This is a new series i’m, throwing together in my spare time called tekken sip. I like alcohol. I like technology, i buy both. So i figured why not review bo. Neither is going to be too in depth a review since i am by no means an alcohol expert and more of a tech fan than a hardware fanatic, but still giving some general buy it or leave that kind of advice. I figure could be a lot of fun and because of that, these are going to be more off the cuff unscripted just unboxing initial impressions and if you guys really want to know more i’ll, do a follow up full review later on and i’ll probably sign off The videos with the buy simmer don’t buy some of the beverage of choice for the episode as well. I do want to point out before i get into this. None of this is sponsored the alcohol, the technology i just wanted to drink and review tech, and i buy things for my own needs here and there and i figured why not try to monetize it like all good youtubers. So today we are going to go over the fire tablet: hd hd10 uh it’s amazon’s tablet, it’s a pretty good price and we’re gon na go with the apothec inferno for the wine. So, starting with the inferno uh says whiskey age barrel for 60 days, 2018 vintage red blend 16 alcohol uh. I went with the inferno bottle just because fire inferno, no no real reason to it.

Uh so yeah american blend, looking forward to drinking a little bit of that, you may have seen already had a smidge of it. So i already kind of know where that’s going uh fire hd10 here’s. My sipping glass, i’m gon na have some now let’s. Look at the spec sheet: real, quick uh. I went and got myself a 32 gig fire. Hd 10 tablet right now: it’s on sale for about 95 uh it’s a 2019 model. The fire tablets are pretty cheap, bare bones minimum spec, but i mostly got this to be a a viewing display for the echelon bike. I got from walmart also highly recommended something to watch netflix on, while i pedal so these specs real quick. I got a self’s uh 10.1 inch in 1080p, full hd display i 132 gigs, now 30 faster, but you know it’s a pretty crummy uh internal specs compared to something like an ipad but again for 100 150 bucks, i’m. Sure it’s gon na be fine, looks like it has alexa built in 12 hours of use time 720p hd, video, recording for front and rear, facing which i mean up until what the new imacs that’s, what apple’s been doing for their facetime camera, so can’t really fold Amazon too much on that one let’s see usbc charging that’s awesome. Since you know everything is usbc going forward. Let’S see what else we got. Kids tablet: nice, graphics, it’s like for widescreen entertainment, i mean yeah.

I get something like netflix this wide screen. Entertainment’S! Really all i really care about they’re using it for alexa stuff again, and i mean if you really want to like an alexa device with a screen on it, they want portable. I guess this is fine, but if you just want to elect to watch the screen, maybe go with the echo show oh yeah, so right now the tablets are all pretty cheap for the old models. Again i don’t know what the plus does to make it worth. More specs wise i’m, not seeing anything uh wireless charging, big whoop, um, dolby atmos, my ass, like it’s dual speakers – probably shitty speakers too, like i’m using these with headphones atmos is surround sound best you’re going to do is virtualize a you need. Like a seven point. No 5.1.2 is the bare minimum for atmos you’re not going to get that here. Um. It looks like a pretty slim profile. Based on the pictures i mean, the box is pretty tiny, see no 4g that’s fine because again, who cares 3.5 millimeter stereo jack cool accelerometer ambient light sensors mb line sensor is nice for the screen dimming when it’s bright out or brightening wi fi, some pretty cool Colors i went with the black, but you know got your plums, your whites, your blues, some interesting colors, i guess bluetooth, which is again all i’m, really caring about for my audio uh. Looking at the wi fi connectivity, that’s all pretty standard four hour charge is pretty solid three hours.

If you got a 15 watt charger lying around uh octa core 2.0 gigahertz with two gigabytes of ram. I mean this thing’s probably running specs of a phone 10 years old. At this point, i think, like the iphone 5 probably had specs like this uh again light small screen looks pretty solid slightly above 1920 by 1080p, but i mean this pretty much correlates to a 1080p screen. Uh ips ips is actually pretty good for color panels. If you want kind of good viewing angles and pretty accurate, colors uh they’re a little bright, so you might get some kind of crappy black levels, but the rest of the colors are going to be super accurate in comparison uh. I play lemonade display yeah now that’s uh that’s. Looking pretty good, i am excited to crack into this. Okay. Let’S have some more wine. Shall we i mean wine’s, not too bad, pretty kind of mellow all around, which i mean again it’s a pretty cheap wine which, for me i’m not a huge, huge wine drinker i’m not going to go for anything super strong but as like. I just a 10 bottle of red it’s, pretty solid. So far, pretty kind you know kind of mellow sweet, not too bitter, not too full bodied as uh. Some wine connoisseurs might say so. Yeah it’s got the nice kind of tear strap here and then opens up pulling it out of the box. Nothing else in the box.

Okay, so tablet pulls out that right there i like how they have the uh orange color it’s, pretty nice very amazon. So we got our charging brick charging cable. You know super essential stuff right. There uh things to try a little uh little thing going on got your alexa got your apps some games. It looks like i’m never gon na play games on this. I have every video game console imaginable that’s. What i’m gon na play my games on uh their silk browser, which i heard is pretty good. I don’t know if they ever got youtube back, and that was a whole dispute um if they did get it back, then cool download the youtube. If not i’ve heard the silk browser is actually pretty solid for that uh here’s, our little orange bit it’s got our hello fire hd10 it’s in the box. Pretty sad or no one really cares about paperwork. So, looking at this place, you screen down come at me. Bro don’t care, it’s, plastic uh sturdy enough. I think it’s got a pretty good resolution. Doesn’T feel too hefty let’s see where the power button on this is looks like that’s volume, Music power button. Oh a little chirp to turn on. We got ourselves the uh amazon screen right there. Slowly coming in gon na be nice and reflective. You can see i’m recording using my phone. You can kind of see my speaker set up, probably do uh a full on what i used to work and all that stuff later on, when i get around to it again, just a nice mellow red i’m gon na probably skip through a lot of this.

Just so y’all don’t see my name, my wi fi, all that stuff, as you can see, the update’s kind of taken some time got through the wi fi setup. So hopefully this doesn’t take too long. Otherwise, you know for me, it’s gon na be a lot of waiting time between clips the update, just finished it’s gon na give me a nice cool little video to watch so we’re going to skip that it’s going to load up make this kid friendly. No because i am an adult, i can adult things download free apps. Yes, i want you, i want you we’ll download you and i’ll download you and the rest is trash facebook. You already have all my data i’m not going to be using you for that. Got permissions and details yada, yada, that’s, all good download, cool, okay, so let’s see here we got ourselves the amazon app, which i don’t need to buy anything on. This amazon kids worked there uh prime videos, pretty cool, let’s let’s open you up well that’s a good great sign. Oh, i need to do that. First ha ha continue. Let’S enable alexa for now i’m, okay, i’m, just gon na finish. It now let’s open you up. Cool prime video, okay, i don’t really care let’s, see what happens if i turn it sideways, hey it actually works. I was kind of worried it wasn’t going to okay that’s, a pretty good move. You haven’t seen it.

I highly recommend it let’s. Actually, try that let’s see watch now let’s skip you so i’m gon na listen into this okay, i will admit the atmos, maybe not entirely, that i have my headphones around my neck and for a second there. I thought that maybe that was like coming from my headphones because, like the definitely left right side, i am impressed on that for a 100 tablet. Uh, but it’s, probably very terrible at directed sound let’s just skip ahead, shall thing that we ever happen to you. Thank you not bad, ladies and gentlemen, sounds like it’s coming from the center easy for you, but it’ll be good. I mean it’s, you know not gon na have good bass or anything like that, but, like it it’s impressive, given the size of the tablet. Okay, so back on the home screen looks like my app’s downloaded. It has a library with different recommendations: that’s all cool hey, they know i’m, a goddamn weeb let’s, see amazon app, so quick, it loads. It’S, not terrible let’s. Try the silk browser again, not the slowest. So far i mean google’s, a pretty good uh benchmark, see how fast google loads oh and they use bing. Oh disgusting, okay, so google loaded up pretty fast let’s, try searching for our youtube a little slow when it comes to video loading, but i mean that is not unreasonable. Given the tablet. Uh, tiny houses, that’s fun it’s a bit janky, i think for native apps, at least for the amazon ones.

It was pretty on point um, sound quality, you’re, never gon na want to listen to anything in vertical mode, horizontal mode or bust, um, generally again, uh. First impressions, the screen seems nice enough it’s. A light enough tablet for moving around aspect ratio is fine if you’re getting it for cheap and you have very very limited expectations out of this uh. Oh camera let’s see how how terrible that is. Why do you need to know my location so that one because amazon already knows everything, so this is a pretty um terrible camera. It is 720p but hey if you’re taking pictures with this that’s more. It speaks more about you than it does this on so that’s. My initial impressions on the fire, hd10 tablet and the apothic inferno wine, both of them might say, go for it at a good price. You know tablet 30, 40 off. Why not like, as long as you’re, only really using it for media content because of that kind of processing, speed, you’re gon na be perfectly content with it i’m using it. While i work out so like i don’t need the best screen, i don’t need the best sound. I just need something that looks halfway decent and can run netflix, and this tablet does that at arguably the best price, the wine is not bougie, it’s not meant to be bougie, it tastes, good, buy a bottle, try one of their other ones. I don’t know i don’t know what you drink.

I don’t care what you drink drink, whatever the you want, buy some. If you want to see a full review on the tablet after i’ve used it for a couple months. Let me know down below, probably not because it’s an old, cheap tablet, with a million reviews, new tablets out, probably just as good as this one, a little bit faster like subscribe. All that, if you want me to make more of these, let me know if you don’t really care at all. Just let me know so.