So today i have usb type c hoop pro from fateful that i have to unbox, for you guys so that’s the size of the box, and this is the manufacturer and product information made in china and this code. What it does is it allows you to um check for the product intensity and the product information by using an app. Let me show you how this is done. You can use this app to scan the code here and that’s it. The product information is right here. So let me go ahead and get rid of this yeah, so that’s the product specifications it supports 3, hdmi, port and 2 of the port is 4k 60 hertz output and one port is 4k 30 head output and it supports usb type, a 3.0 with a speed Of 5 gigabytes per second and usb type, a 2.0 with a speed of 4 megabytes per second and usb type c generation, 1 3.1 for data transfer and a support, speed of 5 gigabytes per second and usb generation, 2 type c 3.1. It supports 10 gigabytes per second wow that’s, impressive, that’s good and usb type c display port that charges up to 60 watts, which is equal to 20 volts and rj45 line port and support sd card reader. It can take up to two terabytes wow that’s good as well, and the packaging include fateful usb type c hoop pro and one user manual yup. So now let’s go ahead and open.

This up let’s see what’s inside wow that’s hard. Oh, i think this is this. One, oh, my gosh, okay, okay, okay, okay, so there’s not much here. So that is the user. I know you said manner 12 in one multiple fashion, so everything you need to know about the product is here. This is the product. Let me bring it closer, so you can have a look. So this you are seeing here looks like metal but it’s plastic yep. So um. Let me go ahead and try to connect to my galaxy tab s7 plus to see how this whole thing works. Then i’ll get back to you guys after unboxing the fitfox usb type c hub pro. I spent three days testing it out and i found some issues. Let me show you Music. Before we get started, can you see the battery percentage 22 percent? If you connect this to the tablet – and you connect the tablet to this, monitor, no signal found, nothing happens, it doesn’t work. The only way this will work is when you plug it to a charger and you unplug it and plug it back in now. Wait for few seconds, this will start working it’s working now, and there is no luck, which is a good thing. It works smoothly. You can’t, keep scrolling and the same thing that you see here is the same thing that you see there. There is no lag. You can even connect your pen drive to your tablet using the usb port and your mouse and keyboard using the usb connector connected to the usb port.

Hmm. So now, if i want to see what is on the pen drive, i have to go to files, then you can see over here. You can see usb storage, one usb storage, one and you can see your photos you tap on any folder you want. Then you can see your files on the pen drive, so you can connect your pen drive to this and you will see all the files on the pendrive right on the tablet and i can open this and hit play and that will show on the monitor come Forward, yep, and if you want to open a word document, just open it and that work and you can use the mouse scroll you can connect, you can open um as a samsung text mode to get full screen. If you want to get a full screen, you want this to be all over here. You need some from this mode and that’s it. This is a full screen and you can use this as a computer, but that’s a different topic for a different video, so i’ll make a video about this later on. If you use this for a long time, this will get really hot. I don’t know why, but it get really hot. This is not giving the tablets enough power for the tablet to keep charging up. So the more you use the more you use the tablet, the more you run out of battery, even though you are charging that you still run out of battery, because this this is not giving the tablet enough power to keep charging that’s another issue.

So let me show you a quick video. Let me show you a quick video on youtube, but in this this one and let’s play a 4k video Music um Music. The battery keeps dropping down, as you can see, it’s now at 13, but this tablet is connected to a charger. So how come this tablet is losing power instead of gaining power. This can really get hot and because of the charging and the temperature issue, i will give this a four star and i don’t think this is a good idea if you are buying this for a laptop, because it can’t even charge a tablet. How can this charge a laptop so that’s it guys.