Thats, making me feel a little bit nervous right now and, if youre more of a Garmin user, who may be toying with the idea of getting this watch, I have some interesting thoughts for you but honestly for me, this watch has been worth every penny Im Alex And I do dance with tech videos and no, I dont climb mountains and I dont do scuba, diving or Im, not an elite athlete. So if youre looking for a scuba, diving test, Im, sorry but Im, just a regular Dad here, just having fun with my gadgets, I know Apple targeted this of elite athletes and hardcore people going crazy on mountains and things like that. But they knew damn well right. What they were doing to people like me, who just love a new Gadget by making this watch sound like it was, you know not for normal people made me want it even more, which Im sure was the marketing strategy anyway. I just totally fell for that, but, unlike other products in recent times from Apple, I do not regret buying this one, not one single bit its not perfect, though there are some issues that I have to share with you, but after four months its been an interesting Journey and Im not gon na lie. I was very apprehensive buying this. You know its a lot of money and the Apple watch Ultra its a big watch. My wrist is just about on the medium size at 19 centimeters, but when I first tested it and started to use it, it didnt make me feel like it was too big.

Now that Ive been using this watch every single day since September last year, I found that there are a couple of software issues. Is that not many people talk about, but before we go into that lets just appreciate a few seconds here of this beautiful design Music. This large Sapphire display takes this watch to a whole new level. Not only is it amazing against scratches the sheer size and responsiveness of this display make this standard Apple watch apps just much more useful, now, Im not just saying this to justify the large investment that I made, but this seriously brings the watch apps to life. You know in a way that really surprised me: Ive used the standard Apple watch for many years, but really didnt make much use of the apps because they were kind of too small for me to be useful and quite fiddly to use. So my Series 5, which is what I had previously, was mainly being used to tell the time of course, track my exercise every now and then and as a notifications device, especially if you have sausage fingers like me, the smaller Apple watch is just quite feely to Use you know head back to the studio Im freezing here with the ultra. This is completely different typing on it would still be a push. I think, though, I did find a neat little app. That gives you a full keyboard instead of the tiny one from Apple, but lets not get over excited here.

It kind of gets you out of jail if you have to type something quickly, but its just not going to replace your phone for typing, but the apps in general are much better to use now by the way. If you want to know more about better exercise, tracking apps or maybe youre a Garmin user who might be considering this watch Ultra but youre, not too sure, I have some great news for you, but before that lets talk about using this watch as a phone. One of the things that really impressed me almost from day one was the call Quality on this watch. Hello, eight, hey man. Can you double check that copy? I sent you and uploaded to your website. Oh sure, thing, no problem at all great great! Thank you. I was also thinking of page Im, a little bit bored without Luke yeah sure Ill. Do it straight away. I was gon na take a few days, isnt it to get ready days, no itll be ready in the next five ten minutes. Oh, how is that possible? Well, remember: I used Squarespace for my website. The updates very quickly take a look at this thing. Im just gon na send you now this looks so professional wow doesnt. It just Ill be looking for something like this for my own website. You know oh youre, ready for a treat with Squarespace. You can actually pick from all these different templates as well. Squarespace yeah, Ive heard of them.

You know that part of your business that you wanted to advertise as a service, no problem – oh man, thats amazing. He created this all yourself, well, theyre, very easy to use as well. You dont need to be a website developer or have any experience at all in coding, or anything like that. Oh this is perfect. Dude, like I said, I had no experience at all encoding or anything like that. Squarespace may be really friendly to create a new website. Anyone can do it. I could literally be anywhere in the world right now doing this yeah theres, so many features as well that I havent even started to use as analytics theres the ability to sell products as well. So I might start using that to sell my merch. You can integrate with payment systems like PayPal, you can literally get started in a few minutes exactly what Ive been looking for. Well, wait until you hear this. If you use my code Alex gear Tech theyll, give you a 10 discount when you buy your first domain or when you build your first website thanks. Man say that by the way, is that your Apple watch Ultra that youre using to call me really decent quality. Its awesome isnt it. Oh, let me take it easy that was a pretty smooth ad read wasnt it anyway. I thought youd appreciate me, testing the core quality and making the ad read Id be more entertaining. There is a small issue making phone calls, though, that I havent seen many people talk about.

It will absolutely gain the battery just be aware. Making a phone call on the watch Ultra is possible. Is a lot more doable now its not just a gimmick. You know the multi array microphones here and theres. This AI wind noise reduction makes the whole experience in call Quality very close if youre not identical to a real phone, but Id say this is for more. Like short calls, or maybe just out for a run like this, and you dont want to take the phone with you now, you can totally rely on this, but again short calls right. As I mentioned, there are a couple of issues with this watch. The first one is the price and the quality of this watch bands. I dont mind the fact that it gets dirty after a couple of weeks and, as you can see here, mine is really dirty. I left it like this just to show you, because at the end of the day, people will be using this quite a lot right, getting sweat and mud and all sorts of, but it does wash up really easily with just a bit of warm water and soap. No problem at all: is it worth a hundred dollars or 100 pounds here in the UK? I dont know what are we paying for here right? I mean its just material to give you an idea, this one costs 16 and this one from Apple cost a hundred dollars. You can see Tim here clearly fully clued up on the whole process of his sweatshops in Asia.

Sorry, in his uh production lines in Asia. On a serious note, 100 does feel a bit much for what it is syllable too well to be honest, thats more because I run this Channel and I want to review them more than anything else. I am actually quite happy with this Alpine Loop Ive tried quite a few third party watch bands as well. I actually like the old uh Milanese loop. I think thats, probably one of the best ones that Ive got and its funny that initially I felt it would be quite tricky to wear this watch with smart clothing, but actually thats, not a problem at all. Again, you could make the watch face a bit more subdued, or even one like this one, which is a bit more premium as well Ill leave links to this down below for you by the way, Im working really hard to grow this channel here and bringing interesting Videos for you, you know getting good scenery as well for you, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. Every interaction counts here, the more I can grow this channel, the better content Ill be able to bring to you and just take a look around this channel. If its your first time here and if you like my stuff itll, be awesome, if youre subscribed, what do you get with that? Well, Im here at least once a week with a new down to Earth Tech, video for you and not just Apple stuff, by the way.

So, if you like your gadgets, youll be in good company here. The second issue, with the Apple watch Ultra that I found, is to do with the built in exercise tracking. This is a serious one for me now I dont claim to be a professional athlete or anything like that, but when I do use the watch for exercising, I feel like the standard Apple Exercise. App here is still very basic. It hasnt really changed a lot since the first watch were getting more data now, of course, because theres more sensors. I have the exact same issue with sleep tracking, for example, which I will cover in a bit. But going back to exercising, I kind of see why some people might still prefer the Garmin series, for example, because of the kind of the Richer data that you can get there. But luckily there are third party apps out there, and I found this amazing app called athletic, for example, theres a couple of others here which Ill mention a bit, but this one does require a subscription to use some of the pro features. Another great app. You should check out is work outdoors. I have this on. My watch and Ive used it for a long time before, but Ive been so happy with athletic that I dont use workout doors anymore. The great thing about the work Outdoors app is the map, though, and this is where Garmin uses youve got to tell me that thats already built in in the garden but hear me out the map on this app is pretty freaking amazing.

Just look at all these customizations that you can do on the app via your phone each and every every element of the screen is customizable. You can even download the map for offline news, its just awesome, but its just annoying right. That Apple themselves are not including these features, especially when you pay for a Fitness Plus, for example, you know its already a subscription that you pay. I really think that is an opportunity missed by Apple and, as I mentioned, I have the same problem with sleep tracking ergonomically speaking. This watch is actually great to sleep with Id say I sleep with it on about five days a week, but the data it gives me and the features of the built in app again its just not good enough. So Ive been using sleep cycle, which is great, allows me to add a lot more data to it. It does everything that I need to do and its actually really helping me were going to talk about battery performance now, but before we go into that, I did a whole video about the best apps for the watch Ultra. So I wont go into a lot of detail here in this video, but I encourage you to take a look at that video after this, because some of these apps have really been brought to life now because of this beautiful display, and that video is actually one Of the most popular videos on this channel, like ever so definitely watch that just to close the loop on Apple watch apps, I honestly just wish we didnt have to pay for 30 party apps when Apple themselves could really just give us his features right Im.

Not talking about every single app, but certainly the ones like exercise tracking and sleep tracking, or maybe they could just buy those companies right right battery performance. Its been amazing for me. Up until recently, I dont know what happened in the last two three weeks, but I noticed that Im getting like a whole days worth less of battery. I havent been able to figure out what was causing this year and when I ask a couple of my friends that I know have the same watch, they havent experienced this so its clearly something that Ive got here or something that Im doing differently annoyingly. There is no easy way for me to find out what apps or services are consuming the battery. If I do figure this out Ill make sure to do a short video on this. But if you have this watch yourself – and you know I might be causing this problem, please do let me know in the comments Im kind of running out of ideas here. I really think this is weird, though, because Im actually less active right now, so the watch is not as busy as it was when I first got it so if anything, the battery should be lasting longer. Now it is lasting two full days now, but it used to last like three days and sometimes three and a half days without issues. Even when I was more active with my exercising. This is not a timepiece like a Rolex, or something like that.

Right that you could pass on to Generations to come, but it is certainly a memorable watch, Id love to see apple, expand on this design and maybe bring this design, and this look and feel to the next Apple Watch series. I think this design would sell really well if Apple made. It smaller, add this size, even though its not as big as I initially thought it would be. It can still be too big for some people if youre on the fence, though Id say, go to an Apple store and try it on yourself, because in a few seconds you tell whether its too big or Not, For You YouTube, thinks youre gon na, like this Video over here, I hope, theyre right. If not this playlist Ive done here, has lots of goodies.