You can find it on ebay or aliexpress for only 14, and this is what i received Music. In my opinion, it is very useful to be able to bring with you some dry clothes or other belongings and keep them perfectly dry in any weather conditions, especially in water sports at sea, when canoeing or in any other wet environments. I have to pay attention not to cut the bag here. It is. I choose the orange 20 liters bag, but you can find bags from 2 to 30 liters in many colors Music. This is the back and it also has the double adjustable shoulder. Straps. The material is a 500d pivot, seater palling thick, yet pliable. You can find also bags with single strap, but this is more convenient. In my opinion, Music. These are the instructions to seal the bag. Basically, you have to fold three to five times the upper part and connect the back Music. It has also four d rings: to connect the shoulder: straps Music. All the components are made of plastic to avoid oxidation, the carabiners, the rings, the swivels Music that’s, it Music. It seems a very good bag to me. It is strong tier abrasion and picture resistant and the buckle seems of good quality plastic. The straps have two swivels each to allow you to open and close the bag without a tangle them Music. The bottom is reinforced Music, let’s, close the bag and try the straps Music.

The buckle is solid and made out of good quality plastic Music. As you can see, the bag is air proof when properly closed Music Music. The straps are wide and comfortable on the shoulders. Music, the 20 liters capacity is perfect for one day trips, Music, Music – every component is thick and tall Music. Here you can see the lower d rings. They are stitched and sealed to avoid any infiltration inside the bag. I turn the bag inside out. To take a look at the internal seams, they are thick and well done. Music let’s take some measurements. Bag is 67 centimeters or 16 inches long and 35 centimeters or 14 inches wide Music. These are the detailed information and instructions take a look at them. If you are Music interested Music that’s, all i have for you today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.