the arcade games and some of the older consoles from the 80s and 90s as well with it, but there’s no chance of dolphin GameCube emulation on this one to just bear that in mind. But I think this is about as far as you’ll go with it, but overall a pretty decent performance.

I also ran a 3dmark benchmark test on this one. I unfortunately could not get the slingshot test to work on it, which is their newer tests. I ran the older one called ice storm. We got a score of eleven thousand two hundred and twenty four, which adds expected lines up pretty closely to what we saw with the GP dxd. The processor performance on physics was a little lower on this one than it is on that. One, not sure why that is. I did run it a couple of times to see what was going on, but maybe they’ve clocked the processor a little slower on this one, which could explain some of our performance differences on the raycast emulator as well, but by and large in most of the android Games you’ll play you’ll, have these in performance in line what you saw with Grand Theft, Auto and minecraft there, that is the i5 mini 4s, and if you are looking for a low cost alternative to an iPad Mini running Android, this might be worth looking at. They replicated the screen from the iPad and put it into this low cost device. The same size, same aspect, ratio, same resolution, and I really do prefer this size of screen for reading web pages, because it’s not too thin and narrow, like many widescreen tablets tend to be so, it does look pretty nice here. You do, of course, get more letterboxing on movies when you play them back on here, but for reading it’s much better and oh, there is some screen up lead through issues here.

The text is still very sharp. The images look nice on screen and for the price, it is a really nice alternative to an iPad Mini again, just want to reiterate my warning about some of these no name Chinese brands. You definitely want to be careful when you buy, or at least be aware that if you do have problems down the road you may not likely get the support. You will expect from a name brand company that has a wider customer service footprint, but I can recommend this one if you’re willing to take the risk, I think it’s worth it, and this is one size and thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by My patreon supporters, including gold level supporters mark Bollinger Brian Miller, mr. Morse, in Kody Falk. If you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month it over to londa TV, slash, patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe.