Here with Sarah from HP and we’ve got a new tablet. This is gon na, be a little bit more expensive than maybe the stream 7. We looked at a little while ago, but it’s. I think this is really cool. So why don’t you tell us about what we’ve got here. So this is our new HP for a tablet. 6 away is a Windows, commercial tablet, so commercial warranty, commercial care packs and you have the cherry processor in 8, different options for storage from 32 sheets up to 128 and in terms of memory, two cheeks or four shakes it’s a four gig. So you have four gigs configured with that, and the cherry trail is a little bit faster than some of the atom bait trails that were out there. Also, so very lightweight yes, so the weight, it’s, amazing, it’s, 290 grams point eight pounds and it’s really seen. As you can see. Eight millimeters you have also in terms of connectivity, Wi, Fi, 3G 4G different options. What’S. The resolution on the screen is that, like a quad is amazing, so you have the 2048 by 1536 what’s, the quad HD, or in that that neighborhood I see on the bottom here, there’s like a little dock connector on the bottom. About that. I hope you hear it so we have these HP portable docking station, that you have an Ethernet, HDMI and USB. So you could take this dock and just plug it into your tell your your HD monitor.

You got your Ethernet there and you can plug USB for keyboard. So, basically, you can dock this and now it’s a desktop, exactly yeah yeah and you can use these while you travel because it’s so light – and this is coming out with bzees – we have announced it today in two weeks here we available the third of July let’s.