Normally it has a full plastic build and a non laminated display, but here we have the F ni. 5 many 4s. This one here is a fully laminated 2048 by 1536 aka retina panel in here at 7.9. Inches has 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage and it’s got a full metal body, so you’re getting quite a bit for the money, but is it any good or not that’s? What I’m here to find out? So the back has this matte metal finish, which is actually really quite nicely done so mate megapixel camera there at the top it’s autofocus I’ll, show you sample that later on, but a quality isn’t really that great so top and bottom. There is glass along here and this metal backing is a complete fingerprint magnet. So you need to clean this all the time. On the right hand, side we have two volume buttons. Now these are made out of metal, which you don’t normally see, but they are a little bit loose, so they tend to rattle round in there puts it on the top. We have the power button, it’s also made out of metal. It doesn’t rattle around like the volume buttons micro SD card it can take up to 128 gigabytes tested, then the micro USB 2 port for charging and data 3.5 millimeter headphone port. Now this does have some static over it and interference at low volumes. No matter what you’re doing that seems to come through, which is rather disappointing.

Next to that there’s a microphone and then on the front of the screen there, you can see the front 2 megapixel camera now. What is missing here, just like the meat pad 2, is micro HDMI out. I would really like to have that even on a tablet at this price range, but the good thing, as we do at least have that expandable memory, the micro SD card slot, which is missing on the me pad 2 and lastly, down the bottom. There are two downwards firing: speakers let’s have a listen to them, looking for a new mobile phone and you’re on a budget, and your priorities are battery life, a good design and a decent 1080p display. Then this model here is where the look at the shell main redmi note 4 X. Obviously, so you can hear from that that they have a little bit of volume to them. They’Re, not the greatest sounding speakers. The show me meat pad. Two speakers are definitely a step up and better than these ones. Now the speaks of a nun. Exactly great we’ve just got two gigabytes of RAM, which may seem to most people like not enough. Ideally, four would be better, but it actually performs: okay there’s, a quad core Rock chip rk3288, which can turbo up to 1.8 gigahertz and the GPU inside there’s a Mele t760. So it’s not going to win any awards, it’s, not a break any benchmarks which I’ll show you shortly, but one of the things I do like about this as it has completely stock Android six and the performance of the ROM is really good.

It’S, not a bloated launcher, it doesn’t come with any pre installed. Crap like you, normally get on these kind of tablets at this price range. Here we go so android, 6.0.1, so no bloatware whatsoever. You get around 28 gigabytes of free storage. Of course, you can expand on that without microSD card slot and everything says you’ve got Play, Store the essentials so just applications. You need you install the stuff you want in there they’re not forcing upon you, I 5 social media. I fibers I post that. No none of that’s there, which is really good, so the display is something that surprised me a little bit because they didn’t expect it to be fully laminated. Normally, this price range you get those cheaper panels, so you’ve got that big air gap. Now it doesn’t have Gorilla Glass or anything like that on it. It has a pre applied screen protector that can add to a bit of the reflectiveness of the display, but since it doesn’t have that gap – and it is fully laminated it’s, not so susceptible to reflections. Now maximum brightness came out around 210 lux, which isn’t the highest this panel can actually do. I think I five had toned it down a little bit to save on battery life, which we’ll get onto soon, but it’s a very sharp premium. Looking screen, it looks great and I’ll show you later on what it’s like the ebooks too. So it means the text is really nice and sharp with 324 PPI and touch accuracy is also very good, a really nice screen.

What also surprised me is my panel at least doesn’t have having any light leakage at all that you commonly see just around the edges, so Play Store works. Well, I haven’t encountered any problems in there. It has the standard Google G board. The keyboard works. Fine, no problems again with the typing accuracy typing. On this perfectly fine. The Romo overall feels quick and snappy, and I think it’s down to the fact that it’s just a light ROM, as mentioned before it’s, not a custom launcher, though cues. So that is all good. Really, when it comes to that kind of performance of the wrong, I don’t have any problems now. The ideal use of this tablet, I believe, would be things like media consumption, so just going to start Chrome quickly. This is probably where it’s good, because it does have a really nice screen great for looking at Tech, so ebooks and let’s just split that slop that around there you can see auto rotation, of course, that all works, fine and it’s going through a post. Here now, YouTube works up to 1440p resolution. Someone asked me to test the YouTube application out which I did, and that has no problem running and 1440p. So these kind of things. I think this is what this tablet is good for now the GPR having a little bit concerned about what’s the performance like for gaming, and it actually turns out to be ok. I’Ll show you soon, but first wanted to just cover cook the ebooks, because they know that would probably be a common use for this particular tablet being the fact that it’s seven point nine inches, so quite a nice handy size to just slip in a bag.

Now I do have a PDF magazine here that is rather heavy and the performance of it is okay. But if you skip ahead like this, then eventually it’s going to start to play catch up and it’s actually better than I thought it would be. I thought that the rock textured set would have horrendous performance and it’s, actually fine it’s, not too bad. Now, when I was talking about the tech see if we zoom in here I’m, not even zooming – and I can see that just fine but very clear because of that PPI, but at 324 PPI, so not a bad screen and I’ll just go into a standard ebook. Here I have infernos, and you see that very good for reading problems with that now, if you’ve got one of those PDF files it’s like 400 megabytes, then obviously things are going to slow down a little. You can’t expect that much out of this chipset. This is around 130 us this tablets, so some people are, after top line performance and these kind of things this isn’t, what it’s, really for so performing that a lot better than I thought now benchmarks. I just wanted to go through a couple here that I did run through and the most important ones here I believe so here’s a Geekbench full score and that’s okay that’s not going to break any records there and that’s an two to six point. Two point 751 K: now this Snapdragon 65 gets around 60000 and you can see the weakness here comes down to that GPU, the Mallee t760.

This is the battery life, the most important thing and probably, and is actually the worst part of this tablet. So around four hours, 17 minutes with the work to school running through its editing things and all that now lighter use. You can squeeze this out to maybe five hours. The best I’ve done is around four and a half, and the screen on time was four hours. Six minutes you can’t really expect more screen out on time than that. That was down to 10, and there is just me using it there so antutu benchmark at that point was what was eating into the battery a little bit. So I mean battery life, yeah that’s, not the greatest. Now. The show me me pad has a larger battery. This one’s only got four thousand eight hundred million hours. The me pad has a six thousand two hundred million hour one and it lasts for approximately and now hour and a half more. So if you asked a better battery life go for that model, and here we have wireless okay. What is performance? Wireless AC? Fine sorry, wireless dual ban. I think it has good performance now the range of it isn’t as good as the all plastic clad tablets. I did notice that when I moved further away from my router that that speed halved now, that is normal because I went down to the end of the house, but it just seemed to me. The range, I would say is slightly: we go.

This doesn’t have a top range, probably the fact that it does have all that metal, but it’s, surrounded with that is probably the culprit deal with that. So those are the inch marks I’ll just quickly test out a couple of games to show you how those perform gets a little bit of gaming. Here it does have a six axis accelerometer, so James it all. The t support accelerometer are going to work. Let’S see how this one runs just very quickly. You see that it does have playable framerate not going to be the smoothest see there is a little bit of visible lag and slow down there. He stutters this title is Marvel feature fight. It is playable, but as you’ll see soon, the framerate does sit right down. This game tends to be quite leggy, even on more powerful chipsets I’ve seen us drop right down the framerate. This next title with ashphalt extreme it’s, a relatively new game – probably one of the most demanding ones so we’ll see how it runs. This is modern. Combat 5 now let’s demand a game here: clash of clans, this one’s 2d, two sprites, the animation there runs fine, looks really good on the screen. I must add, because it’s just a nice, sharp colorful panel and fully laminated so I’m gon na quit game here and we’ll see if it gets any slowdown and imagine a twirl, probably just a little alright. So you can see from that that most of those games out there they’re going to all be playable.

I believe, but you will see an experienced lag here and there that’s to be expected with this chipset and lower end Katarina price range of tablet and on to the camera so the front facing camera. You can see that the viewpoint that has a horrible amount of lag, even though my face is brightly, lit up from the light I’m using here. So not really that good. Now, when you’re in cause like Skype, I tested that out and it’s okay, but as soon as you hit into the lower light, it just gets very grainy. So not really that good now there’s a rear camera which is 8 megapixels. Did you find it is a lot faster, but the quality of the photos are not good at all it’s not up to I pad kind of speck and lift the latest iPad not at all, and it just actually crashed on me just in don’t know why that Happened so yeah the cameras on this. You can say our rubbish really. So we have quite a decent tablet here for a very low price. You’Ve got that premium build still made out of metal use of a little bit of glass or near 2, and then we have a fully laminated premium display. I think you’re getting a lot for around 130 us here sure this is in a perfect tablet. I mean the battery life is quite poor. You get four and a half to five hours max battery life.

Now there are a few things that surprised me. So first was the fully laminated display. I didn’t expect it to be fully laminated and the other is the performance of it. Overall, the antutu score is not going to be breaking any records around 51000, whether the GPU, it seems can handle all of the latest games out here now. This is a demanding game, that’s running in the background. This is Mortal Kombat X and it’s, getting over 30 frames per second and it’s, performing better than the meat pad too, which is a very similar 7.9 inch tablet with the same exact screen in it, so which one should you get out of there too? If you’re? Looking at the meat pad and then you’re looking at this, I would say it’s a hard decision. The me pad has better audio it’s got a better loudspeaker on it, two loudspeakers. It also has a lot better: 3.5 millimeter headphone jack output without the static, because this one here it has an awful buzzing static over the audio port, which I don’t particularly like there. That is a real bad area, but it’s got the micro SD card slot and then he paid to also has better battery life.