Computer Lenovo l o q, its a gaming computer, but I am going to use it for work heres, the specs on it I its an i7 13700h chip and it has a GPU, an RT X, 40 50 GPU, its 15 inch screen and there you go. This is our first thing were going to open the box box is Big, its heavy, the Box looks good. Let me open the box. I cut the little safe the seal off of it when I open the box like that that what do we have here, we have oh yeah, very well, packed well well, packed on this side, power, brick or record, and then Ill pack in some nice very secure. Styrofoam, take the computer itself, lets put the computer upright theres the usual warranty, paperwork, information, stuff and well start unpacking it. This warranty paperwork is very well packed, 100 recycled material, so lets take a look at the unit. Well, go fit and finish, and just look nice backside has ports in it. Bottom looks like it has plenty of air slots, Thunderbolt port, one OSB Im, not sure what that switch is. I guess well figure that out um HMDI, I think its a 2.0 and a couple more power outlet, no chords in the front. Okay, plastic construction, but for the price point so just to be expected, keyboard keyboard looks pretty good. It has a number pad on the side full size keyboard. I guess people call these Chiclets style number pad on the side, camera up above no shutter on camera.

I think the button on the side is actually the camera shutter non wikely turns off the camera. Im, not positive, GeForce plastic, a bad feeling, not sure what this is here. It might be a fingerprint reader, oh its the on switch, and that gives you an idea where were at there, but while were here, lets get to with always the important part of a high performance laptop is whats. Inside of the laptop were going to get look in the back. We have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten traditional Phillips screws. They are not captive, Im used to dealing with captives, but Im also used to work computers more in, say the Dell Precision category quite a bit more money, a little more professionally built it doesnt matter. If the screws are captive or not, the price point were happy. So we spin these off as fast as we can for the video them in place on the tablet, so that you can see them looks like theres, quite a bit of ventilation, which is important in a gaming computer or high performance computer, so that you can cool Gpu and CPU effectively SSD drives things like that. Okay, I could not find any reviews on this computer if thats partially, why were making one its a fairly new model and there was no reviews on YouTube, so I did a review since theres no reviews we got ta look carefully and how to open it.

I dont see a raised lip on the edge to open by taking my time, not getting in a hurry foreign, so it appears that you pop this off here, like that. I wish that I could find a video on how to open this okay Im, making this up as we go around screws on the other side. I think these are lights here. So let me be careful. Those are thats, your cooling things there all your ports, so this piece here flips on like that, a little different than most designs, and that leaves us a one screw right there underneath the other one. It looks like we got that and we got one screw right there Im gon na put these here. You want to turn off the video for a second appears after you remove that these screws were captive under this piece here that screw in that screw were captive under this piece slide that off, and then there is three screws that are not visible from the outside. It appear to have to be removed, and then you can carefully using your pick better pick start opening up the outside Music. Careful very careful. This is all plastic construction again. Definitely not heavy grade well built foreign into the main part of the unit. So here we have a two large, powerful cooling fans. We have two heat tube solution for the little heat radiators on the tubes, its going different directions, plenty of intake through the back plenty of ventilation – and so you got GPU CPU under this here is the is a generation Force? X4, 4.

0, 4.0 SSD drive. This looks to be a dont, have my glasses, 42 millimeter, but it does have room to go to a traditional 80 millimeter length and lets look as we can see. We have room here for another. A second Drive which I will be putting in its also set up for the extra length or its set up for standard 80, does not have a provision for a 42. Like this side, we have a Wi Fi card. I dont recognize the brand or markings on it. Definitely not an Intel um we have Im looking to see we have our memory cards appears to be underneath a cover of sorts that pops off. So you got a little protected heat cover with a heat shield for both memory cards. Quite nice memory cards or SK heinix out of Korea. Each is eight gigabytes. These are ddr5 cards, so thats, pretty impressive. The little heat shields on them also kind of keeps them down. Pretty nice touch um. They are replaceable, so you can upgrade them the battery, not a huge battery, but not bad uh. It says its um 3700 milliamps um Im, just not a dead battery, so keyboard looks pretty good its, not a fancy build such as what Ive been used to more, like precisions, latitudes and think pads, but for the money, its pretty decent, looks workable, um thats.