This is hps new chromebase that they have just announced and its got some pretty unique design elements up its sleeve and one really really cool trick. Music, but before we get into all the cool stuff, hp is doing with this chromebase todays video is brought to you by nordvpn and theyre the vpn of choice for millions of users, because theyre awesome and what they do and thats keeping your browsing safe and secure. Whether youre at home, on a chromebase or youre out and about on a chromebook if youd like to learn more about them and all the things that they do head over to forward, slash nordvpn, so weve had this device in the office for a few days And ive gotten to play with it just a little bit and we were going to do like a whole unboxing thing, but the box obviously is huge and so trying to figure out a way to get that on camera. Just didnt seem like it would be a good fit, so i dont want you to think that weve spent a bunch of time with this thing or that this is some sort of review. We just wanted to get it on camera and show you kind of some of the cool stuff that it does. I mean that in and of itself is a really really cool trick, but honestly hps put a lot of thought into the design and the way that this thing is put together.

And so i just want to kind of walk you through some of the unique features of this new chromebase, because we dont get a lot of chrome bases, and this one has really kind of set itself. Apart in in its feature, set right up front, youve got a beautiful screen now, hps data sheets that were seeing are saying its an anti glare 250 net screen. Neither of those things seemed to be the case with our review unit. This is not anti glare. You can probably tell that just from looking at it its ips with great viewing angles: 21.5 inches across 16×9, full hd so 1080p, but were measuring it at 400, plus nits of brightness. I mean this thing is bright. Its standing up, you know facing our studio lighting and not really having any issues. We had to knock the brightness down a little bit not to over expose the shot, so that should tell you its pretty bright and the little bit of time i spent with it. I had it just plopped on my desk, real quick, just to kind of get myself used to it and uh the the light coming in from the the sun in the window posed no problem whatsoever. So i knew out of the box that this thing was pretty bright and once we measured it here in the studio where i could kind of darken things, it is a bright panel. So, im not sure at this point yet uh were going to clarify this with hp.

If this is the panel that will ship, i think its going to be the one that ships, so you dont have to worry about brightness at all there, but its not anti glare. Overall, i really like the screen here. It looks really really good and again combined with the ability for it to rotate. It makes for a really nice viewing experience overall. So lets talk about that rotation thing that we have going on here, and so, if you try to rotate it that way so counterclockwise its not going to go anywhere, it only does 90 degrees. But when you just push a little bit of pressure there, it rotates the screen flips, but it doesnt go into tablet mode. Ive noticed that its staying in a desktop mode – and we found commits about this – this device was code named dooley. You can search our website about this particular baseboard and see that they worked on this particular rotating thing so that it rotates the display kind of a la tablet mode, but it does not go into tablet mode, so youll see like even if i swipe up like This stuff looks like desktop mode and the way that the shelf looks and all that kind of stuff its not doing tablet stuff uh your multitasking is going to be all the same stuff because ultimately youre rarely ever going to be using this thing. Apart from your keyboard and mouse that come in the box with it, but ultimately what this does is for android apps, for instance, that you know would load up on a phone and wouldnt look good or would would be kind of strange on a landscape display.

You can flip this display around and actually get some pretty cool, gameplay stuff going on as a for instance. The game super mario brothers run is great on your phone in you know its portrait orientation, but on a chromebook most times, youre stuck in landscape orientation. Well with this, you just flip the screen around and, as you can see, let me crank the brightness down here, real quick. When i bring up super mario run, everything looks really great and honestly i spent i dont know like 10 minutes or so playing this. I dont have the sound turned up were going to talk about speakers here in a second, but i spent a few minutes playing this game and its actually really fun on this, its its super immersive, because the the screen is just so big. It feels like youre playing on like a gigantic phone and – and it plays really well too, which is kind of cool, so ill just hit tour just so you can kind of see and get an idea of what happens here. Yeah sure well go to that one and things load up, nintendos done a good job of making this x86 compatible, but you can see how nice and smooth everything is and its actually pretty fun to play this on this massive massive screen, and this would apply to All kinds of other games like monument valley or again anything you would play on your phone thats in portrait mode that just doesnt translate that well on a chromebook.

Well on this thing, its really no problem at all, but games arent. The only thing that you would benefit by using this kind of screen. So if i minimize that and open up something like, you can see like being able to read web content in a vertical format its. Why we like three by two screens so much the web orients itself kind of in this vertical way, just naturally, and so when i click into an article you know being able to read on this kind of layout, is just so nice to look at because, most Times we spend a lot of time looking at web content, thats centered on the screen and theres just nothing on the left and right sides, and so this thing really does a good job of of giving you kind of a palette to view web content. And then, when you dont want it, you just flip it back over and youre back to a normal full screen layout. Its a really really neat trick that i think over the course of time. Using this thing would be of great benefit to a lot of people. So thats the screen trick, i mean thats the biggest you know, differentiator that this particular device brings to the table. I mean ultimately, it does a lot of other stuff thats cool too, and were going to talk through that and and well review this thing. Obviously, but this whole trick here is really what were here for, and the screen also adjusts itself up and down as well, so as a viewing experience when youre sitting in front of it its actually really nice, it is a little bit high theres, no vertical way To adjust the height of the screen because of the way that it is assembled in the back were going to spin it around here and talk about that stuff here in just a second.

But hp has done just a really good job of crafting this really awesome. Chassis to put this whole chrome base in and theyve done, a great job of creating some nice peripherals that come in the box. That work really really well and are actually really enjoyable to use too. So the keyboard and the mouse that come in the box are both bluetooth. They are certified already, as works with chromebook, which you would hope so because theyre, obviously working with a chrome os device, but theyre really great, like the keyboard. The the travel and stuff on the keyboard is fantastic, its very quiet and its all white and just compact, and really clean. Looking, especially with this overall setup, the few minutes ive spent with the keyboard. Already i really like it. I actually hope hp will just sell this mouse and keyboard as a separate set its something you can buy for your chromebook or for your desktop setup. If you want its something, we will definitely recommend if they choose to do that. The mouse again is bluetooth and its pretty standard fare left right, mouse button and a nice scroll wheel, its relatively ergonomic, nothing to write home about. I really like the keyboard and the mouse is fine. It does everything youd want, but again, these are bluetooth peripherals. If you have your favorite keyboard and mouse that you already use or would like to use or logitech stuff for the dongle, you can do all that kind of stuff.

This is still chrome os. Its still, you know the same operating system, the same types of stuff that we use with chromebooks. So all those things are still on the table as well. So, as i said earlier, there are some unique things going on with this particular device and so im going to spin it around here. So you can kind of see the back and hopefully its coming off on camera. How cool this is so its a very googly fabric, its a recycled fabric, and it covers all the internals, so the the cpu, the ram everything is all in here – hp actually lists this as upgradable ram too. So we have no idea how to open this thing. Up and were not even going to attempt to do that, but ultimately, inside of here you probably update your its its nvme storage uh and its uh ram um that you can change out in here and so uh. This particular one that we are reviewing right now. All of them come with the core i3, so 10th gen comet lake, core i3 processor, gets along just fine nice and speedy, its not the fastest chip on the market, but youre getting wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5 and mixed in with that youve got two usb Type: a to usb type c, headphone microphone port back here and theres your power button right there nicely integrated. The whole thing is lifted up a little bit off the table.

Uh hp says thats to handle like really small spills. If you spill your coffee and it kind of spread out on the desk, this whole thing is lifted. I dont know probably like a couple millimeters off of the surface of the desk, so it can help alleviate some of that, but your speakers are also in here as well. Um, and you know the whole thing just has this really cool? Look to it? Our particular model only has four gigs of ram but theyre going to sell it up to 16 gigs of ram. Ours has 128 gigs of storage, theyre, going to sell ones up to 256 gigs of storage. What layouts that theyre gon na actually have at best buys and amazons down the road uh yet to be seen, but the one we have here has moved along just fine with the 1080p screen on here, four gigs of rams enough for most things id like to Be able to upgrade to 8 gigs of ram personally, but it it hasnt had any performance issues thus far since weve been using it and the speakers inside this thing it looks like it would have good speakers. It does have good speakers, theyre, not huge and booming, but they are really full. You get a really nice stereo separation out of them and uh again, weve queued up a few songs because, as soon as we saw it its like man, i want to see what this thing sounds like weve queued up some songs, some some youtube videos and the Audio out of this thing sounds kind of like you would get out of almost like a a nest – audio not quite there, but definitely better than a nest mini so its somewhere in between those two, very, very good audio to go along with that nice, bright screen And one final little design touch, i want to show im about to spin this this way and then go that way.

Is this slider up on top, so what hp has done is not only add a camera cover if you continue sliding it, so it kind of has one notch there in the center. You feel it click that covers your camera up. If i continue sliding it and click it again, it now covers up my camera and manually mutes the mic. So yes, there are camera blocks and and mic mutes and stuff like that, for you know any meeting software, whether it be zoom or google me or whatever its really cool, to see this, because this device comes with a five megapixel front facing camera. So its a little bit nicer than your average 720p webcam, and it does look good from what i can tell already again. Some of these details weve got to iron out in the in the review process, but its really cool to be able to just turn off all that stuff manually right here to know like if youre in a meeting you just reach up there slide that thing all The way over, you know your camera and your mic is off it doesnt matter what the software says or doesnt say you can know for sure. Like oh crap ive got it. I dont need to be on camera right now, theres, something going on slide. That thing over and you are completely muted and completely off camera, its a really cool feature and again, along with that five megapixel camera up top.

These really great speakers. This really great screen, this really cool keyboard, a really nice aesthetic design, and then you know this. I really think hps put together a compelling package here in a space that doesnt have much competition whatsoever. We obviously need to spend some time to review this thing, because its just different, you know its going to fit itself differently into a workflow. I might try to take it home for a little bit and maybe set it in a spot in the house where multiple users will jump on it and use it to see kind of how it performs, because thats kind of where hp sees this thing going. But i could imagine in kiosk settings i could imagine in offices and libraries and all sorts of places and like i said this is not a crowded space. Its not like, we have a bunch of great chrome bases to choose from. Most of them are outdated and even when they were made, they were made with what felt like some bargain bin parts and they werent the best devices out there. This thing instead feels thoughtfully, made and crafted and put together in a way that says you know like. We want to pay attention to this segment of the market as chrome, os and chromebooks continue to grow. Devices like this are going to start cropping up more tablets, more chrome bases, more chrome boxes, more integrated devices, because more people are using chromebooks and its really cool to see hp kind of moving in this direction.

As the leader right now in chromebook sales, they clearly are looking to expand their portfolio, and i think this is a good step in that direction, but guys thats it for this one. If you like, this video, give us a thumbs up head down there and hit that subscribe button and be sure to hit the notification icon. That is next to that.