It was a really good deal. It was a 5.99, i believe and it’s a 14 inch lenovo ryzen chip device, and i just got in the mail a few days ago. The weird thing here is that it says it came from frederick e commerce, so they must be working with costco. I guess on these, but we’re going to open it up and see what we got in the box. All right came with this interesting wrap here around it. So let’s see if we can open it here, go like that. Oh yeah here’s the device. Oh, look at that it’s a little dented over here so i’m, not sure if that’s a concern or not but we’ll, look and see and let’s look at the yeah. It’S kind of uh seems like it’s dented here here, and this side looks okay over here and see. We got a model and here it’s taped by lenovo there. It looks like this. I guess that’s why it was wrapped here, it’s lineup over here, um let’s, see what other information that we have see them. It is a model number is it’s a ryzen 7 chip, 4700 uh. U uh 2.0 gigahertz 16 gigs of ram 512 ssd storage. It has an integrated gpu, 14 inch 1080, and it comes with windows, 10, home and it’s, a graphic graphic, graphite, gray color. So the benefit i guess, is that it is a touch screen which i did want something with a touchscreen that is pretty portable.

I, like 14 inch for portability, but i definitely won’t be making rendering videos in this thing that’s not what this is really intended for because of the ryzen 7, so that’s, not bad, but um, the gpu wise it’s, not so let’s open it up see what comes In the box, so we’ve got a power. Cable here looks like it is usbc so that’s great, because i can use my other usbc connectors in the house for this here’s, a plug let’s. Take it out, see how the packaging looks all right. So this is everything that’s in the box, so it is packaged pretty well with all the padding here, so there shouldn’t be any damage from the dents on the side of the box, so that’s good. It already feels really light or fairly light, and here it shows you it’s an ld idea, idea pad flex. 5 14 inch a couple instructional, booklets and let’s open this here open this one here – and this is what it looks like so here it is, and let’s lift this here all right. Thank you for purchasing you’re, going to love this okay. We hope so here’s the device it’s a two in one, so it does flip all the way back here and has a fingerprint sensor here. It’S nice looks pretty nice touch here, pretty nice and clicky with little chiclets. Here. Are the speakers uh idea pad flex five privacy shutter, so there’s a privacy shutter here it’s got nice.

My other lenovo also. Has that and what else front facing speaker? It says and let’s look on the side here what we have. So we have an hdmi here and a usb c and an audio port looks like you can also plug in another type of charger here, but it comes with usbc. So that will be my primary. It does have the uh sd slot here, which is the full size it’s, not the micro. I did switch everything to micro, so it’s a little bit of a hassle because i’ll have to use an adapter now uh, but it is nice that it has that built in and two usb ports here. So it seems like there’s, only usb ports on this side. On the right hand, side and on this side it does not all right so here’s, the back of the device you can see that the fan is. The fan is right here, and this maybe is like a heat sink of some sort over here. Possibly you can see where the screws are to open it up. I would potentially open this up to see what kind of expandability it has. It does already come with 16 gigs and a 512, so maybe the 512 becomes a one terabyte or a two terabyte drive in the future. But i don’t have a need to upgrade anything, at least at this point, because it already comes with 16 mags around okay. But it looks pretty simple right: you have basically here uh it’s, all star shaped torque screwdriver, so it’s pretty standard.

You can pick that up at any hardware store and uh. Maybe it’s like a t5, i would say, would be the size for those and um. It was one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine nine of them, maybe there’s something underneath here, but it doesn’t seem like it a screw. So those seems like you just pop that off this will come out and then you’ll have you’ll be able to access the drive and the memory. Okay, i decided to just open up this up real quick, see what’s inside of it. That way. People don’t comment that i didn’t take the time to open it up so here we’re using a t6, which i think is the right size here so let’s do that all right. So i grabbed one of these guys to see if i can open it up without damaging it. Plastic works better. So there you can use these little guys are great they’re, thin plastic, it doesn’t damage it and you can turn it around here. A little bit starts popping off let’s. Do this side here, all right and that’s how easy lee this comes off and there we can see the insides of it. Let me tilt it a little bit here there. It is so we can see. This is your battery right here. This whole piece is the battery comes all the way here: here’s the wi fi antenna and here’s the memory. Oh no, sorry! This is the ssd, so here’s the 512.

. So if you did want to replace this, you would have to pop take this screw here off. You take one screw off and this piece here comes off. This is a nv. What is it nvme chip that would go on here, uh, so that pops off uh? I don’t see the memory anywhere, so maybe the memory is completely integrated or it could be under this here, i’m, not sure what’s under here. So it could be under this tape here, but again for six. This already has 16 i’m, not planning to upgrade more. You could go online and check and see if they do make it if it doesn’t go up to 32 gigs, but i won’t be doing that, but eventually i might want to change and put uh. This is a 512, so i might want to go to let’s, say two terabytes or something i could do that really easy to do that right here, here’s, the fan and then the cooling mechanism here so yeah. So this must be the chip here, here’s the chip right here. The cpu chip is here and it’s moving all the heat through here to this radiator back here and here’s, a fan that pushes everything out so that’s, where that is um, so that’s, not where the memory would be over here, maybe it’s here, but i doubt it So it’s, probably just integrated memory, i would say all right, okay, so super simple to take off.

If you needed to change your memory, uh or let’s, say the battery after a while goes out, starts going out, you could replace the whole battery it’s all just right here and then we’ll, just put it back together right here, let’s see oops wrong way like this. There we go so let’s screw it all push it in here, it’ll snap, back back into place, it’s all plastic and let’s put the screws back in okay. One note is that there’s two side screws, the short ones and there’s longer ones. The longer ones are going to go here and the shorter ones are for these over here. One more note that these are magnetic, so if you drop them around here – and this part here is magnetic – and this over here too – all right all right. So here it is first look at this device for 599 at costco, thanks for watching hope. You, like these videos, definitely like and subscribe.