I know a lot of you like the low cost HP’s that we’ve looked at on the channel quite frequently now there’s a new one here, what’s this one called this one’s called our Pavilion x2 and it’s x2, because it’s detachable. So it looks like a really nice little notebook computer right now, but all I have to do is take the display off and now it’s. A great little 10 inch tablet. Full capability Windows tablet with all the connectivity you’d look for it’s got USB type c, charging a full size, USB port, so plugging your thumb drive or your accessory microSD. So you can actually add some storage and a micro s, micro, HDMI port, to hook up to a TV. You basically have that you plug it in and use it like a regular desktop computer. If you want, is it right? You could, if you wanted, to plug it into a display and, of course, you’ve got the keyboard. The keyboard attaches magnetically, so no latches to deal with or anything else like that. Just pull it apart. Snap, it together I’ll stand of course, when it’s closed up it’s a really nice thin little design, there’s a couple of colors available to it it’s available in three colors. This is our red. Color we’ve also got a blizzard white and another one which we call turbo silver now. One thing really neat about this is that I can open it up, pull it apart and attach it the other way around and the advantage to that think about on an airplane.

When you want to use a tablet, the guy in front of your reclines, you want to use your tablet but you’re holding it up. Well now, you’ve got a tablet, stand built right in or put it in what we call tent mode and when it’s on a table in tent mode it’s a really stable platform for touch so great for playing a game or something like that now. One other great thing about the Pavilion x2 is its price 299, so fantastic little machine looks great and at 299 it’s very affordable, certainly in the right price range. For this kind of thing, what does it have for a processor built in processor is a quad core Bay Trail Intel Atom to gigabytes of RAM and 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage. The display is an HD display at 1280 by 800 resolution, so nice HD resolution and we’ve got BampO play audio with front facing speakers, so you get a nice stereo effect as well.