And hes got with us one of us Asus. I think most interesting product announcements out of this years, CES. A kind of a twist on something weve seen before, but a pretty new product and youll see why its exciting pretty quickly when he starts talking about it.. This is the ROG Flow Z13. And we have seen another Flow laptop or a tablet really out of them before., And this one has taken it kind of to another level, both in design and in terms of components and performance.. So Sascha. If you would tell us what is so exciting about this particular iteration., So here it is and thats the Flow Z13. And yeah, like you just mentioned its a tablet, and that makes it official.. We have a Flow series now.. So in the beginning of this year or in the beginning of 2021, one year ago we launched the ROG Flow X13. And the X13 is a laptop that can transform into a tablet. Its a convertible.. So you can fold the keyboard over and then its a tablet.. This one is pretty much everything upside down., So its a tablet, but you can attach a keyboard and then it becomes a laptop.. And yes, the keyboard comes bundled with the device., But yeah whats. Taking this to the next level is, first of all the weight for the Flow X13, which is getting refreshed as well with the latest parts that is 1.3 kilos. This one is only 1.

1 kilos., So its bringing down the weight to incredibly low points., And you would probably expect this to have about the same specs as a Flow X13 and have a high efficiency CPU.. So this is based on the latest Intel 12th gen CPUs. But its not a! U series.! It is an H series.. So its a performance series, 45 Watts., Its the same full blown Intel core i9 12th gen CPU. That youll find in 15 inch 16 inch and 17 inch gaming laptops in 2022, but in a one kilo, tablet. And thats, I got to stress that out. Im going to stop and stress that how eyebrow raising that is for those who are not aware.. When I first heard that I was definitely surprised. Normally you see a tablet in that form factor. The first thing you think, first of all, with a detachable keyboard is a Microsoft Surface right, Which is not a gaming system at all.. So you would also probably assume the power is somewhere equivalent to that, even if its gaming capable with a lower grade GPU or lower grade CPU, you definitely wouldnt, think its i9. And that its an H, series. So off the bat before way before we get to The test that I wont make any promises about the performance cause. I cant do that yet until we test it ourselves., But on paper that is really head. Turning because that sounds I mean that sounds like something: weve never seen, before.

Right and its only 12 millimeters thin., So 12 millimeters around one kilo and yeah. You can see the motherboard.. You can see how compact it is and how much space the CPU and GPU take up on this device.. So yeah there you have it. And were able to do that because of liquid metal like we use on all our 2021 and 2022 devices. And a vapor chamber that runs from edge to edge on this device and cools both CPU and GPU.. Now this one is not the final one. You can see it. Doesnt have the nickel plating on the CPU cold plate that makes the liquid metal stay on there and be fine for years and years, without any drying out or corrosion or anything. So yeah, and for the keyboard as well. That comes with it. It docks by pogo pins, as you can see, here. So its USB its wired super low latency., Its not Bluetooth. So no issues with that.. The keyword is RGB as well for extra performance. And yeah. It has a built in kickstand thats, pretty neat as well.. Oh yeah, I have to mention the window.. It has a freaking window in the back of the tablet, Because why not Yeah that lets? You see the motherboard. Its a bit like a PC case right, Like a gaming system, where you can see the inside. So yeah, you can see the motherboard some of the components: theres RGB lighting on here multi zone, some cool animation, effects.

Theres, a kickstand that goes To 170 degrees, almost completely flat., And under that you can see right here, theres a little door that lets you swap out. The SSD. Cause yeah its not onboard flash memory.. This is a proper gen, 4 SSD, a 2230 that you can just upgrade and swap out. Theres, a Which I will say that not even all gaming laptops, let you do still the Right right.. This tablet, so yeah pretty cool right Did you mention I dont think which GPUs are is in there in particular, Up to an RTX 3050 Ti, so its the same as the Flow X13, but theres going to be option without any dedicated GPU as well., Because for A lot of people they just want a device thats like super portable and super low weight and thin and everything.. You have all your files on here, all your all, your system, files and all your information. And then its a tablet very convenient and now its a laptop.. And when you come home or when you go to the office and you need extra performance, you can dock it to an XG Mobile.. So this is a new XG Mobile thats coming out in 2022.. We just announced it at CES.. We have two of these already that are available on the market, with up to an RTX 3080 and up to a RTX 3070.. So those two are available already.. This one is coming in 2022, with an AMD top of the line, mobile GPU.

, So theres going to be more XG Mobile options. And the cool thing about this is so when you need performance, you can essentially dock it to an XG Mobile for extra performance or Even Thunderbolt, because this one is based on Intel, which means it supports Thunderbolt 4., So you can dock it to any Thunderbolt external GPU dock as well. For top of the line, graphics, performance. And yeah our custom XG Mobile connector – has eight PC express lanes reserved directly just for the GPU for maximum performance.. Thunderbolt is only four lanes., But then for a Thunderbolt adapter. You can use up to a 3090 or whatever GPU youre able to get if youre lucky enough to have one. So yeah, incredibly versatile device.. It can be a tablet when you want it to be and its super low weight.. It can be a desktop replacement. Workstation. A super high end GPU and lots of extra IO ports for XG, Mobile or Thunderbolt., And it can be a laptop when you dock the keyboard and use the kickstand., And you can see now viewers why. I said it was one of the more interesting and unique things at the start. Here., Definitely something we have not quite seen. Before.. You know external GPU that aspect not totally new, especially even with the original Flow and then varying degrees of success in the past, with different companies doing different external GPUs., But even that aside, the core components there I mean thats promising on its own.

With all these Features and those high end components. Can you talk a little bit about the pricing? I dont know if you have exact pricing, but I would suspect this is not the most expensive audio blurs device. Yeah thats right. Pricing. You can expect similar pricing to the Flow X13.. Similar to that and therell be a bit of a range this time, because theres going to be an option without dedicated GPU., So for people who just want a super portable device and they dont need a built in 3050 GPU at all. You can get this tablet without any GPU whatsoever., And then that brings down the price right. If you feel like hey. I just want a super portable device with a gaming panel and a nice keyboard. You can have that. And Im just going to use an external GPU anyways whenever I really need performance.. So you can have that. Cool thing about this, as well with the vapor chamber. If youre using external graphics, either a Thunderbolt or XG Mobile, that means the integrated graphics, the 3050 Ti or 3050 can be switched off. Theyre, not running.. That means the vapor chamber can then cool the entire CPU as and use the full potential just to cool the CPU.. So the entire cooling system is focused just on the CPU, which allows us to push up the CPU, TDP and performance.. So on many of these ultra portable laptops that you can then use for external graphics for extra performance, youre, often CPU bottlenecked, because you cant push the CPU to full performance.

, But on this one you really can, because you have a vapor chamber and liquid metal and Can really push high TDP and clock speeds, then. Yeah? So thank you., I think well, leave it there.. I think, thats, a good roundup of sort of the features and the core design.. The price on this will range. You mentioned its similar pricing to the other one, but itll range depending on, if you get it with the eGPU or what components and all that quite a big range from 1000 up to 2000, depending on what youre getting versus the starting price. And whether or not you want the external enclosure and which GPU but a big range and as a base tablet, the product itself is could be on the more affordable side. At its highest performance potential. This could be as expensive as a high end gaming laptop, but the design is not really like something weve seen before.. It might be worth checking out that rear window again. Its a pretty cool addition.. Thank you so much for showing this to us Sascha and we will Sure. Get a full review of this when available in the future. Stay tuned to PCMag for all of our CES 2022 coverage.