I ordered it it’s funny because i ordered it on a friday last friday and today is thursday. So in less than five days uh you it already arrived. So it looks pretty solid. The package, so i’m gon na be uh. Hopefully everything goes okay, so i’m gon na unbox it and uh set it up right here in my backyard and i’ll. Show you how it works, stay tuned, okay, so i’ll open the package. I’M really excited. I mean i feel like uh, like a little kid that uh like christmas day when i was a little kid, so let’s uh, let’s, open it up Music there. It is Music, a little is pretty uh heavy um, so the package looks really nice, so let’s see. I already had the amiibo uh the little amiibo so it’s similar in the package there. It is Music guys, Music, okay, so i got everything set up. Uh. You have to select, it takes a little time to understand how it works, but basically you just connect to the wi fi connection, and then you open the app and that’s it so uh selected six iron. I have to say i’m, a little nervous because it’s just uh i’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. So let me just try to hit a nice six iron wow, unbelievable. That is just i’m impressed, so yeah you can. I can finally see the ball fight. That’S amazing, and i have all this data that i can look through.

This is great fantastic. This is uh, i can’t, i mean i’m sorry, but i’m really really really excited so okay. This is just amazing, i’m. Just so excited uh, i can finally see my ball flight at home, so um. I need to get the ceiling here because i can’t get more than a seven iron. So let me hit a few more shots. Okay, that’s great! I can just see the ball flight that’s great and i’m, pushing the shots a little bit but uh. You know what it feels completely different than me hitting the net without knowing where the ball goes. Uh, so much that just just when i address the ball it’s. Just a completely different feeling, knowing that i’m gon na know where the ball is gon na go it’s pretty good. I probably still need to figure out all the uh details here, but uh there’s a lot of settings on it, so this is gon na be great. Okay, so i’m, getting a little more comfortable hitting and yeah that’s that’s my wall fight i’m getting uh fades, i guess that’s great. So i guess i can work on uh trying to move the ball around. Finally, wow that’s, amazing. Okay, let me just see how it works like i like. If i hit it over there, let’s see what it is. I’M gon na go just to the right just a little shot. There see what happens: wow, wow, that’s, incredible it’s, just okay! Now let me go the other way see if, if it works, it’s going to go that way.

So just a little just like that, there you go that’s, that’s, crazy, so it’s just it reads your bowl. It shows you where it goes incredible. Guys definitely definitely happy with this. You can see. I have uh the mad right here, the the tablets and i put the the unit there. So i can see my shots right here exactly what’s happening. I can do a little replay as well. It will tell me where it goes where when and then i have all the data over here, so this is really really excellent. I think i just need some time to get used to it. Okay, so basically i didn’t have the unit aligned. I put this stick right here. It’S awesome, you can you have to find the line where the alignment so right now? What i did is. I used the camera on the unit and it was exactly right here so um. I think i can change it, but for now leave it there. So this is my line, and now it feels a little better like this, because before i was aiming actually a little more over here, so don’t forget to align it yeah exactly i cut that and it shows you that i cut it. This is so valuable. I mean this right here. I think you can definitely improve your game with this definitely see if i can draw it just a little draw yeah that wasn’t bad okay, i’m, still not 100 uh power uh for some reason now i just you know it’s brand new.

So i don’t know why i feel like i’m gon na hurt it. If i, if i swing too fast, this is great. This is great all the details. There, everything all the data. I need to do a quick update on the software, though so okay guys, so that was just a quick video. I have my setup right here with my with the mat and the golf net uh. I have to get used to it, but definitely uh. I think this is gon na it’s gon na be a game changer for me, because uh, knowing exactly where the ball is going it’s for me, it’s just uh, huge, so uh, especially on uh when i’m working on drills uh to know exactly. You know my improvements. How is the ball fly so definitely i’m really really happy with the product. So far, i probably need to tweak a little things to a few things to just make it maybe uh just to learn, learn more about it, but uh. I would definitely so far. It’S great guys so uh hope you like the video i will post.